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Shop Top Selling Scottsdale Mint Bullion

Located in the state of Arizona, Scottsdale Mint is a popular US-based private mint. Scottsdale Mint is one among the many private mints that cropped up across the United States during and after the 2008 financial crisis to better supply the significant demand from precious metal and more specifically silver bar/ coin / round collectors and investors.

Along with spurring growth in the number of private minting facilities, precious metals’ popularity has prompted the expansion of older, pre-existing mints as well.

Have a look at some of the high quality Scottsdale Mint products in this preview video. Scottsdale makes many of the highest quality bullion products in the bullion business today.



Scottsdale Mint Location

Situated in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona, Scottsdale was named after its founder Winfield Scott in 1894. Its playful slogan – ‘The West’s Most Western Town’ effectively captures the ‘Wild West’ feel, which is the essence of Scottsdale. Interestingly, the New York Times once described its downtown area as ‘a desert version of Miami’s South Beach.’

Scottsdale is Arizona’s sixth-largest city, and is known for its high quality of life. Although a large number of institutions and companies operate in this town, Scottsdale Mint is among the most famous. Scottsdale Mint – Services and Products

This huge minting facility is capable of producing a broad range of products such as, coins, bars, official bullion coins, as well as rounds. It primarily mints gold bullion and silver bullion products.

Although the Scottsdale Mint doesn’t mint any official coins for the United States, it does have agreements with several sovereign governments to produce bullion coins with various designs. Scottsdale Mint also runs several successful coin programs that are popular amongst both collectors and investors.

This privately-owned facility is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Moreover, several of its hallmarked products can be used in various precious metals IRAs to create a robust tangible investment portfolio for retirement.

Scottsdale Mint is known for being environmentally conscious in this modern era, and sources its bullion raw material responsibly. In fact, a chunk of silver bullion that it uses is obtained from recycling material from the photographic and manufacturing industries.

Their efficient process allows the refinement of gold and silver to the highest purity – enabling the striking of quality precious metals products.

Scottsdale Mint Notable Coin Series

The Scottsdale Mint runs independent coin programs as well as coin programs on behalf of various foreign governments – resulting in an impressive variety of products and designs.

Congo Silverback Gorilla Silver Coin Program

Launched in 2015, this silver coin program is a fruit of the partnership between the Republic of Congo and Scottsdale Mint. This annual series is based around the famed Silverback Gorilla – the male gorilla that is known for its aggressive behavior – found throughout Congo.

These gorillas live in family groups, called troops, and the alpha male decides where the family eats, sleeps, and when it moves. The male gorillas are called silverbacks due to the unmistakable silver hair on their backs that gleam in the sunlight.

The 2015 release featured a limited mintage of just 50,000 coins – leaving collectors and investors scrambling for a piece. Their beautiful designs and 0.999 fine silver, combined with the fact that they’re the first official bullion coins from the Republic of Congo – made them an instant success.

Reverses of these silver coins showcase the crest of the Republic of Congo – a shield with two elephants on either side. Moreover, their 5,000 Franc CFA face value is also displayed on this side.

Fiji Silver Iguana Coin Program

Boasting a limited mintage of 75,000 coins, the Scottsdale Mint partnered with the Island Nation of Fiji to launch the Fiji Silver Iguana Coin in 2015. This was only the second sovereign bullion series to originate from the depths of the Scottsdale Mint.

Much like the Silverback Gorilla coin program, this coin program is set to feature annual releases as well. It celebrates the unique Banded Iguana that is native to Fiji. This reptile has a distinctive design on its skin that sets it apart from other iguana species found throughout the world.

The natives have immense respect for the Fijian Banded Iguanas and treasure them. Hence, their images can be found on postage stamps, currency, and phone book covers in Fiji. However, the distinctive bands on their bodies are unique to the males. Females, on the other hand, have a solid green skin with occasional spots or partial banding.

African Ghana Leopard Silver Coin Program

This is a relatively newer release by Scottsdale; this annual coin program is a result of an agreement between Scottsdale Mint and the nation of Ghana. Again, like all other coins from similar coin programs, these silver coins have a limited mintage of only 50,000 coins, and the very first coin under the Ghana Leopard Silver Coin series was introduced in 2017.

Ghana is home to a wide variety of wildlife, with lush jungles running amok throughout the country. The first release highlights the graceful leopard – depicted in a crouched position, ready to pounce on its prey. In fact, the leopard is known for its stealth, and the design successfully captures the grace and deadliness of the leopard in one fell swoop.

These coins will be an annual feature. Moreover, since this is the very first official bullion coin program from Ghana, these coins are guaranteed to be popular amongst both investors and collectors.

Viking Silver Coins

Commemorating the mighty Vikings, these silver coins portray famous mythological and historical figures from their culture. This 15-coin series aims to answer questions like, ‘What God or Gods did they worship? What kings did they swear oaths of fealty to? What legendary warriors led them into battle?’

The series consists of coins featuring the following Gods/heroes, in no specific order: Odin, Ragnar, King Cnut, Thor, Loki, Tyr, Freya, Ivar the Boneless, Eric Bloodaxe, Harald Hardrada, Bjorn Ironside, Egil Skallagrimsson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir, Harald Fairhair, and Gudfred.

Each coin contains 2 troy ounces of 0.999 pure silver. Moreover, the detailed imagery imprinted on these silver coins bring these Viking figures to life – creating a fierce aura that will stand out in any coin collection.

Biblical Silver Coin Series

The Biblical Silver Coin Series is a nine-coin series that depicts momentous events from the Holy Bible. The very first silver coin in this series, called ‘Exodus,’ released in 2015. The other eight coins issued under this program are, ‘Crucifixion,’ ‘David and Goliath,’ ‘Ten Commandments,’ ‘Pale Horse,’ ‘New Jerusalem,’ ‘Daniel in the Lion’s Den,’ ‘The Last Supper,’ and ‘Adam and Eve.’

The coins’ reverses portray the famous Red Sea scene where God parted the water using Moses, giving his people safe passage. Beautiful caricatures, with an exquisite attention to detail, successfully capture the scene in all its solemnity and glory. The obverses feature the Raphael Maklouf rendition of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait.

With an incredibly limited mintage of only 1,499 coins – investors and collectors immediately snap up these coins for their portfolios and collections. Each coin is struck using 0.999 fine silver, weighing 2 troy ounces. This silver coin series allows enthusiasts to hold various scenes from the bible, brought to life on pure silver.

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