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Set in the state of Arizona, Scottsdale Mint is a popular American private mint. Given the lucrativeness of dealing in the precious metals market, this Mint is one among the many private mints that cropped up across the United States to handle the substantial demand from precious metals collectors and investors.

This huge minting facility is capable of producing a broad range of products such as, coins, bars, official bullion coins, as well as rounds. However, its primarily mint silver products.

Located in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona, Scottsdale city was named after its founder Winfield Scott in 1894. Its playful slogan – ‘The West’s Most Western Town’ effectively captures the ‘Wild West’ feel, which is the essence of this scenic city.

Although Scottsdale doesn’t mint any official coins for the United States, it does have agreements with several sovereign governments to produce bullion coins with designs that celebrate the country’s natural heritage or uniqueness.

Two of its official bullion coin programs are partnerships with the countries of Fiji and Congo. With both programs proving to be massive successes all over the world, the fame of Scottsdale’s minting prowess has only grown.

Launched in 2015, the Congo Silverback silver coin program is the result of a partnership between the Republic of Congo and Scottsdale Mint. This annual series is based around the famed Silverback Gorilla – the male gorilla known for its aggressive behavior. Since these animals are found throughout Congo, they celebrate the country’s rich wildlife.

Much like the Silverback Gorilla coin program, Scottsdale Mint also issues a new coin under the Fijian Iguana Silver Coin program every year. It showcases the unique Banded Iguana, which is native to Fiji. This reptile has a distinctive design on its skin that sets it apart from other iguana species found throughout the world.

Since these coin programs feature limited mintages, collectors and investors eagerly await each release – ready to grab them as soon as they appear on the precious metals market.

Choose from our broad range of products from Scottsdale Mint. Investors will find a host of government-backed silver coinage that form valuable additions to precious metals portfolios. On the other hand, collectors can also complete their sets by ensuring that you don’t miss out any year’s release under the famed coin programs from Fiji and Congo.