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  1. SD Bullion Exclusive: First Ever Geiger Running Giraffe!

    SD Bullion Exclusive: First Ever Geiger Running Giraffe!

    SD BULLION EXCLUSIVE - 2019 Geiger The Giraffe Coin

    SD Bullion is proud to announce that we are the exclusive seller of the Geiger Giraffe Coins in North America. The Geiger Giraffe coins is the first issue of the World's Wildlife Series.

    About the Geiger Gold Giraffe Coin

    The new 2019 Geiger Gold Giraffe has an extremely limited worldwide mintage of only 1,000 gold coins. With such a limited mintage, these gold coins have a strong potential for premium appreciation down the road.

    The coins are minted using .9999 (24-karat) pure gold bullion by Geiger. This is comparable to other gold coins minted using .9999 like Gold Buffalo coins

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  2. Gold Price Largest Weekly Drop Since 2016 Election Night

    Hello SD Bullion blog visitors, my name is James Anderson, and this is our first SD Bullion Gold Silver Market Update.

    If you are interested in physical precious metals and financial markets, be sure to become a free subscriber to our youtube channel, hit the like button on this video, and click the alert bell so you will get notified when we publish more videos.

    The formula for our weekly bullion market update is still obviously in its infancy; we want to hear from you out there.

    Please give us some feedback and comments either below here on the SD Bullion blog page or in this week's Youtube comments section.

    Gold Podcast | Silver Podcast | Gold Silver Market Update


    Let’s start by digging into the significant precious metals price actions for the past week and look at some of the supposed drivers for w

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  3. 'Debt & Delusion' author Dr. Peter Warburton | Coming Collapse of Credit

    'Debt & Delusion' author Dr. Peter Warburton | Coming Collapse of Credit

    All four major precious metal spot prices had another solid week of price action.

    The gold price in terms of spot finishes this week around $1,515 oz.

    The spot platinum price cleared $950 oz. And the palladium price strikes another record high mostly due to an increasing shortage of this Pd precious metal, closing this week around $1,850 oz.

    The silver spot price closes this week at 18.18 per troy ounce in fiat Federal Notes.

    The Federal Reserve cut another 25 basis points this week to their Federal Funds Rate. With no end in sight, they are also often extending over $100 billion in Federal Reserve note repo loans through

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  4. Silver Price Forecast | Silver Price Predictions 2019

    Silver Price Forecast | Silver Price Predictions 2019

    Are you wondering about where the price of silver in fiat US dollars will go to in 2019?

    The following is a list of 2019 silver price forecasts and silver price predictions by silver market analysts deep in the precious metal derivative and silver bullion trade.

    Remember that often the inverse measurement we US bullion buyers and sellers use to value silver here is a fiat currency that has lost over 95% of its value to silver bullion throughout its existence.

    We believe the trend of fiat US dollars losing value to silver bullion will not continue into the 2020s.

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  5. Jim Rickards: CIA Shill Who Cries Wolf?

    Jim Rickards: CIA Shill Who Cries Wolf?

    These days online, it is pretty commonplace to see negative name-calling instead of polite well-considered discussions.

    Some of the alternative financial media's most naysaid targets are often those receiving the most attention. Much of the highest levels of vitriol get reserved for those few who make compelling arguments against a passionate group’s biases or even delusions of financial market grandeur. Many engage in this needling of group thinkers to gain further attention.

    Enter best-selling financial author, James G. Rickards. Perhaps one of the modern gold market's most well-studied and well-spoken proponents. One who does an excellent job of boiling down the complex with helpful metaphors.

    Over the last decade, dude has spread a lot of strong hot takes (i.e., often well-formed opinions) around the internet, in financial media spaces, and throughout the many pages of his best selling books. 

    This post-9/11 ‘was not an inside job’ CIA analyst, often

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  6. Financial Crisis Protection John Exter Pyramid

    Financial Crisis Protection John Exter Pyramid

    This updated 3D illustration of John Exter's Pyramid of Financial Spillover Risks in 2019 may melt your mind in terms of its sheer size and scope.

    Learn which asset classes are safest to own historically during many past financial follies, potential further bank bail-ins, stock market failures, or even in calmer market conditions.

    A former Federal Reserve governor and precious metal administrator illustrated the way things typically go when financial spill-overs and crisis get going. 

    See why gold bullion is historically the safest of all havens to hold. 

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  7. Gold During Stock Market MeltDowns

    Gold During Stock Market MeltDowns

    How does gold bullion perform when the US stock market crashes or turns down violently?

    What is perhaps the best non-correlated store of value for stock investors who should consider selling and converting some nominal profit gain protection?

    We and many of our customers buying bullion of late believe too, that answer is gold bullion. Followed too by short historic durations when silver even outperforms gold (e.g. 1979, 2010).

    Other experts agree and are calling out record gold price forecasts and

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  8. Suppressed Commodity Prices Make Bullion a No-Brainer

    Suppressed Commodity Prices Make Bullion a No-Brainer

    Chris Marcus of Acadia Economics hosts James Anderson of SD Bullion in this final part three of a three-part discussion about the state of precious metals and financial markets.

    In this segment, Chris poses the question, “Will The Department Of Justice Stop Silver Manipulation?”

    There are larger games afoot than just greedy derivative traders making bonuses, while silver maybe perhaps the tip of the commodity price suppressed sphere. James points out that systematic commodity price suppression and manipulation is a tool of financial warfare and empire. 

    Allowance of price rigging up and or down via outsized derivative leverage only devalues the underlying faith in o

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  9. Canada Mint CEO & Bullion Director | VIP Tour Contest

    Canada Mint CEO & Bullion Director | VIP Tour Contest

    Before you scroll any further, make sure you have entered our free contest to visit the Royal Canadian Mint. Ok, scroll on and enjoy the brief virtual tour clip below.

    A solid week of price action turned in by all four major precious metals.

    The price of silver appears to be ending the week just above the $18 fiat Fed note per troy oz mark, rising over 50¢ (cupro-nickel cents) from last week’s close.

    Gold finds a weekly end to its spot gold price right around $1,505 oz.

    Platinum rebounded well from recent downturns, the spot platinum price looks to be closing around $925 oz. Still, historical low in terms of it's over 100-year price relation to gold. Read

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  10. JP Morgan Silver COMEX Pile Swells Like Criminal Charges Outstanding

    JP Morgan Silver COMEX Pile Swells Like Criminal Charges Outstanding

    You might be wondering where this SD Bullion blog article's silver bullion vault and depository image is from.

    That picture is from the year 1995.

    It catches but a glimpse of 60 million ounces of silver, (in non-homogenous industrial 1,000-ounce silver bullion bars), all then held in a silver bullion depository by the Wilmington Trust.

    It was documented by Jeff Christian’s CPM Group, a silver price forecaster who is also silver and record gold price bullish headed into the early 2020s.

    Knowing the just in time nature of silver bullion de

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