100 oz Silver Bars

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    1 - 4 $2,697.39
    5 - 9 $2,667.39
    10+ $2,647.39
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    1 - 4 $2,757.39
    5 - 9 $2,727.39
    10+ $2,697.39
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    1 - 4 $2,747.39
    5+ $2,707.39
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    1 - 4 $2,767.39
    5+ $2,727.39
  5. 100 oz Scottsdale Mint Stackable Bar
    100 oz Scottsdale Mint Stackable Bar

    Product Available Date:

    June 16, 2023
    1 - 4 $2,807.39
    5 - 9 $2,777.39
    10+ $2,747.39
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    1 - 4 $2,797.39
    5+ $2,747.39
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    1 - 4 $2,807.39
    5+ $2,777.39
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    1+ $2,787.39
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    1 - 9 $2,807.39
    10+ $2,777.39
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    1+ $12,866.95
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100 oz Silver Bars For Sale

For those who want the most convenient way to invest in silver, 100 oz silver bars are the answer. It’s easy to put a significant investment in 999 fine silver bars, and because 100 oz silver bars weigh less than seven pounds, they are easy to transport and store, no matter what the situation.

With 100 ounce silver bars, a large amount of wealth can be stored in a relatively small and light load, and while they aren’t as convenient to sell as smaller bars, they are still in high demand for a wide variety of industry and investment interests. At SD Bullion, our 100 oz silver bars are for sale at the lowest online prices, from some of the best mints in the world. Bullion collectors will recognize the 100 oz silver bar – RCM (Royal Canadian Mint); these are some of the purest and most renowned bars in the world, made of 9999 fine silver, eligible for IRAs, and excellent for long-term investing. We also carry the popular 100 oz silver bar by Englehard, which hasn’t been manufactured in almost three decades. Collectors of pre-20th century coins and bullion will appreciate this 100 oz silver bar by Johnson Matthey as it is a favorite among silver bullion investors.

SD Bullion also carries the 100 oz Elemetal Silver Bar, from the IRA-approved Elemetal Mint. If you want the most cost-effective way to invest in 100 oz silver bars, we also have generic 100 oz silver bars for sale. These are guaranteed to be made of .999 pure silver and are usually priced the lowest of the 100 ounce bars. Many investors may point out that 100 oz silver bars are not the most affordable way to get started with silver bullion investing; however, these products are designed for those who want to safeguard a significant amount of wealth in precious metals, and who want to make it easy to store and transport their wealth in physical form. For investors who have already purchased smaller bullion items, (1 oz silver bars or 10 oz silver bars) this step represents a true long-term investment in your own future and security.

In addition to buying and selling 100 oz silver bars, SD Bullion also offers storage and safekeeping solutions so that your investment is kept protected. If the idea of having so much of your tangible wealth in one bar has made you nervous in the past, you don’t have to fear; we can help you find the solution you need so that you can take advantage of the convenience of 100 oz silver bars.