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  1. As States Reopen, Will Federal Stimulus Stall Or End?

    As States Reopen, Will Federal Stimulus Stall Or End?

    For another week, the overall markets are in search of a general direction. The equities markets don’t know if they want to crash or if they want to rally, gold & silver continue to correct, and now, the commodities, in general, are experiencing pullbacks after spectacular runs higher.

    Amid this backdrop of market noise, there are two fundamental forces to consider that will have a major influence over the direction of the US economy: The reopenings and the upcoming stimulus

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  2. How Desperate are the Central Banks Right Now?

    We begin the end of last week's SD Bullion market update with a reminder about desperate the fiat issuing central banks and their short commodity betting commercial bank partners indeed are.

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  3. Market Mayhem & Economy “Running Hot”

    Market Mayhem & Economy “Running Hot”

    Much of the country has recovered or is in the process of recovering from last week’s severe Winter weather disturbance, but there is no rest for the weary in today’s financial environment, and as such, this week, market participants are facing all sorts of interesting dynamics.

    There have been some remarkable movements in the markets over the last several days. From high flying tech stocks looking like they’re falling out of the sky to the rollercoaster ride that is Bitcoin, to yields on US Government debt continuing their surge higher, there has been no shortage of interesting price action.

    Furthermore, the price action in the markets is screaming the word “inflation” from the rooftops, and I’m not using hyperbole when I write that either.

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  4. 2021 Q1 Gold & Silver Update Across the Globe

    There was some turbulence in spot silver and especially the gold spot prices this week. 

    We will get deeper into some of the chicaneries later in this video. 

    The fact that silver has held up so strong of late says a lot about the tightening and panic under the surface.

    The spot gold-silver ratio claims a mid-65 figure to close this week's trading.

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  5. Gold & Silver Continue to Come Under Pressure

    Gold & Silver Continue to Come Under Pressure

    Gold & silver continue to come under pressure as the stock market and Bitcoin hit fresh new all-time highs, again. There is a storm brewing in the markets, however, and it is best seen in the commodities and in the bond market, and this is not just any storm, but an inflationary storm at best.

    And at worst?

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  6. Will London Silver Bullion Supplies Run Out?

    Silver in London's underground vaults is running low.

    Derivative powers that be are on full defense.

    Going on various fiat bubble vision shows, trying to belittle growing interest and physical bullion buying.

    It is not going to work. Indeed along the way, they will win day-to-day derivative battles. Ultimately, they will lose the physical bullion war.

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