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  5. 1 oz Argor Heraeus Kinebar Gold Bar
    1 oz Argor Heraeus Kinebar Gold Bar

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    May 3, 2024
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    5 - 9 $2,438.93
    10 - 19 $2,433.93
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  10. 50 gram Argor-Heraeus Kinebar Gold Bar
    50 gram Argor-Heraeus Kinebar Gold Bar

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    May 3, 2024
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Buy Argor Heraeus Gold Bar Online

The Switzerland-based Argor-Heraeus refinery is one of the leading producers of gold bullion bars in the world. Their intricate precious metal products and meticulous purity and quality control helped establish the organization as a chief manufacturer of cast and minted products.

Most of the global production of gold bullion bars for sale is done so by private mints. In addition, gold bars can be minted in different weights and sizes. 

Types Of Argor Heraeus Gold Bars

There are three types of pure gold bars produced by Argor-Heraeus: cast, minted, and special kinebar minted ingots. These can appeal to different needs and profiles of gold bullion investors while at the same time, excel in factors such as purity and safety.

The types of the Argor-Heraeus gold bar go as follows:

Cast Gold Bars

This variety of gold bars is produced through traditional refining methods. Cast gold bars are made by first melting the source metal, which is then poured into a specific mold.

The production process of this type of bar is less elaborate than others, resulting in lower costs. This makes this variety more affordable and favored by investors who are willing to focus on precious metal content alone, but not any artistic value attributed to the bullion bar.

Argor-Heraeus’ gold classic cast bars come in a range of different weights, generally measured in the Metric System. They go from 1 Gram Gold Bars up to 1 Kilo Gold Bars.

Only one side of this example of gold bars has inscriptions on it. They are stamped into the bar’s obverse surface, as opposed to being engraved as a three-dimensional relief. The design of the cast gold bar consists of the Argor-Heraeus logo, their country of origin, along with markings denoting their weight, purity, metal content, and an assayer’s mark.

On top of that, this type of bullion gold piece also features a specific serial number on the same side. The reverse side of the bar is completely blank.

Although this variety can be sold separately in units, they may be housed in a transparent PET blister, accompanied by an assay card with their numbered certificate and general information.

Minted Gold Ingots

Argor-Heraeus also produces minted gold ingots. These gold bullion pieces have a sophisticated mintage process and bear high-relief designs that enhance the yellow metal’s charm. For this reason, minted gold ingots may have higher premiums than the cast bar variety.

Similar to gold cast bars, the production of these bullion ingots begins by pouring the molten metal into adequate, heat-resistant molds of the desired weight. However, this variety differs from the classic method by undergoing a stamping stage.

The appropriate machinery is responsible for stamping the pure gold cast bars. This ensures a polished look to the ingot, revealing gentle and rounded edges. Minted ingots, much like cast examples, are stamped in weights of 1 Gram up to 1 Kilogram. In addition, they are also produced in the Imperial Unit System. You can find these bars in weights of 1 gram and go up to 10 ounce Gold Bars as well.

The slim three-dimensional inscriptions are present on only one side of this gold bar, much like the cast gold ones. In an also similar way, they display the Argor-Heraeus logo above the word “Switzerland”, their country of origin. The markings of the bar’s weight, metal content, purity, and serial number are all present on the same side. Minted gold ingots also feature a certified assayer’s mark.

The majority of minted gold ingots produced by Argor-Heraeus are housed in transparent PET blister packs. These come along with an original assay card mirroring the information inscribed on the fine gold bar.

Kinebar Minted Gold Ingots

The last type of gold bar produced by Argor-Heraeus is among the world’s most secure precious metals products. The kinebar minted gold ingots are an exclusive version of regular stamped ingots. They feature a “Kinegram”, an advanced high-tech security device that protects the bar's authenticity.

Argor-Heraeus, alongside UBS, the Union Bank of Switzerland, started to apply the kinebar technology in 1993. Minted gold ingots featured a hologram element on their reverse. The hologram, named Kinegram, is a result of micron-thin laser etchings applied on the bar’s reverse. The small gaps between these marks allow entering rays of light to split, creating an effect of diffraction and a rainbow-like appearance at certain angles.

The Kinegram is embossed into the gold substrate of the minted gold ingots. As such, it doesn’t take away from the weight of the gold bar and does not meddle in its purity. Kinebar technology combines both visual appeal for bullion investors and acts as an anti-counterfeit feature.

Much like Argor-Heraeus’ other gold bullion bars, the obverse of kinebar minted gold ingots displays the company’s emblem, along with the word “Switzerland”. This side also features markings of weight, metal content, purity, the assayer’s mark, and the bar’s serial number.

The reverse of the bar features Argor-Heraeus’ emblem enveloped by the embossed kinebar holographic etchings.

Kinebar minted ingots are available in weights of 1 Gram up to 100 Gram Gold Bars, and ¼ oz up to 1 oz.

The Argor-Heraeus Refinery

Switzerland is one of the main producers of fine precious metal products. It’s home of some of the world’s leading refineries in the world, such as Valcambi Gold Bars and PAMP Suisse Gold Bars. But Argor-Heraeus does not shy away from a key role in the production and supply for banks and bullion houses all across the globe.

Argor-Heraeus is part of the HPM Global Business Unit, the acronym for Heraeus Precious Metals. The unit belongs to the German technological group Heraeus, the world’s largest provider of precious metals.

Before the organization took the name of the German group, it ran under the name of Argor SA refinery. Founded in 1951 in Chiasso, Switzerland, the company operated independently for over two decades. It was in the year 1973 that the Union Bank of Switzerland acquired full ownership of the corporation.

After the company’s purchase, the UBS Group arranged joint operations with the Heraeus refinery, leading to the establishment of Argor-Heraeus as it is known today.

The group plays a pivotal role in the production of bullion ingots for banks and precious metals traders across the world. On top of that, it has business applications in the environmental, electronics, health, industrial, and jewelry sectors.

Argor-Heraeus’ leading position and high popularity in the bullion industry are valued by investors of all profiles.

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