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Buy Silver Gram Bars at SD Bullion

There are many ways in which to invest in silver bullion. Silver coins and silver rounds are interesting choices for those who appreciate the designs and cultural representations. But for those looking to acquire the purest silver content for their dollar, purchasing a silver bullion bar could be a sensible choice. And the silver gram bars from the list above definitely offer a great variety of options to investors.


Traditionally, bullion, e.g. a gold bullion bar or a silver coin, is weighed in Troy ounces. Many believe that this unit of weight originated in the town of Troyes, in France, in the Middle Ages. By the early 1500s, the troy ounce was already the standardized unit of weight in Britain, and the US adopted the same method for measuring precious metals in 1828.


As more and more countries adopted the International System of Units (also known as the metric system), many refineries began producing their bullion products in gram or kilo weights. The conversion is fairly simple, though. In approximation, 1 troy ounce is equal to 31.1 grams.

Popular Gram Silver Bar weights


One of the many benefits of investing in silver gram bars is the diverse number of sizes available on the market. The list above is sure to fit the needs of silver investors from different profiles.

100 gram

The more affordable option. 100-gram silver bars are slightly heavier than 3 troy ounces. These smaller silver bars could be a good option for those who are just starting investing in silver, or who want to enjoy the upsides of silver investment, but would like to stick to a smaller budget.

250 gram

Just over 8 troy ounces. A good option if you want to start amassing more pure silver content, and yet not make a huge commitment. 250-gram silver bars are still very light, which makes them easy to carry around and store.

500 gram

Half a kilo and equivalent to 16 troy ounces. This is a savvy choice for those looking to acquire a good amount of pure silver bullion while still being easy to store.

1000 gram

Some brands prefer to stamp these products with 1000 g, rather than 1 kilo. It’s, of course, just a matter of nomenclature. Either way, you get a sizable amount of pure silver (32.15 troy ounces), usually at lower premiums, maximizing your investment in terms of dollar per silver content.

Popular Gram Silver Bar Brands

Some of the most recognized refineries from across the globe are already producing silver bars in grams. Those include:

Valcambi Suisse

One of the world’s leaders in precious metal refining. This private mint is located in Balerna, Switzerland. They have been in operation since 1961. Be it silver or gold bullion, Valcambi’s products are among the most sought-after in the world.

PAMP Suisse

Another notable Swiss refiner. PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux (artistic precious metals products) and they do live up to that name. This refiner produces some of the most beautiful designs in minted bars in the market. 

Germania Mint

Originally bullion and commemorative coin manufacturer, the Germania Mint started issuing silver cast bars in 2021 for investment purposes. Their experience of working with precious metals comes from the Kurowski Group, a company of global reach that provides coin packaging and finishing for a variety of mints and central banks around the world.

Why invest in silver gram bars?

Silver is a precious metal that is resistant to corrosion and tarnishes. It has been a currency metal for centuries before the establishment of fiat federal notes. In addition, silver has a variety of industrial uses, which greatly increases its demand from different sectors of the industry. Dentistry, medicine, automotive, electronic, clean energy, all of which have a constant need for silver.


Many experts believe that silver could be a sensible portfolio diversifier. Because it won’t corrode, silver could be a great store of wealth and a hedge against inflation. Nevertheless, silver tends to be more volatile than gold, so, under the right market conditions, it is possible to turn in greater profits or even outperform stocks in the long run.


What is pure silver?

A bullion product containing 99.9% gold, or .999 millesimal fineness, is considered pure silver. It is the optimal way to invest in silver bullion.

How much is a gram silver bar worth?

The silver spot price is what determines the value of a silver bar, much like the gold spot price determines the value of a gold bar. It is a live average price of silver futures contracts being traded in mercantile exchange markets around the world, such as COMEX and LBMA. Precious metal dealers will also charge a premium, which is a percentage over the spot silver price.

Are silver gram bars eligible for a precious metals IRA?

You can use a gram silver bar to fund your precious metals IRA, as long as you have a qualified custodian and that the bullion bar is .999 pure silver content.