Truth Series Silver Coins

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Truth Series Silver Coins Mintage

The Roaring Lion

1 oz Silver BU
1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Tubes of 20
1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Boxes of 100
5 oz Silver BU
2018 46,480 176 N/A N/A
2019 45,360 251 26 1,000
2020 37,740 153 92 1,000
2021 139,680 276 48 1,000
2022 131,900 410 99 1,000
2023 107,740 533 66 1,000


The Tree of Life

1 oz Silver BU
1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Tubes of 20
1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Boxes of 100
5 oz Silver BU
2018 44,360 282 N/A N/A
2019 45,600 105 23 1,000
2020 36,680 331 65 1,000
2021 127,060 397 150 1,000
2022 134,840 333 85 1,000
2023       1,000


The Sword of Truth

1 oz Silver BU
1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Tubes of 20
1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Boxes of 100
5 oz Silver BU
2022 8,000 50 10 N/A
2023 111,020 474 45 1,000


The Ram of Calvary

1 oz Silver BU
1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Tubes of 20
1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Boxes of 100
5 oz Silver BU
2022 8,000 50 10 N/A
2023 111,500 425 50 1,000

Truth Series Silver Coins

The Truth Series is the product of the successful Sunshine Mint and SD Bullion partnership.

As SD Bullion is the exclusive dealer of these silver coins, we guarantee low premiums over the silver spot price and fast, secure shipping.

Investors who want high-quality silver coins to diversify their investment portfolios and coin collectors who are looking for awe-inspiring designs should take advantage of this opportunity to purchase Truth Series Silver Coins at SD Bullion.

A Brief History

The series debuted in 2018, launching the 1 oz Roaring Lion and Tree of Life Silver Coins with limited mintage. Over the years, we have expanded the series, adding new sizes and other precious metals to the collection.

Compared to other silver coins, the Truth Series offers lower premiums over the silver spot price, contributing to the collection's immediate success.

Becoming one of our best selling silver coins encouraged us to widen the Truth Series catalog, adding the heavier 5 oz silver coin and the opportunity to purchase silver coins in bulk through MintCertified™ tube and monster box options.

The 5 oz sample was the first high-relief coin of the series. They are 99.99% pure silver bullion and individually numbered, from 1 - 1,000, sequentially and hand-engraved. This numbering system gives the 5 oz coins uniqueness and adds to its collectability.

The series’ third strike in 2020 improved by bringing a new obverse design to the Roaring Lion and a new precious metal to the collection: the first gold-proof coin.

Then in 2021 platinum was brought to the production line to further widen the collection with another precious metal coin.

In 2022, we introduced two more unique silver coin designs: the Sword of Truth and the Ram of Calvary, sharing the same high purity content and truth hidden within the design as the rest of the series.

The Sunshine Mint

The Sunshine Mint is a prestigious American private mint renowned for its enduring partnership with several government mints, banks, and bullion houses worldwide. 

It is an official supplier of silver planchets to the US Mint and the manufacturer of private Liberty Dollar coins.

Sunshine Minting Inc. is a long-standing partner of SD Bullion and the producer of the Truth Coins Series.

The Design

The Truth is the permanent motif of the series, and it changes at every yearly strike to reveal a unique micro-engraved part of scripture hidden in each coin’s design. When you bring together each of the designs from the collection you can reveal the entirety of the Scripture passage.

The Roaring Lion has earlier strikes, showing half of the “Truth” scripture. The second half comes with the release of the Tree of Life. Starting in 2023, The Sword of Truth and the Ram of Calvary continue on this passage in their designs, but in their debut year had their own unique Biblical truths. 

All coins in the Truth Series also contain advanced security features to protect against counterfeiting and to ensure authenticity.

The Roaring Lion 

The Roaring Lion design was the first ever coin in the series, featuring a full-length depiction of a Lion. As it roars, we can see the animal’s sharp teeth, paws, and flying mane.

