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Silver Eagle Prices

silver eagle coin value chart, silver eagle coin values, silver eagle price chart,

If you want to better understand 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin prices, you need to understand how they are derived via the ongoing silver spot price (mostly dictated by the COMEX), as well ongoing US Mint price over spot and silver bullion dealer premiums. 

Here you can look back at recent Silver Eagle Coin Value Chart history.

You can see that it is during times of exorbitant silver bullion demand that 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coins (still the most popular silver bullion product by a large margin) typically perform with outsized price premiums above the fluctuating silver spot price. The fall of 2008 and the fall of 2015 being the most obvious examples of this phenomenon.

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Gold Sales Tax by US States: ICTA's Jimmy Hayes

Gold State Sales Tax, Silver State Sales Tax, Bullion state sales tax, Gold Sales Taxes, Silver Sales Taxes, SD Bullion sales tax

It's 2019, and if you are a retail bullion dealer or conduit for any online bullion sales of any sort, you’d better be collecting applicable state sales taxes now or save a war chest perhaps risking the moment some state representatives come knocking at your door asking for their fiat currency cut of their respective state's sales revenues.

This week's guest on our silver gold podcast come from ICTA, a bullion industry watchdog for legislative and regulatory changes in the United States of America.

Last year in the summer of 2018, we reported on this SD Bullion blog that these bullion state sales tax law changes were coming to our industry. Here discuss in deeper detail the ongoing ramifications of last summer US Supreme Court ruling. 

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How to Clean Silver Coins (Common Date)

Cleaning Silver Coins How to Clean Silver Coins

How to clean silver coins that are not numismatic nor highly collectible is an easy process. It can often be done with just a handful of household items. Here we’ll show you how to clean silver coins in 15 minutes time.

WARNING: you should never clean highly collectible rare numismatic coins.

That said, there are many common silver coins and silver items like silver jewelry or silverware which you can easily clean using household items.

In this SD Bullion blog post and accompanying SD Bullion youtube video, we will focus on simple methods for cleaning silver coins. Come learn how to do it yourself and see the results.

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Trump'$ Bearish US Dollar Take | Ronnie Stoeferle, In Gold We Trust Report

In Gold We Trust Report, Ronnie Stoeferle, Gold Podcast, Silver Podcast, Trump CPAC US dollar comments

This week, we have a returning guest to the podcast, one of the co-authors of the free information packed 'In Gold We Trust' annual report.

Come see In Gold We Trust's just published minutes from their Advisory Board Meeting called Monetary U-Turn - When will the Fed Start Easing Again?

Come learn why Ronnie Stoeferle and the team at In Gold We Trust still remain bullish for where gold (and silver) are headed.

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Market Manipulation Continuation? Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

Market Manipulation Silver Manipulation Gold Manipulation SD Bullion

The CME Group (COMEX, NYMEX) continues to not only allow, but also incentivizes non-US central banks, multilateral development banks (e.g. IMF, World Bank), and even international organizations of central banks (e.g. BIS) to trade critical price discovery commodity futures contracts in silver, gold, platinum, palladium, fiat FX, bitcoin, US treasuries/bonds, and other financial products.

Here we will focus on recent key Silver Manipulation, Gold Manipulation, and other potential financial Market Manipulation news at hand.

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Record Gold Price Prediction 2020s - Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group

Gold Price Forecast Jeffrey Christian CPM Group

Our podcast guest this week, for many of you, might be a controversial figure.

You see back at an early 2010 CFTC hearing, our guest this week's point-blank statements of 100 to 1 precious metal physical vs derivative leverage in the discussion, essentially went viral in the then precious metal community.

By spring 2012, when the SD Bullion website began, many silver and gold bullion bulls had been regularly disparaging this week's guest. That includes a younger version of myself (James Anderson). Check out this week's show notes for more backstory on what I have just described.

Jeffrey Christian today on March 1, 2019... he tells us why new record high prices for gold 2020s are coming. He also explains why the cliché 10% gold allocation mantra may be heavily outdated.

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GOLD THEFT HISTORY: Biggest Gold Robbery All Time by Size

biggest gold robbery largest gold thefts all time

In the anneals of documented gold cappers there are many respective small fry tales of mostly men and or groups of men inside jobbing a Brink’s Via Mat, or perhaps robbing transporting train cars for large quantities of gold bullion.

Here we touch on perhaps the largest gold thefts all time. A couple of them even larger than all the gold supposedly held in Fort Knox today.

These biggest historic gold robberies were all quasi or direct state sponsored affairs, within the last 100 years of time.

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US Mint Sold Out All of Us Long Ago

US Mint Sold Us Out Long Ago

Yea we know, it's a harsh blog title, but there are various real reasons to be critical of the US Mint. Here come but a few.

One would think the US Mint might show more respect and higher quality business practices towards the customer bases it makes its highest profit margins off of.

But judging them by their actions, not their words. Dubious folk may now lead the US law driven charge, to supply the public's demand with sufficient Silver and Gold Eagle bullion coins.

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US Mint Sold Out Silver Eagle Coins 2019

US Mint Sells Out Silver Eagle Coins 2019

The US Mint just declared a temporary sell out of 2019 Silver Eagle Coins effective immediately February 21, 2019.

