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About Argor-Heraeus Mint

Argor-Heraeus is one of the most renowned mints worldwide; creating some of the purest forms of gold bullion and silver bullion. A great producer of precious metals and one of the largest refineries operating, it is a significant supplier for many bullion houses and banks. The company has had a long trajectory of structural changes over the years until reaching the current format.

And best of all, their bullion products are some of the lowest priced when compared to the gold spot price and silver spot price!

History of Argor-Heraeus

Founded by Argor SA, the mint started operating in Chiasso, Switzerland, in 1951. A decade later, the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) bought 80% of the company’s shares and would later, in 1973, buy it out entirely.

In 1986, the German Heraeus formed a joint venture with UBS, and the company became Argor-Heraeus SA. The refining activity intensified with the new headquarters in a small village near Mendrisio.

When UBS merged with the Swiss Bank Corporation in 1999, Heraeus and Argor-Heraeus management took over 100% of the company’s shares.

2002 brought a new partnership with the Austrian Mint. The Austrian Central Bank wholly owns the Austrian Mint, which purchased some shares, making the company increase its production capacity, especially in 2013 with the expansion of the Mendrisio facility.

In 2017, Argor-Heraeus became part of the Global Business Unit Heraeus Precious Metals when the Heraeus Group acquired 100% of its shares.

The Refinery

Currently settled in Mendrisio, Switzerland, the refinery is considered one of the most extensive facilities. The company processes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from various sources worldwide. But a fascinating fact is that about 50% of the products made have recycled material in their composition.

High levels of metal content seem to be a priority. Argor-Heraeus Gold bars contain 99.99% and 99.999% of fineness, silver bars, up to 99.9%, and Platinum and Palladium, both 99.95% pure. Once accredited by the LBMA - London Bullion Market Association - in 1961, the production line focused on maintaining the high standards and quality demanded and the success conquered among international investors.

Gold Bars for Sale from Argor-Heraeus

Argor-Heraeus’ gold bars are among the most sought-after gold bars in the market. Besides the finest gold used to mint them, the mint offers bars in varied sizes and finishes, meeting the most demanding investors' preferences.

Classic Minted Ingots

Minted gold bars combine the finest bullion with style. The manufacture of minted bars goes beyond pouring molten gold into molds. They usually get polish to exhibit some luster; the engravings are carefully made and sometimes on both sides of the bar, making them visually attractive to those who appreciate a softer surface and sophisticated traces.

The bar's obverse depicts the Argor-Heraeus logo on top of the surface, followed by the bar’s origin, weight, metal content, purity, the assayer's mark, and a unique serial number vertically aligned. The other side of the bar is a blank surface. The assay card with the same information accompanies the bars.

The offered sizes vary from 1/10 oz to 10 oz, with weight measures available in grams or troy ounces.

Classic Cast Bars

Those who value metal content without minding about appearance may prefer cast gold bars.

Despite containing the same fineness as their minted counterparts, cast bars demand a less detailed production process. Molten gold is poured into a mold, which receives essential engravings after cooling. The edges are rounded according to the mold format but do not require extra polishment or finish. Because of that, cast bars tend to have lower initial costs.

The obverse inscriptions follow the minted bars’ pattern exhibiting the company’s logo on top, followed by weight, metal content, fineness, the assayer’s mark, and an individual serial number. The reverse side of the bar is blank. An assay card with the same information accompanies the bars.

Argor-Heraeus catalog of Cast Bars varies in grams and troy ounces, from 50 grams to 1-kilo gold bars.

Kinebar Minted Ingots

Argor-Heraeus has developed an exclusive security feature to provide one of its collections with extra protection against counterfeiting. The Argor-Heraeus Gold Kinebar Technology embossed holographic elements to the substrate's reverse side surface, showcasing different colors and textures as the angle of vision changes, including the Argor-Heraeus logo engraved on a central position.

Only minted Argor-Heraeus gold bars receive this technology. So, besides the elegant lines that display the gold bar’s inscriptions, the mirror-like polishment completes the exquisite design.

The obverse contains the same standard information, also present in an assay card, and the offered sizes, varying in grams and troy ounce, starting at 1/10 oz and up to 100-gram bars.


  • Where is Argor-Heraeus located?

The first facility corresponds to mint’s foundation building in Chiasso, Switzerland. But as soon as the company became part of a joint venture between Heraeus and the Union Bank of Switzerland, the company’s headquarters moved to Mendrisio. This is the current location of the refinery, considered one of the most extensive operating facilities in the world. Argor-Heraeus also has worldwide offices in Italy, Deutschland, and Latin America, for example.

  • How do I verify Argor Heraeus's gold bar?

Each Argor-Heraeus gold bar has a unique serial number engraved and an assayer’s mark. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the product in a sealed card to guarantee the bar’s integrity and uniqueness. The Kinebar collection of gold bars offers extra security measures. Through Kinebar Technology, the reverse side showcases holographic elements, which vary in colors and textures as the bar moves, making it extremely difficult to counterfeit.

  • What kind of company is Heraeus?

The Heraeus Group is a German technological company comprising several business units, including science, energy, medical, precious metals processing, among others. Argor-Heraeus is part of the business unit Heraeus Precious Metals, which operates from the initial trading of raw material, refining, segregating, and producing pieces until the last step of the cycle, which is recycling.

  • Where is Heraeus gold from?

Argor-Heraeus gold comes from several parts of the globe, as well as silver and other precious metals. The company guarantees investors a responsible operation based on social responsibility policies and environmental impacts from traceable and legitimate sources. Interestingly, about 50% of the production uses recycled gold from industrial scrap or old jewelry.