Coin Supplies & Coin Accessories


Coin Supplies and Coin Accessories

A single gold coin of investment quality could cost you more than $1,000 depending on market conditions and the scarcity of the coin. Why wouldn't you protect that investment with coin supplies and coin protective accessories that cost as little as $1? Protecting your bullion coins, bullion rounds, and other precious metals with coin holders, cases, and other products is the first step toward making sure the value of your investment has the best chance possible to grow over time.

The Benefits of Choosing an Air-Tite Coin Cases

When gold and silver coins began to be collected in earnest in the 1980s, collectors and investors soon discovered that they needed a product which would reliably protect the luster and beauty of their preferred items. They also wanted to have a product that would allow them to display their favorite coins without the need to handle the coin itself. This is how the development of the Air-Tite case came about.

Air-Tite cases are an industry standard today because they are rigid enough to withstand daily handling, yet flexible enough that you can store them virtually anywhere. Featuring the innovative snap-together technology which allows investors to place a coin in the holder and then snap the case together to protect it, you receive permanent protection instantly. Yet if you want to take the item out of its case, you just pop the holder open with a knife or similar thin blade.

The Air-Tite case uses acrylics instead of PVC so you receive an additional advantage: there is no fading over time. Your gold and silver coins look just as brilliant over time as they do today and you prevent the risks of handling damage at the same time.

Coin Supplies and Accessories Make a Great Gift

SD Bullion is also proud to offer investors and collectors Perma Lock cases for those special occasions when the gift of gold or silver coins is appropriate. We offer It's a Girl! or It's a Boy! cases which are designed for the American Silver Eagle for that unique gift. Perma Lock also offers gift packaging for graduations, birthdays, weddings, or for those moments when you're just feeling a bit patriotic at the moment.

Those might be suitable for single coin storage and protection, but what if you have a large number of coins or rounds that you'd like to protect? If that is a need you must meet today, then we offer a number of empty Silver Eagle monster box options, US Mint treasury coin tubes, and other similar multi-coin or mult-bar storage options.

What Size Does Your Item Require?

SD Bullion offers a number of different coin storage solutions that will hold a vast majority of the popular precious metal coins that are collected today. This includes coins or rounds that are offered through private mintage runs. The 32mm size is the most popular today, as it holds the 1 ounce Gold American Eagles, 1 ounce Gold American Buffalo, and the 1 ounce British Gold Britannia. This size is also suitable for half-ounce silver rounds, 30g Chinese Gold Pandas, and 1 ounce Gold Krugerrands.

Air-Tite cases come in two different formats. The first, and most common primary fit type, is the direct fit format. The investor or collector simply places the coin into the holder and the fit locks it in place. The case would then be snapped together for a fit that does not allow the coin to move at all. The second fit type involves a gasket. The gasket would encapsulate the outer rim of the coin or round, giving your precious metal an added level of protection between the surface of the frame and the coin itself.

We also offer 1 ounce bar Air-Tite cases for collectors who prefer that type of precious metal collecting.

Coin Supplies and Accessories to Ensure Quality

SD Bullion also offers gold and silver purity testing scanners, as well as purification elements, so that investors and collectors can make sure that a purchase reflects the quality and value they expect it to have today, tomorrow, and into the future. Not every coin dealer has the ability to test the purity of the precious metals they represent. Instead of taking a gamble on an item, having the chance to test it first can protect an investor's finances in a number of ways.

If you have any questions about the type of coin supplies and accessories which will help you protect your investment in the best way possible, then feel free to contact us at your convenience with any questions you may have. That way you can reduce the risks of having something happen to your precious metals that may reduce their value over time.