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  3. 1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Bar
    1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Bar
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1 Ounce Silver Bars for Sale

Although they are one of the smallest in the silver bar category, 1 ounce silver bars are one of the most popular choices for silver bullion investment. They are easy to buy and sell, perfect for transportation and storage, and don’t require a large initial investment to get started.

Types of 1 oz Silver Bars

Silver is a smart choice for portfolio diversity, because it has applications in a wide variety of industries, and is even more recognizable than gold as currency. As such, the 1 ounce silver bar comes in different types for purchase: 

  • Ingots

A result of a delicate and technologically precise process, minted ingots are the go-to method of investment in the silver market. Featuring extremely precision and quality assured purity of its content, minted ingots are the perfect combination between worldwide renowned Mints’ designs and a shapely, valued product. Speaking of renown, SD Bullion also carries 1 oz silver bars from one of the leading private precious metals mint in North America, Sunshine Minting. These bars feature a unique repeating sunburst pattern that adds extra steps of security to our product. Collectors and long-time precious metals enthusiasts are set to love the Den of Thieves bars, a limited edition product offered here at SD Bullion at the lowest 1 ounce silver bullion bar price available.

  • Traditional Cast Silver Bars

To fulfill a manifold of interests of collectors and investors, of which may hint towards an old-fashioned and straightforward approach, traditional cast silver bullion bars might offer the best of both worlds, while still talking quality and purity of our product. SD Bullion offers a range of products from different refineries, upholding the same assured excellence. 

  • Hand-Poured

Drawn to by those who seek uniqueness in their investment, hand-poured bullion bars are capable of offering top-notch quality and purity in their structure, while at the same time unveiling their oneness in various shapes and sizes. Refineries offering an industry best standard will gauge that no two bars are alike, delivering a pleasing result for all investments done in this area. 

Popular Designs

  • SD Bullion Proclaim Liberty: SD Bullion proudly presents a beautiful piece of silver that sets to represent America’s principle of liberty and freedom. Featuring in its design a depiction of the Liberty Bell and a scroll replica of the Constitution of the United States, the display also unfolds into something more: refined and minted by SilverTowne, The Proclaim Liberty Bar remains the first-ever IRA approved, co-branded silver bar at SD Bullion.
  • Perth Mint Kangaroo: The display of one of Australia’s most famous marsupials allows Perth Mint to conciliate a product of premium quality with a design that drastically improves its displayability and desirability.
  • 2019 Perth Mint Dragon: Consolidating its striking design, Perth Mint’s exclusive second issue of the unparalleled Dragon Silver Bar Coin serves to honor iconic symbols of Chinese culture: a dragon and a flaming pearl. Denoting from strength to good luck to prosperity, this exclusive mintage of just 250,000 deserves a spot in every silver collection and precious metal portfolio.
  • 2018 Perth Mint Dragon: Being the first bar-shaped silver bullion coin from the renowned Australian mint, this 1 ounce bar is awe-inspiring both in terms of quality and in its design: featuring in its reverse design a flamboyant Chinese dragon in pursuit of a flaming pearl, each of these Silver Dragon Coins is struck using 1 troy ounce of 0.9999 fine silver, deserving of a place on the mantelpiece.
  • SilverTowne United States Flag: Being one of the most respected dealers of rare coins and precious metals products in the industry, SilverTowne delivers a beautiful product that is certain to nurture patriotic emotions. With a replica of the American Flag on its reverse, this bar piece is a great way of displaying your patriotism, while obtaining a healthy amount of pure silver in the bargain. Each of these SilverTowne Silver Bars is minted using one troy ounce of pure 0.999 silver.
  • Sunshine Mint: Featuring the famous Sunshine Mint Silver Eagle Design - not to be mistaken with the Silver American Eagle design by the United States Mint - this 1 ounce bar is one of the lightest pieces offered by the renowned American mint. These can be a go-to acquisition for those who are looking to get their feet into the bullion market-industry, while keeping it at a minimal investment and still looking for methods that are eligible for use in precious metals IRAs.  
  • Aztec Calendar: The stunning and exceptional piece produced by the Golden State Mint features an intricate design resemblant of the Aztec Calendar Stone. This exciting 1 ounce bar puts together 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver and one of the most detailed designs sold by SD Bullion.

1 oz Silver Bars vs 1 oz Silver Coins

What are the advantages of buying silver bars?

It is debated on what’s the best approach to buying precious metals when getting into the bullion industry. There are many ways to go, and different products such as bars, rounds, or coins. Different strategies of investing their money tend to lead investors to take a certain route. The purchase of bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle coin - or silver dollar - and the American Eagle gold coin tend to be popular options for a big number of investors. Silver round, as well as its golden counterpart, also tend to be one popular option among investors.

However, buying 1 oz silver bars may offer great benefits, such as:

  • Cheaper cost per ounce - Some argue that on the purchase of so-called “generic silver”, in the form of bars or rounds, you are able to acquire an additional ounce of silver, should that money go towards purchasing a roll of 1 oz silver coins, with additional markups involved.
  • Way to store wealth - They can be a great way for you to store your wealth in tangible, purchasable acquisitions. Such an option may allow you to plan for future trades, barters, or cash-ins. 
  • Convenient to store - Some may ask how big is a 1 oz silver bar, not knowing that they can easily fit inside of your pocket. They are very convenient to store and keep track of. This allows you to fit more silver in less space, seeing that they stack easily, and can be stored in our Air-Tite Case for safe display.

Other Weights

Silver bars can come in many weights and sizes, allowing different investment profiles to settle on a specific approach. At SD Bullion, such weights available for purchase may range from: 

Are 1 oz Silver Bars A Good Investment?

Their consistent availability makes it easy for buyers to maintain a significantly large, but still low-risk, investment. High demand means that the availability of 1 oz bars won’t work against you when it’s time to sell. You could easily sell only a small portion of your investment, or unload it all when you need to cash in. The flexibility of silver is one of its key benefits for investors.

How much is a 1 oz silver bar worth?

The silver price is updated every 60 seconds, here at SD Bullion, determining the premium price of all our products. To ascertain correctly your price of purchase, just make the simple calculation: The silver spot price + the premium price of the merchant = the amount you’ll have to pay

Some added benefits to buying 1 oz Silver Bars

Buying at our low prices is also an ideal way to get a child or younger family member started in investing in their future. Because it’s not as expensive as gold or platinum, it will allow a budding investor to learn the ins and outs before making their first big purchase.

Also, because there’s always a demand from the medical industry, the electrical industry, the photography industry, the solar power industry, and from collectors and other investors, you don’t have to worry that your gift will ever devalue. Since our 1 oz silver bars are made of .999 fine silver, they are eligible for self-directed IRAs that accept silver products, making these bars perfect for investing in your own future as well.

Buy 1 oz Silver Bars from SD Bullion

Seeing that there are countless benefits of investing in the physical silver bullion market, should one decide to take their first steps into buying precious metals, SD Bullion is your safest, cheapest and honest option.

Featuring world-class products, the best bullion prices, with industry-top customer service, join our 100,000+ customers who have made the switch to SD Bullion, making your first purchase today.