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Buy 1 Kilo Silver Bars

Much like a silver coin, silver bars are made to the .999 fineness (or more). They are a great way to accumulate silver bullion and diversify your investment portfolio at once, while protecting your wealth against inflation.

Key takeaways

  • Silver is a real asset that can be owned as a hedge against inflation;
  • Due to silver’s constant high demand from a variety of industries, prices are expected to remain high and could constitute a great investment in the long-term;
  • Silver bullion bars can be easily stored, bought, transported and sold;
  • Even large silver bars have a low cost of entry when compared to gold, which means they can be a great way into the precious metals market for new investors.

Owning physical metal (i.e. gold coin or gold bullion bars) has always been considered a clever investment during a bear market.

Experts have said that just like investing in gold bullion, you can invest in physical silver bullion (e.g. silver coins, silver rounds and silver bars), to retain control of your holdings while still making a sound investment, and facing little risks. 

A heavy silver bar is also a savvy way to fund your precious metals IRA, as long as the product is approved as such (check product's page for specific information). 1 kilo silver bars are produced by some of the most prominent private mints in the United States, such as the Scottsdale Mint, and around the world like the highly regarded PAMP Suisse.

Just like a gold bar, a silver bar is typically made in two different formats: poured or minted ingots. A poured silver bar is done by pouring molten silver into molds that will give its shape. That can be done manually or by using controlled machinery. Minted ingots are refined bars that are cut from a silver cast and undergo a highly precise computerized stamping process that will, most usually, give it a distinguished design and the brand logo.

Why buy 1 kilo silver bars?

Although silver is not as rare as gold, it is still one of the most popular precious metals in the market. It is resistant to corrosion, yet easy to mold into jewelry or electronic parts, and the chemical element itself has some characteristics that sets it apart from other metals, including gold.

Demand for silver is in a crescent due to economic instability and owning a silver bullion bar could be seen as a safe haven against fiat currency devaluation and stock market fluctuations, while still being liquid.

Industrial use is another reason that drives silver price up. Silver has a range of uses from renewable energy markets (in production of solar panels), to electronics, jewelry and even medicine.

In addition, silver bullion is a tangible asset that has been used as monetary currency for millennia and can be easily liquidated in case of financial collapse (personal or outspread).

Silver bullion is priced in bulk and, therefore, the more you buy at once, the more you save. In other words, the 1 kilo bars have lower premium than lighter bars, such as 1 oz silver bar, making 1 kilo ingots a perfect purchase if you are planning to go for that kind of investment size, especially considering a silver bar, unlike a bullion coin, is mostly valued due to its silver content.

Finally, the 1 kilo bar can be easily stored if you are wanting to keep them at home and require very few extra storage costs, especially if you already have a safe.

Popular designs/ products

As mentioned before, 1 kilo bars are produced around the globe by a range of popular private mints and their prices might also vary according to the refinery’s reputation and known high quality products. 

For instance, PAMP Suisse is one of the most respected mints in the world. Therefore, their 1 kilo silver bar might sell for a little more than less known mints, but could also earn you a higher price when you decide to liquidate.

Let’s take a look at a few popular products/designs from this category among our customers:

  • 1 KILO PAMP SUISSE SILVER BAR - As mentioned before, PAMP Suisse has its name as a top industry refiner. Their brand logo alone on this item is enough to put it at the top of the charts. These bars contain .999 pure silver.
  •  1 Kilo Argor-Heraeus Silver Bar - This Swiss refinery is well known across the globe for their high quality precious metal bars. The bar contains Argor's logo on the obverse as well as the specfications for the bar. These are minted bars with .999 fineness.
  • SD BULLION PROCLAIM LIBERTY 1 KILO SILVER BAR - This exclusive SD Bullion silver bar was designed and struck in partnership with Silvertowne Mint, a premier privately owned mint in the United States. This bar contains 1 kilogram of .9999 fine silver content. It is designed with a detailed rendition of the Liberty Bell on the obverse, inscribed with the words “PROCLAIM LIBERTY”, along with the weight and purity stamp of the bar underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 kilo silver bar value - How is the price formed?

As covered above, silver bar prices are mostly determined due to their precious metal content, with some slight variations from mint to mint, according to their renown. Also, the larger the bar, the less premium percentage will be added to the product’s final value. Thus, in order to maximize your investments in terms of dollar per silver content, favor larger bars.

How much is a 1 kilo silver bar worth?

1 kilogram is equivalent to 32.1507 troy ounces. The spot price of silver which refers to silver’s standard price prior to any addition of premium, is typically calculated by 1 troy ounce, much like the live gold price. So you can simply calculate its weight in troy ounces by the current silver spot price to get an average value for the bar. Then a premium will be added on to calcuate for the bar's design, manufacturing, profit margin, etc. 

What are the dimensions of a 1 kilo silver bar?

That varies from mint to mint. PAMP Suisse’s 1 kg silver bar is 116 mm x 53 mm x 17.5 mm. Scottsdale 1 kilo stacker silver bars are 76 mm x 51 mm x 28 mm. Either way, 1 kilo silver bars are not difficult to store.

If you have any further questions, remember that a SD Bullion customer service representative is available over the phone at 1(800)294-8732. You can also contact us via email at or on our Contact Us page. We will be happy to assist you.