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  9. PCGS MS-70 First Day of Issue 2024 1 oz American Gold Buffalo Coin - Exclusive Trump Constitution Label
    PCGS MS-70 First Day of Issue 2024 1 oz American Gold Buffalo Coin - Exclusive Trump Constitution Label

    Product Available Date:

    April 22, 2024
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Buy American Gold Buffalo Coins

American Gold Buffalo coins are one of the most highly regarded bullion coins in the world. Minted by the United States Mint, the American Gold Buffalo is the first-ever 24-karat gold coin produced by the US government, featuring a design inspired by the historic Buffalo Nickel.

Since its introduction in 2006, these coins have become a popular choice for both investors and collectors alike, thanks to their stunning design, purity, and overall value.

On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about American Gold Buffalo coins, including their history, specifications, and design.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just getting started in the world of precious metals, we invite you to explore this page and discover the beauty and value of American Gold Buffalo coins.

American Gold Buffalos History

The American Gold Buffalo coin was introduced in 2006 by the United States Mint as the first 24-karat gold coin ever produced by the US government.

This gold coin was created as a response to the growing demand for gold bullion coins in the early 2000s. After the astounding success of the 22-Karat American Gold Eagle, the US Mint wanted to produce a coin with a higher purity of gold, hoping to attract more investors and collectors to the American Gold Buffalo.

The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 authorized the manufacture of the first 24k gold coin in a limited mintage of 300,000 units, in bullion and proof coins.

The document also determined the Buffalo Nickel Design of James E. Fraser as the official motif of obverse and reverse sides.

Since its introduction, the American Gold Buffalo has become one of the most popular bullion coins in the world. The coin is recognized for its beautiful design, high level of purity, and overall value. American Gold Buffalos are minted in limited quantities each year, making them a highly sought-after addition to any collection or investment portfolio.

The US Mint produces the American Gold Buffalo series at the West Point facility, New York, using gold mined on American soil, weighing 1 oz, and holding a 50-dollar monetary denomination.

Production of Bullion Coins in the West Point Mint

See the video below for more details on the manufacturing process of the bullion coins in the West Point mint, including the American Gold Buffalo.

The Design of the American Gold Buffalo Coin

Besides being an official 24k gold coin, the coin's popularity is attributed to the beloved design of US history: the iconic American Bison. It is the same motif as the Buffalo Nickel, created by James Earle Fraser in 1913.

Fraser was Augustus Saint-Gaudens' student. Saint-Gaudens created the design of the 1906 $20 Double Eagle gold coin, which now stamps the face of the American Gold Eagle coins.

The Obverse Design

The obverse side has the right profile of a Native American. But not a particular individual. The image combines the characteristic features of three real-life chiefs from three important Native American tribes: the Big Tree, the Iron Tail, and the Two Moons.

The profile image has feathers and braids in the hair and expressive facial lines. According to the US Mint, the idea is to honor the native inhabitants and their heritage.

The inscriptions engraved are “Liberty,” placed just above the chief’s forehead, the year of issuance, and Fraser’s initials on his neck. 

The Reverse Design

The Buffalo coin got this moniker because of its reverse side, which features the American Bison in a full-length left profile, which resembles a buffalo. The inspiration for the image was the Black Diamond, a bison that used to live at New York City’s Central Park Zoo at that time.

The animal is an enduring symbol of the West's expansion. The reverse also includes the two traditional mottos: “In God We Trust” on the left and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” near the animal’s back. Other inscriptions on this side include the coin’s face value, weight, millesimal fineness, and metal content.

Bullion versions of the coin do not have a mint mark, but the proof coin exhibits it near the year of issuance imprint.

The Value of the American Gold Buffalo

The 1 oz Gold American Buffalo coin bears a USD 50 denomination and legal tender status fully guaranteed by the United States Government, making it one of the most reliable coins in the market.

However, as precious metals, the real value of Gold Buffalo Coins is not the number stamped on their faces but their gold bullion content, or its intrinsic value.

Bullion coins are traded based on their metal content and premiums. Thus, the American Buffalo is worth its weight in gold, which is higher priced than their monetary denomination, considering the current gold spot price, plus a premium charged by dealers.

Why Buy Official US Mint Gold Buffalo Coins

Gold is one of the most traditional precious metals and is extremely valuable. History registers its use since ancient times for ornaments and, later, as a type of currency.

As a commodity, bullion tends to remain valuable over time and is less prone to devaluation in case of market instability. That makes bullion coins, such as American Buffalos, a sensible option for investors looking for diversity in their investment portfolios.

The American Buffalo makes a stunning collectible. Actually, one of the most sought-after 24k Gold Coin programs. They display an iconic design that praises the national Native heritage and the Western US.


  • Are American Gold Buffalo Coins IRAs eligible?

According to the IRS - Internal Revenue Service, gold coins must be at least 99.5% pure to be eligible for an IRA - Individual Retirement Account. As the American Gold Buffalo contains 1 Troy ounce of 99.9% pure gold, they are indeed eligible for IRAs.

  • Are Gold Buffalo coins more valuable than American Gold Eagle coins?

The value of Gold Buffalo coins and Gold Eagle coins can fluctuate based on various factors, such as rarity, condition, and market demand for gold. While both coins are highly valued by investors and collectors, there are differences that may impact their value. Gold Buffalo coins have a higher level of purity (99.99%) than Gold Eagle coins (91.67%) and may be more attractive to some collectors, but ultimately their relative value depends on the specific circumstances of the market.

  • Is the American Buffalo real money?

American Buffalos are real dollars. They hold a face value of 50 dollars, like the other 1 Troy ounce gold coins the United States Mint produces. And the American Government fully ensures the coin’s legal tender. Thus, American Buffalo coins can be used for trade. However, considering they are 24-k gold coins, they tend to have a higher price than their face value. That makes the use of Gold Buffalo for widespread circulation a miscalculated practice.

  • What are 24k gold coins?

Gold labeled as 24-karat represents the highest purity level of gold. On a scale of 24 parts, all 24 shares are pure gold, utterly free of alloys with other metals. Because of their malleability, these coins tend to be vulnerable, demanding more care when being handled. Lower caratage gold, 22k or 18k, are typically alloyed with silver and/or copper, making these coins stronger and more resistant.