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Buy PCGS Graded Silver American Eagles Online

American Silver Eagles are one of the most popular precious metals products in the bullion industry. Granted a face value with the full backing of the United States of America, it enjoys the position of the official silver bullion coin of the United States.

Minted by the United States Mint, these silver coins display the exquisite designs that the US Mint engravers are known for throughout the world. Moreover, the awe-inspiring imagery of iconic American symbols makes this coin – truly American.

The United States Mint consists of 4 minting facilities: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point. Interestingly, the American Silver Eagles have been minted at all the facilities except one – Denver. All 4 facilities combined produce the circulation coin currency used in the United States. The Philadelphia facility was the first to start minting coinage for the country when the US Mint was first established in 1792.

American Silver Eagles are one of the most famous products released by the US Mint, with collectors and investors eagerly awaiting each year’s release.

Powering through periods of a volatile stock market, the values of American Silver Eagles have only risen in the past few years. This explains the immense popularity of the American Silver Eagle as an investible asset in addition to being a collectible item.

However, the existence of imperfections on coins, which creep in during the striking process, has brought about demand for professionally graded coins.

These particular coins have undergone stringent authentication procedures and inspections by PCGS before being assigned a grade and sealed for protection.

Established in 1985, the PCGS or the Professional Coin Grading Service has decades of experience – grading and authenticating coins. Their vast experience inspires confidence among buyers who trust their grading system, knowing that the grade assigned to any coin by the PCGS is bound to reflect its condition accurately.

Moreover, each of these coins is sealed into plastic slabs with the PCGS label serving two important purposes: firstly, protecting the coin from external damage and tampering. Secondly, certifying it is genuine and at the stated grade. PCGS uses the renowned Sheldon scale to grade each coin inspected by them. This scale was created by the celebrated numismatist, Dr. William Sheldon, in 1948. Aiming to protect prospective buyers from spending a considerably higher amount of money for a lower quality product, PCGS was formed.

PCGS scales range from 1-70. Specifically, the grades 1-45 are usually assigned to circulated coins, while grades of 46-60 are given to about-circulated or barely-circulated coins. Lastly, the most valuable class of coins, uncirculated coins, is assigned a grade ranging from 60-70. Here, a grade of 70 indicates a coin with absolutely no surface imperfections, i.e. a perfect mint condition specimen.

Considering the differences in value depending on the grade assigned to American Silver Eagles, these graded American Silver Eagle coins are a worthwhile purchase for investors. Moreover, collectors looking for perfect or near-perfect specimens of these coins should look no further than these PCGS graded American Silver Eagle Coins.