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  1. Markets Spooked By Yellen’s Interest Rate Comments

    Markets Spooked By Yellen’s Interest Rate Comments

    Inflation is a consequence, and inflation has consequences. The impact of such a statement on the markets, even though the statement was qualified with doubt, was instantaneous. Right now, it is pretty clear the Fed and the Federal government are “all-in” on this inflation being transitory, and the very nature of the word “transitory” means that some time must pass until they know whether the inflation is in fact transitory, or not, and if the inflation is not transitory, wouldn’t the financial interventionists already be behind the curve in fighting the inflation?

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  2. Monetary Base to Double, Silver Squeeze Rages On

    Ten years ago yesterday, silver made a run at its record price high of $50 oz. In 2021, the silver spot price appears to be again stuck at $26 oz about where it was, to start April 2011. The fiat US dollar's monetary base has exploded since 2011. Silver should have great years upcoming...

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  3. New Evidence: Powell Is Wrong About Transitory Inflation

    New Evidence: Powell Is Wrong About Transitory Inflation

    So here’s the honest, uncomfortable question: Does this sound like “transitory” inflation, or does this sound like the first response to the US dollar hyperinflation?

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  4. Evidence of Silver Takedown By The CFTC in 2021

    In this week's SD Bullion Market Update, you can see and hear the head of the CFTC in his own words. Perhaps like me, you too were naive in judging the full weight or the gravity of what an exponential run in silver and gold values will mean in the grander scheme of geopolitical and US national security affairs. If you will, underestimating the realpolitik of rapidly escalating precious metal values.

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  5. Soda, Silver, And Inflation: The New Cola Wars

    Soda, Silver, And Inflation: The New Cola Wars

    The topic of rising prices is perhaps more important now than ever, however, especially if we are entering a stagflationary or hyperinflationary environment, because inflation affects pretty much everybody, and it certainly affects all users of US dollars. The return of the Cola Wars.

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  6. Big News Breaking About Chinese Gold Demand

    Big news broke last Friday morning on revamping Chinese gold demand this April and May 2021. London appears wholly unprepared for what is building. Perhaps the one thing that will save them is rapidly rising spot prices in fiat currency terms...

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