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  1. Waiting For A Spark: Markets, Economy, Gold & Silver

    Waiting For A Spark: Markets, Economy, Gold & Silver

    The so-called “meme stocks” are going bonkers while the overall stock market goes nowhere. Gold & silver are stuck at $1900 and $28 respectively, again. Market participants are biting their nails as they wait...

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  2. Silver Investment Demand Continues to Rise

    It will take some time due to the sheer size of the gold market, but ultimately the precious metals will enter an "exponential phase" of rapid value escalation. Is it soon?

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  3. UNCERTAINTY: Silver, Meat Supply And So Much More

    UNCERTAINTY: Silver, Meat Supply And So Much More

    There are certain little four-letter words that can wreak absolute havoc in the markets and in the economy, and “uncertainty” is one of those words.

    Figuratively speaking, of course.

    For it sure feels like uncertainty is mounting on Wall Street and on Main Street.

    Doesn’t it?

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  4. Silver & Gold Benefit from Fiscal, Monetary Chaos

    We have many important bullion-related news items to cover this week as unprecedented fiscal, financial, economic, and monetary climate changes are afoot.

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  5. Gold Battles $1900 As Inflation Problems Compound

    Gold Battles $1900 As Inflation Problems Compound

    So much has been said about all of the money printing, gazillions of articles have been written about rising prices, and we’ve all heard shout after shout from the rooftops about supply chain disruptions and shortages, but there is another inflation-inducing problem that is perhaps even worse than all of those problems combined, the intended or unintended consequences.

    Please allow me to explain using one simple example: Microchips...

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  6. Silver & Gold Revaluations Following Price Consolidation

    In the last week and few days, silver and gold spot prices have remained stout while more speculative asset classes have been cut by more than half their price in many cases.

    Physical precious metals like silver and gold may not have been the fastest horses thus far in benefiting from the ongoing fiat currency race to debase. One thing we know with near absolute certainty, silver and gold bullion will make it to the finish line, come what may ahead...

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