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Financial Crisis 2008 - 2018 Look Back | James Anderson

This week, if you consumed any mainstream financial press, chances are you might have felt like you were wading through a myriad of half truths and over simplifications as to how the 2008 financial crisis came about.

This video / podcast is a curated tour of some recent notable commentaries and choice media coverages, a decade since the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers.

We will also cover some current trial balloons in the financial media in regards to unconventional responses for the next financial crisis.

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Paradox to future Precious Metal Price Peaks | Ned Naylor-Leyland

On the heels of US Mint sell outs of Silver Eagle coins and Gold Buffalo Coins, we speak with Ned Naylor-Leyland, a Gold & Silver Fund Manager.

We talk about the ongoing cognitive dissonance amongst most investors in the western world. Happy to hold bonds, cash, and stocks while mostly shunning precious metals.

Come hear how Ned believes the next nominal price highs for precious metals will come about in the future.

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Gold Allocation Discussion

Gold Bullion Allocation Percentage SD Bullion

Fundamental forgotten information following the 1970s financialization of the US / western economies.

The old adage of +10% gold bullion allocation remains mathematically sound although possibly somewhat out of date.

Yet financial middlemen hate bullion. Why? Because physical gold bullion never churns their profits. Come learn more about potentially prudent gold allocation percentages.

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Obverse Definition: What Is The Obverse of a Coin

Guess which one is the obverse

Collecting coins or investing in them demands some basic knowledge of the terminology thrown around in this domain. Not only can this knowledge reduce the chances of you getting duped into buying a worthless product, but it can also help you understand this field a little bit better and make it more interesting.

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US Mint Coin Sales September 2018

USMint Bullion Coin Sales September 2018 US dollar volumes sold Gold Silver Eagle coins

Here at SD Bullion, every month we update our US Mint bullion coin sales page with the latest precious metal coin sales figures.

In this specific post, we will dive into US Mint coin sales updated to September 2018, while also posting the latest US Mint bullion coin price premiums charts.

For the month of August 2018, both Silver and Gold Eagle coin sales and product price premiums were up. Have a look for yourself here.

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Emerging Market Currency Chaos | Silver Fortune

Emerging Market Currency Chaos Argentine Peso vs US dollar SD Bullion

Emerging market currency chaos is fully underway, across the globe. Thanks in large part their recently acquired $14 trillion in US dollar denominated debts.

In this week's Metals & Markets interview we speak Matt from the Silver Fortune youtube channel to follow about this and other precious metal relatated topics.

Like for instance, which emerging market nation has acquired more physical silver thus far in 2018 than JP Morgan has acquired from the spring of 2011 to date in their COMEX warehouse. 

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Gold Standard on Jeopardy

Game show Jeopardy Gold Silver Fiat Currency Ignorance FDR SD Bullion

Come see what happened on the TV game show 'Jeopardy' in early 2018 when the category of Gold Standard questions was undertaken by the contestants. Test your knowledge and see which answers you know and which ones they certainly did not.

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Premiums Going Up, Secondary Supply Shrinking | Roy Friedman

Gold Silver Podcast Bullion Premiums Going Higher, Secondary Supply Almost Gone Roy Friedman SD Bullion

This week on our SD Metals & Markets Podcast, we speak with Roy Friedman, a multi-decade bullion market maker.

We discuss current wholesale bullion market supply demand dynamics as well as larger picture topics in the financial system.

Roy describes what occured with bullion product trading dynamics not only during the recent drop in precious metal spot prices, but also during the fall of 2008 as well in the 1980 bull market. 

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Mexican Libertad Coin Stacker Tradition Runs Deep

Mexican Libertad Coin Stacker Tradition Runs Deep Chico de Movimiento Naranja

Learn a bit about our fellow brethren and sistren, striking bullion in the heart of Mexico City. A tradition as deep and rich as most of our family history’s on these North American lands.

Many coin aficionados are quick to point out that the Mexican Mint or Casa de Moneda is the oldest, still functioning mint on this side of the world (part of Spanish conquistador history).

Mexican silver real coins (pieces of eight) were a dominant reserve currency worldwide, from the 18th to the 19th Century. Now they strike Libertad Coins, which are 30 to 200Xs more rare than others.

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Coin Grading Companies: Sheldon Scale Coin Grading Chart Explained

Graded coin specimens attract both investors and collectors as they know exactly what quality to expect. Although there are many grading agencies out there, two of them are regarded highly in the precious metals market, especially here in the United States – NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) and PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service).

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A Possible Trade from Where We Are | Metals & Markets

This week's update will be a little bit different than the normal format.

Unfortunately the guest we were going to have on was unable to attend last minute, so I am going to give you a brief 3 PART synopsis covering where we are with precious metal spot prices falling to the downside this summer, what is going on with bullion supplies and price premiums, as well as one historic potential trade idea you may want to consider as we move the closer to the end of this decade and in to the 2020s.

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How Many Grams In a Troy Ounce of Silver?

Troy ounce to grams How Many Grams In a Troy Ounce of Silver? SD Bullion

Unlike the ounces you find in grocery stores, a troy ounce is a unit that is commonly used for precious metals like silver and gold. Although their names might not indicate this, these two units are not the same in weight.

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China Yuan Gold Peg? | Craig Hemke

Bank of China renminbi yuan advertisement Chinese China Yuan gold peg SD Bullion

For this week's Metals & Market Wrap we speak with Criag Hemke of TFMetals Report about this summer's devaluing Chinese Yuan and US dollar prices for Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other non-precious commodities.

Is it possible we are seeing the beginning phases of a Chinese Gold Yuan Peg?

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Silver Price Forecast fall 2018 - Is Below $13 oz Possible?

Silver price forecast 2019

Last week Christopher Aaron of iGold Advisor published a short video on his Silver Price Forecast for the fall of 2018.

In this clip, Chris shows technical analysis on Silver Prices in US dollars looking ahead to then end of this year. If you are wondering where silver prices may be going, check this out.

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Today's GDP Numbers vs Economic Reality | Dave Kranzler

Trump US GDP Numbers vs Economic Reality SD Bullion

For this week's Metals & Markets podcast we speak with Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics on today's 4.1% GDP number vs reality, Trump trade wars, and the precious metal markets of late.

Have a listen and a look, see if you agree with what Dave has to say.

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How to Store Gold Bullion

Knowing how to safely store Gold Bullion is critical to long term success when saving physical gold fo the long term.

Here we will discuss various creative home gold bullion storage ideas, gold location diversification tips, as well other hidden gold storing ideas that might never have occurred to you.

Come see some creative gold storage ideas which might help spur your own responsible decision making.

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How Much Silver Is In a Quarter?

How Much Silvers in a Quarter SD Bullion

Today, United States quarter dollar coins (quarters) are struck using an alloy of copper and nickel (cupro-nickel) and have a ‘silvery’ polish but don’t really contain any pure silver at all. Although the US Mint uses this alloy to strike all US quarters now, this wasn’t always the case. 

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