1 oz Silver Roaring Lion Old Design

The 2020 new obverse design substituted this naturally depicted animal for a crowned lion in a frontal face close-up, also roaring and full of intricate details.

1 oz Silver Roaring Lion New Design

The Aleph Tav Symbol תא on the lion’s crown reveals the lion’s identity as the Lion of Judah: The strength of the Leader is the Sign of the Covenant. The yearly truth is usually inscribed on the band of the crown.

Behind the lion is a reflective regal floral-like pattern that accentuates the beauty of this design. On the bottom rim, beneath the crowned lion, the inscriptions refer to the weight and purity of the coin.

The Tree of Life 

1 oz Silver Tree of Life

Unlike the Roaring Lion, the Tree of Life's reverse design remains the same as it premiered. It displays a shady tree with deep roots, numerous branches, and leaves. The Tree of Life is a Biblical symbol of the everlasting love of God and his life-giving nature. 

The scripture corresponding to the “Truth” is micro-engraved in the lower left branch.

The inscription under the tree reads ה ו ה י - Hebrew for Yahweh meaning “The One Who Gives True Life.”

The coin’s weight and purity lie along the right side of the coin. 

The Ram of the Calvary

1 oz Silver Ram of Calvary

The Big Horn Ram is a traditional symbol for the Lamb of God and has ties throughout scripture to the Son of God; the location of Calvary has a powerful and established place in the Bible as the location of his crucifixion.

The reverse design features a beautifully detailed profile of a Ram facing the viewer. The Ram is strong and courageous, looking calmly straight forward. He has massive spiraling horns, in which the hidden “Truth” has been micro-engraved.

The Hebrew lettering of “ישוע” above the animal’s depiction means Yeshua (Jesus).

The Sword of Truth

1 oz Silver Sword of Truth

A Sword and Shield are focused in the middle of the coin creating an imposing, yet majestic obverse design. 

The Sword is simple yet imposing; the Shield is sturdy and battle-tested. A stylized belt framing the coin surrounds the image with the weight and purity displayed. Around the rim is a striking weave of thorny vines, symbolizing a crown of thorns. 

At the very tip of the Sword is a snake that is barely visible to the naked eye. The Sword piercing a snake adds a compelling historical element that has ties to countless motifs from cultures throughout human history. 

The hidden message has been micro-engraved onto the hilt of the sword. And, on the shield, the Hebrew lettering “רוח קודש” means “Holy Spirit.” 

Why Buy Silver Coins?

Silver enjoys high demand from several industrial areas, including medical, dentistry, technological, photovoltaic, and jewelry.

Like gold, silver is a precious metal. During times of market turmoil, investors tend to flock to silver and other precious metals. Having a diverse portfolio is a sensible way to hedge against inflation and fiat currency devaluation. 

Investors with gold in their investment portfolios can diversify their assets with physical bullion variation by acquiring silver items.

And collectors excited about expanding their collections can choose amazingly designed silver pieces with low premiums over the silver spot price like SD Bullion’s own Truth Series.

Why Low Mintage Makes Sense

When investors and collectors are considering the various bullion programs to add to their stack, generally the focus is on metal content, purity, and the potential for the premium invested (beyond spot price) upfront could appreciate in value as years go by and other releases are added to the series. This can be broadly defined as premium appreciation. While many bullion coins contain 1 Troy Oz of Silver or Gold and similar purity levels, premium appreciation opportunity varies significantly between each series.

Premium appreciation behaves comparably to any secondary market. The right mix of supply and demand, series continuity, and a standard of quality design and minting must be achieved to support the premiums rising in value in the secondary market.

The 1 oz Truth Series Silver coins began with mintages of only 50,000 coins each release and sell out quickly. Many bullion coins such as the Eagle, Maple, Britannia, and Kangaroo have mintages in the millions of ounces. The 1 oz Silver Truth Series coins began with mintages of only 50,000