What Are the Benefits of Buying Copper

When you hear people talking about making a precious metals investment, 90% of the time they're talking about buying or selling gold and silver. Other metals, such as platinum or palladium, are beginning to gain traction within our industry. Yet one consistent precious metal, namely copper, is more than just one of the most useful metals we have available to us today.

Copper might be relatively new as an investment item, but it has its foundations deep in human history. Researches believe that humans began using copper nearly 10,000 years ago. Think about it: we couldn't have experienced the Bronze Age without copper since bronze is an alloy of copper. With this historical value combined with the increasing interest in precious metals beyond gold or silver, now is a great time to think about adding copper to your investment portfolio or collection.

3 Reasons Why Copper Should Be Considered Today

Unlike the other precious metals, the demand for copper is primarily driven by industrial needs. Copper is a great conductor of electricity, yet is also a flexible and strong material. It is also attractive because it is resistant to the corrosive process. Just about every industry utilizes the benefits of copper in some way – including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Copper is also an important part of our infrastructure. You can find copper in our homes with our plumbing systems, in our power distribution systems, and even in the cables that are used to transmit information from one place to another. Copper has really helped us make the world a much smaller place and it does so without much pomp or circumstance.

Many investors are given the advice to buy gold and silver because they expect economic stagnation or decline. It is the opposite when it comes to buying copper. Investors are often told to buy copper if they expect economic growth. That's the first reason to consider copper for your portfolio – because you see industrial growth as a potential in the future.

The second reason is because global copper supplies have been reducing while demand has been increasing. It's been over 100 years since a significant new copper mine was developed, which adds a level of scarcity to this market that other precious metals just don't have.

Because of this scarcity, we come to the third reason why copper is an investment to think about: diversity. Although diversification can't prevent all losses, having copper as part of a precious metals portfolio can help to make sure your assets are able to withstand difficult times. If you have found copper for sale and it seems like a good price, then do a little research. Look at current copper news and trends.

Buying copper could be the investment decision that changes everything.

How Can I Buy Copper Today?

The three most common ways to purchase copper today from an investment standpoint is to purchase copper coins, rounds, or bullion. You'll want to look for copper products which have .999 millesimal fineness to them and produced by a reputable mint if applicable. The Second Amendment fine copper rounds produced by the Golden State Mint or the copper commemorative war coins from the exclusive SD Bullion collection are two great examples of this.

Copper coins are just as beautiful as any other precious metals product. It is also one of the most affordable precious metal investments you can make. Many 1 ounce copper coins or copper rounds are available for just $1 right now. This makes it an easy way to see if collecting coins is something you'd be interested in doing as a hobby or investment tool.

Copper bullion may be available in bars, rounds, or sometimes even bullets depending on your personal preferences. Many items have unique designs that provide visual appeal to the copper, but may sometimes also increase the price of the bullion as well. Look for bullion products that are guaranteed for weight and purity for best results so that you can protect the investment you're making as much as possible.

Since 2000, the prices of copper have risen by 4.5x on the trading market. Although no investment is guaranteed, copper can be an important part of a precious metals portfolio. If you'd like to learn more about buying copper or have questions about how to buy copper rounds, coins, or bullion from us, then contact us at your convenience and we'll be happy to provide whatever answers we can regarding this beautiful precious metal.