Silver Rounds

870x100_SilverRounds1.jpg Buy the lowest price silver buffalo rounds guaranteed! Generic 1 oz pure silver rounds only a few cents over spot. Large inventory, fast shipping, and industry leading 98%+ satisfaction rate. Shop today!

Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are ideal for silver investors who are looking to buy the most silver for their money. Often you can find the coin on sale at SD Bullion for just a few cents over spot! Unlike coins produced by national mints like the US Mint's American Silver Eagle, silver rounds are produced by private mints at a much lower premium over spot. At SD Bullion, we only sell silver rounds from the most recognized private mints in the world. Most coins are brilliant uncirculated condition direct from unopened mint coin tubes. At SD Bullion, we guarantee authenticity and purity of every silver round we sell.

Silver Buffalo Rounds

One of the most popular designs for silver rounds is the "Silver Buffalo". The Silver Buffalo is one of the most recognized 1 oz silver round stamps in the world. SD Bullion now offers Silver Buffalo Rounds from a few different private mints. Additionally, all Silver Buffalo Rounds sold by SD Bullion are IRA illegible.

Sunshine Mint Silver Round

SD Bullion carries a full line of silver rounds minted by the Sunshine Mint. The Sunshine Mint is one of the most popular mints in the United States. The mint is the primary silver blank supplier to the United States Mint for the minting of American Silver Eagles. The rounds produced by the Sunshine Mint are of the highest quality with a number of them minted with micro engraving security features. Before making a purchase, you may want to check out our Sunshine Mint Silver Bars as well.

Republic Metals Silver Rounds

The Republic Metals Silver Round (logo) is often our lowest price one ounce silver round at SD Bullion. The rounds are minted by the Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) out of Miami. RMC is known as the largest precious metals refiner in the entire world. Their silver rounds are both .999 Fine Silver and IRA Eligible!

The Doc's Take On Generic .999 Silver Rounds

One of The Doc's favorite silver investments is the Silver Buffalo Round. Silver rounds offer a way to buy a large amount of silver at a low premium over silver market price. While you may find a 10 oz or 100 oz silver bar to be at a slightly lower premium, the 1 oz silver round offers a nice balance of size and price. Have additional questions on investing in Silver Rounds? Call our bullion trading desk at 1-800-294-8732.