5 oz Silver Bars

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    1 - 9 $132.60
    10 - 49 $131.10
    50 - 99 $129.60
    100+ $128.10
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    1 - 9 $136.09
    10 - 49 $134.09
    50 - 99 $132.09
    100+ $130.09
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    1+ $136.59
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    1 - 4 $135.09
    5 - 9 $134.09
    10+ $133.09
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    1 - 19 $135.59
    20+ $132.59
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    1+ $136.60
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    1 - 4 $140.10
    5 - 19 $138.10
    20 - 99 $136.10
    100+ $134.10
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    1+ $154.90
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Buy 5 Ounce Silver Bars

For many investors who are ready to move beyond our popular 1 oz silver bars, 10 oz silver bars can be a big jump. In this scenario, 5 oz silver bars make the perfect shift from a smaller investment to a larger one, while an investor builds their long-term wealth.

Our 5 oz silver bars sale at lower prices than 10 oz bars do, but represent the same great investment and wealth-building opportunity. If you want to own one of the most popular silver bars on the market, then 5 oz silver bars from the renowned Sunshine Mint are made of 999 fine silver and feature the repeating sunburst security design, making them perfect for both investors and collectors. These bars are IRA eligible, so you can invest in your future while you display a beautiful 5 oz silver bar. Price won’t stand in your way because we offer the lowest silver prices online! You can also choose from our Stars and Stripes America 5 oz silver bars, or rustic Hand Poured silver bars from Monarch Mint...either would make a lovely display piece to your collection. Regardless of which silver bar you choose to invest with, all our 5 oz silver bars for sale are easy to stack, store, transport, buy, and sell for all your investment needs.

While silver investors already know the excellent benefits of silver bullion, such as its high demand across many industries, its use as currency, and its desirability for collectors; many first-time investors go for the affordable 1 oz silver bars for the easiest way to get started. However, 5 oz silver bars allow investors to build a stronger portfolio; while taking up less space. They are easier to manage and transport than a lot of smaller bars, and you don’t have to worry about selling too much of your investment like you would if you’re invested in larger bars. These are the perfect middle ground, at the lowest 5 oz silver bar price online, period.