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African Silver Bullion coins are gaining traction in the precious metals marketplace recently, with consistent product releases of impressive quality. Both homegrown African mints and foreign mints in partnership with African countries are producing excellent silver bullion products.

Although coin series like the Krugerrands have been a mainstay in the precious metals market for decades, newer silver coin series such as the Somalian Elephant Silver Coins, Congo Silverback Coins, Rwanda Silver Wildlife, etc. are capturing the attention of both collectors and investors.

Moreover, some coins such as the Somalian African Elephant coins are shrouded in controversy due to the instable political climate in the country. The Bavarian State Mint, on behalf of Somalia, strikes these coins. However, its legal tender status has recently run into rough waters. The Mint has a government letter of authorization to produce the coins for Somalia, from an individual named Barbatunde Bobulobolou. But the governor of the Central Bank of Somalia has categorically denied the legality of these coins.

Nonetheless, this controversy has only increased the popularity of these coins and caused investors and collectors to take a closer look at the silver bullion landscape of African countries.

The Gold Krugerrand needs no introduction. It is one of the oldest running bullion programs in the world, with the first coin releasing in 1967. However, the Silver Krugerrand is a newer launch, as the year 2017 marks the release of the very first issue of this coin. Available in both proof and PU versions, these coins have a limited mintage. In fact, the premium uncirculated coins boast a mintage of 1,000,000 coins, driving up demand amongst collectors and investors.

Collaborating with Congo, Scottsdale Mint, a private mint based in America released silverback gorilla coins in 2015. With limited mintages of just 50,000, these silver bullion coins vaulted to popularity in the precious metals market almost instantly. Although the Arizona-based Scottsdale Mint does not have authority to strike American coinage, it is becoming a popular option among foreign countries that rely on outside help for their bullion coin requirements.

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