Silver coin price premiums on Silver Eagle Coins as a result are inching higher above the fluctuating silver spot price given that the US Mint was ambiguous about when new Silver Eagle Coin supplies will return to market.

How long might this latest Silver Eagle Coin sell out last?

Who should we ask?

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Where is Gold Found?

The following gold mining data covers total tonnes of gold mined per country in 2016. One tonne of gold is equivalent to 32,150.7 troy ounces of gold.

Physical gold is mined on every continent other than Antartica. On Earth, the largest amounts of gold are found in the oceans - but extracting gold from seawater is not yet profitable or feasible.

Come see Where Gold is Mined and found throughout this mostly water covered, floating space rock we all reside upon.

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Can Gold be Destroyed?

Is gold indestructible? Can gold be destroyed?

Born in the explostion of stars, the element of gold is indestructible.

There is no known natural substance that can destroy gold. Although gold can be dissolved by chemical means, even then it remains as gold-only in a more widely dispersed state. 

Come see an example of how gold cannot be detroyed and remains almost infinitely maluable in this real life example.

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Jim Rogers - What if Gold Doesn't Pullback?

Jim Rodgers Silver Gold SD Bullion Podcast

This week, we have a returning guest, Legendary investor and commodity expert, Jim Rogers joins us from Singapore.

Learn what Jim thinks about our potential negative interest rate future ahead, what Jim will do if gold and the US dollar decouple with out a major price pullback in the medium to short-term.

And finally we cover some personal news about Jim's two young daughters who are rising stars in China. Stick around for the clips at the end of the show to see footage of Jim on his motorcycle tour through China in the 1980s as well as hear from 2 of his greatest investments to date.

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How much Gold does the US have?

Official US Gold Reserves SD Bullion

Here we examine how much gold does the US have, as well where each portion of Official US Gold Reserves are held throughout the United States.

Come see how much official gold the US claims (#1 in the world) and where in the nation it is held and at what low official price.

Listen to what the current US President said in 2016 about who has the gold and the slim potential of a Gold Standard return.

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Best Bullion Products TOP 10 Countdown

Best Bullion Products Best Silver Coins Best Gold Coins Best Gold Bars Best Silver Bars Best Silver Rounds Best Bullion Dealer

This Top 10 Bullion Product video playlist series is dedicated to the best bullion products based on our customer’s purchase volumes.

As one of the largest high volume bullion dealers in the United States the following top 10 list of best bullion products to buy is based on our internal sales volume data.

Much will of course depend on your personal buying and selling objectives.

Here we will count down the list from #10 to number #1, including insightful reasons to why bullion buyers choose specific products we are about to show you.

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Our Currency, Our Problem with Dan Oliver of Myrmikan Capital

Our Currency Our Problem US dollar USD Gold Podcast Silver Podcast

This week we are excited to have a new guest on to the show.

An expert who will give us a longer, deeper understanding over the weakening 3 pillars for the $USD or Federal Reserve note's ongoing and future values.

Where is the US dollar headed in the coming years and what might the implications be?

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Venezuela Proxy War Ramp Up | Steve Hanke

Which country sides with maduro vs guiado venezuela

Time to discuss the ongoing Venezuela proxy war ramp up.

What does this former advisor to the 1990s Venezuelan President have to say on the matter.

Who are the proxy war players? What are their interests (e.g. crude oil and geopolitical reasons)?

How have seemingly endless sanctions by the Trump regime affected the intensifying situation?

Is this merely another episode in Latin American US imperialist policy ongoing? 

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Bullion Dealer Interview with James Anderson

Bullion Interview James Anderson SD Bullion

Late last week, SD Bullion's James Anderson spoke with Eliie from youtube channel Urban Lifestyle, covering some basics on online bullion dealing. 

What does James do at SD Bullion? What does he stack (silver or gold)? How did he get involved in the bullion industry?

Come learn more about how SD Bullion operates its business and why payment policies in our industry are different than other industries.

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How Much Platinum is in the World?

how much platinum is there SD Bullion

There has been a long running claim that the total amount of physical platinum the world has ever mined would fit into an average living room or garage.

Here we examine various long range data sources, to best estimate how much platinum is indeed in the world and if this long running “all platinum could find into an average garage” claim is true or not.

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Russian Gold Reserves: A Prudent Bullion Allocation Model

Russias Gold Reserves a prudent bullion investment allocation model

We are going to look at some details regarding the Russian Federation’s building gold reserves, now having just passed the 2,000 tonne gold bullion total.

We are going to cover a bit of background on how this Russian gold buying policy was partially brought about. We’re going to show much gold bullion Russia officially has compare to other major gold players in the world.

And finally we’re going to look at how “gold backed’ the Russian ruble currency currently is, compared to other major fiat currencies such as the US dollar, euro, yen, British pound, Chinese yuan, and Swiss franc.

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Gold Backed Currency: Russian Ruble?

Most Gold Backed Currency Russian Ruble SD Bullion

Have a look at the latest update to which fiat currency currently has the largest Official Gold Reserve 'backing'.

Westerners might be surprised to learn that the Russian Ruble has the largest pile of Official gold to fiat currency cash in their financial system.

Let us break down the numbers, so you can see at what US dollar gold price per troy ounce it would take to back various fiat currencies today.

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