1 oz Silver Bars

Although they are one of the smallest the silver bar category, 1 oz silver bars are one of the most popular choices for silver bullion investment. They are easy to buy and sell, perfect for transportation and storage, and don’t require a large initial investment to get started.
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1 Ounce Silver Bars For Sale

Silver is a smart choice for portfolio diversity, because it has applications in a wide variety of industries, and is even more recognizable than gold as currency. Our selection of 1 oz silver bars for sale include .999 fine silver bars, which also comes in a gilded version that collectors are sure to love. We also carry 1 oz silver bars from one of the leading private precious metals mint in North America, Sunshine Mint. These bars feature a unique repeating sunburst pattern for added security. Collectors and long-time precious metals enthusiasts will love the Den of Thieves 1 oz silver bars, a limited edition product that we offer at the lowest 1 oz silver bar price available.

If you plan to keep your silver investment at home, 999 fine silver bars are an excellent choice. They stack easily, and can be stored in our 1 oz Bar Air-Tite Case for safe display. The consistent availability of 1 oz silver bars make it easy for buyers to maintain a significantly large, but still low-risk, investment. High demand means that the availability of 1 oz silver bars won’t work against you when it’s time to sell. You could easily sell only a small portion of your investment, or unload it all when you need to cash in. The flexibility of silver is one of its key benefits for investors.

Buying at our low 1 oz silver bar prices is also an ideal way to get a child or younger family member started in investing in their future. Because it’s not as expensive as gold or platinum, it will allow a budding investor to learn the ins and outs before making their first big purchase. And because there’s always a demand from the medical industry, the electrical industry, the photography industry, the solar power industry, and from collectors and other investors, you don’t have to worry that your gift will ever devalue. Because our 1 oz silver bars are made of 999 fine silver, they are eligible for self-directed IRAs that accept silver products, making these bars perfect for investing in your own future as well.