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Shop Germania Mint Top Selling Bullion Products

The Germania Mint was born out of the Kurowski Group's passion for numismatics and its long-standing experience in the industry. At first, they specialized in the manufacture of commemorative coins and medals. In 2021, they decided to take a step further and produce their first investment product - Silver Cast Bars.

Their logo and hallmark that stamps all of their silver bullion bars are full of significance and symbolism. It is a bicephalous eagle inside a crowned shield, in between a laurel wreath. The two-headed eagle denotes Roman mythology and is associated with the god Janus, a patron of all origins and gateways. It also symbolizes the contrast between past and future. The shield accompanies the image of the warrior hero, resembling faithfulness and trust. Finally, the laurel wreath dates back to ancient Greek traditions. They were used to celebrate victories and success.

According to their website, the Germania Mint vision is to create groundbreaking numismatic and investment products. They envision becoming the most recognizable mint in the world. They are certainly on the right path to do so as their products become more and more popular among coin collectors and investors alike.

Germania Mint History

This private mint’s origin dates back to 1986 when numismatist Apolinary Kurowski opened up a coin shop in Jelenia Góra, Poland. In the beginning, it was just a small family business, but it grew up to become a company of global reach with over 200 staff members. Nowadays, they produce coin packaging and finishing for some of the leading mints and central banks around the world.

In 2018 the Kurowski Group decided to establish the Germania Mint, their first enterprise in which they would be responsible for the entirety of the production. From design creation to production, packaging, and distribution. All stages of the development are overseen by the mint. And their aforementioned long-lasting experience in refining precious metals certainly comes through in their bullion products.

Commemorative Coins

As we have mentioned before, although officially formed in 2018, the Germania Mint is the sum of years and years of experience from the Kurowski Group in the numismatics industry. It was only natural for them to establish their own product lines and control the entire production process.Their

classic bullion coin which carries the Mint’s name, the Germania Series, launched in 2019 with innovative awestriking designs. It wasn’t long until their series of commemorative coins and rounds were highly praised by collectors everywhere. They even hosted an online poll to determine the design for the coin.

Recurrent parts of the design include the female figure “Germania” and the two-headed eagle. The idea is to really personify the coin with European origins and values. The moniker “Germania” represents a time when the continent was inhabited by clans, in the dawn of European society. Those times evoked values such as honor, bravery, and chivalry.

Another motif that showcases in many of their coins is the two-headed eagle, a symbol of Roman times and the god Janus, patron of all origins, guardian of doors, gates, passages, and bridges, of contracts and alliances. Depicting the eagle’s heads facing opposite ways is a way to symbolize the past and future. The bicephalous eagle is usually surrounded by a shield in between a laurel wreath, symbolizing the victory of the warrior.
Germania Mint silver rounds and commemorative silver coins are produced with .9999 fine silver content. 1 oz is the usual size, but sometimes they make bigger items with limited mintage.

Silver Cast Bars

Germania Mint launched its first Silver Cast Bars product line in early 2021. Their silver bars were quickly received with enthusiastic responses from investors who appreciated their attractive design, their high-quality craftsmanship, and innovative packaging.

Every Germania Mint Silver Cast bar is produced with 99.99% fine silver content (999.9 Ag purity) from LBMA-certified sources. They offer bullion bars in a variety of sizes and costs to accommodate different investors’ needs. At SD Bullion, you will find Germania Mint Silver Cast Bars at the following weights:

  • 5 Troy oz;
  • 10 Troy oz;
  • 100 grams;
  • 250 grams;
  • 500 grams;
  • 1000 grams.

Each Germania Mint Silver Bar is engraved with its logo, weight, and purity and an individual serial number protected by a hologram with an identification code. They are registered in the Germania Mint’s database, security features that are sure to guarantee their authenticity and intrinsic value.

The bars are protected by vacuum-sealed packaging, keeping the bullion away from any external factors. These packages contain exclusive patterns and refined finishes, unique to Germania Mint’s collection.

Purchase Germania Mint bullion products online from SD Bullion

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