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  1. 2023 Silver Philharmonic Monster Box - 500 Coins (Sealed)
    2023 Silver Philharmonic Monster Box - 500 Coins (Sealed)
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Buy Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins at the lowest price guaranteed. Brilliant uncirculated condition of 1 oz .999 pure silver direct from Austrian Mint coin tubes.



Austrian Silver Philharmonic

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is notable for the fact that it is the first silver coin of its type to be given a face value in euros. It is minted in Vienna by the Austrian Mint and each coin contains .999 pure silver. Many may be familiar with the Gold Philharmonic, which is the most popular gold bullion coin in Europe right now. This silver counterpart features the same design, including the Great Pipe Organ that is found in the Golden Hall in Vienna, which is the home for the Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic also states that it is “1 ounce pure silver.” The reverse of the coin features a number of selected instruments which are played in this famous orchestra, including a harp, oboe, and French horn.

What Is the History of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic?

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is one of the newest silver bullion coins in demand within the precious metal industry today. It was first introduced in 2008 and given a face value of 1.50 euros. The Austrian Mint produces each series based on what they feel demand levels will be on an annual basis, so the mintage numbers vary from year to year. The design itself remains the same each year. In the first 5 years of the Silver Austrian Philharmonic being available, more than 5 million coins sold worldwide, which equates to about 1,800 tons of silver. With this level of consistency and purity, it is easy to see why it is a highly sought after silver coin.

Patterned after the Vienna Philharmonic, which was founded in 1842, this orchestra is one of the most difficult for musicians to be selected as a member in the world today. The selection process is quite lengthy, with each successful member being required to demonstrate their capabilities for a minimum of 3 years in performances for the ballet and opera. Only after fulfilling this probationary period can the musician then apply to become part of the Philharmonic.

Thankfully collectors and investors don't have to wait 3 years to get their hands on this beautiful silver coin. Each coin is offered at the lowest price guaranteed and comes straight from the coin tubes that are provided by the Austrian Mint. The Silver Philharmonic has a 37mm diameter, a thickness of 3.2mm, and a weight of 31.103g.

What You Need To Know About the Austrian Mint

Since 1989, the Austrian Mint has been a public limited company. It is also a subsidiary of the National Bank of Austria. As a mint, it also carries out the design of each coin it produces in addition to the stamping process. In addition to the Austrian Silver Philharmonic and other bullion or commemorative coins, the min produces euro coins for Austria. Many of the circulation coins and blanks that other mints use around the world are initially produced by this mint.

Minting in Vienna has an extensive history which dates back to Duke Leopold V. Richard the Lionheart paid a bounty that is historically noted as being 15 tons of silver to obtain his release from prison. Leopold decided to strike coins from that silver and 200 years later, official mention of the Austrian Mint would enter the historical records.

Before 1989, the Austrian Mint was known as the Vienna Principal Mint. The name change came about when it became a subsidiary of the national bank. It has been the nation's sole mint since 1919.

The Benefits of Collecting the Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins

Each coin is of a guaranteed quality and purity. It is a highly collectible coin in Japan, North America, and Europe, making it easier to buy or sell when needed. The design is consistent and attractive and is issued by a mint with an established history of consistency with silver. If you're just thinking about silver coins as a way to start investing or collecting, then consider the value of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin today.

Coins are shipped out in boxes of 500, which are referred to as “monster boxes.” Inside each monster box are 25 tubes of 20 coins each.

Whether you collect a random year or you want the newest version released, this silver coin can accommodate your collection or investment needs.