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Buy Silver Bullion Online

Beginner and expert investors alike have many reasons to buy silver online. For one, the price of silver per oz is much lower than the price of other precious metals like gold, platinum, and palladium. The much lower cost appeals to novice investors who are looking to buy silver bullion.

Due to the smaller size of the market and the high use of financial leverage on trading exchanges, silver prices can be more volatile. But that’s what makes it an exciting commodity.

You can find silver for sale in various forms, including bars, coins, rounds, and even statues. If you’ve been looking to diversifying your precious metal portfolio, browse through SD Bullion’s online catalog of various silver products today:

Silver Rounds for Sale

If you like modern silver bullion coins, but you’re not a fan of the more expensive premium prices related to such mints, we have another option for you. Silver rounds come in coin shape, but they originate from private mints in the U.S. and across the globe.

A few differences exist between silver coins and silver rounds. Rounds don’t have a face value and cannot be used as legal-tender currency. In addition, they usually weigh around 1 Troy Ounce (31.1 grams) and are 99.9% silver.

We have various silver rounds available at SD Bullion – in 1-oz weights, fractional weights, and largerthan 1-oz weights – but here are the most common sizes:

  •  Fractional Silver Rounds: You can find silver rounds as tiny as 1/10 oz (3.1 grams) of 0.999 pure silver through ¼ oz silver rounds to the bestseller of ½ oz (15.5 grams). The half an ounce option contains twice as much pure silver as the ¼ ounce (7.77 grams) silver rounds.
  •  1 oz Silver Rounds: Despite that the 1 oz silver bullion rounds contain a full ounce of silver, they’re small and portable, making storing them an easy task. The most popular designs are the 1 ounce Silver Buffalo Rounds and the 1 ounce Silver Freedom Rounds.
  •  5 oz Silver Rounds: The Five Ounce Silver Rounds might be much bigger than fractional rounds, but they’re still affordable compared to buying gold, for instance. With them, investors can pick gorgeous designs such as the Aztec Calendar Silver Round, the American Silver Eagle Replica Round, or the SilverTowne Prospector Stackable Silver Round.

Silver Coins for Sale

Similar to silver rounds, silver coins are flat disk-shaped pieces of .999+ pure silver.

However, unlike silver rounds, coins carry a face value in their country of origin, as these coins are struck in government mints and are given legal tender status. Moreover, these instruments typically command the highest premiums among all silver products.

At SD Bullion, you can find many silver coins for sale, but the most popular coins are the following:

  • US Mint American Silver Eagle Coins: The official silver bullion coin of the United States is indeed the American Silver Eagle. It’s issued by the U.S. Mint and is a legal tender across the United States with a face value of $1. However, you can trade these coins independently based on their silver content. The usual weight is 1 oz (31.1 grams).
  • Royal Canadian Mint Silver Coins: These brilliant coins are among the most guaranteed on the silver market today. Each RCM Silver Maple Leaf coin comes in .9999 pure silver and is always 1 ounce, guaranteed. Look for the “bullion DNA” on each coin – a laser mark achieved via micro-engraving, featuring the mintage year.
  • Perth Mint Australian Silver Coins: These coins have some of the best designs when it comes to silver coins. Whether you like Star Trek, animals like kangaroos, tigers, goats, or rabbits, or even the 1-oz Australian funnel-web spider, we’re sure you’ll find a design to your liking. Some are available in 0.5 oz weights of .999 purity, too.
  • Mexican Silver Libertad Coins: The United States, Canada, and Australia all have brilliant silver coins. But Mexico is not an exception. In fact, Mexico is responsible for producing more than 20% of the global silver supply. In Mexico, minting silver coins has been a tradition since the 16th century. We carry Mexican silver coins in various weights, ranging from 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, and ½ oz to 1 oz and 2 oz.

At SD Bullion, you can find US Silver, Royal Canadian, Australian Perth Mint, Mexican Libertad, African, British, Chinese, New Zealand silver coins, and many more.

Silver Bullion Bars for Sale

A flat bar made up .999+ (usually) pure silver is known as a silver bullion bar. These products can weigh as low as 1 troy ounce and can go as high as the whopping 1,000 troy ounces. The most typical silver bars that are minted and sold are 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 1 kilo, and 100 oz.

The value of a silver bullion bar is usually close to its melt value. Although these are generally struck by private mints, government mints like the Royal Canadian Mint have been known to mint silver bullion bars as well.

At SD Bullion, you can browse through many different silver bars for sale. These are our bestsellers:

  • 1 oz Silver Bars: Don’t be misled by their small size. The 1 Ounce Silver Bars are among the most popular choices of investors because they are portable, affordable, and easy to buy and sell. At SD Bullion, you’ll discover only .999+ pure silver bars in eye-catching designs, including the Aztec Calendar Silver Bar, the Sunshine Mint, and the Perth Mint Dragon Silver Bar.
  • 10 oz Silver Bars: If you’re a serious investor with a smaller budget, buying 10 Ounce Silver Bars is a great option. At SD Bullion, you can choose from multiple .999+ fine silver bars. If you’re unsure which one to get, you can’t go wrong with the Sunshine Mint 10 oz Silver Bar, the Proclaim Liberty Silver Bar , or the generic silver bars SKU.
  • 100 oz Silver Bars: For true silver fans, the 100 Ounce Silver Bars are your most convenient investment. They might not be as sought after as smaller bars, but they are still in very high demand. And their weight of less than seven pounds still allows for easy storage and transportation. Among your best options here is the 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Silver bar of .9999 pure silver, which is also eligible for Silver IRAs!

Junk Silver

Junk Silver Coins – also known as 90%  US Silver Coins – are generally old, U.S. currency coins. Their value is measured by the silver they contain. Don’t be misled by their name, though. Their contents are 90% silver and they were minted by the US government before 1965 (dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars).

In addition, they are still an official US currency. Therefore, they have a face value, and you can use them as a means of legal tender. However, investors mostly trade them for their overall silver content, not their legal tender face value. At SD Bullion, you can find many options for old US Silver Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollars. 

Silver Mints

Bullion mints produce bars, coins, and rounds. What’s interesting is that there is a close relationship between the history of coins and that of mints. Back in the day, production was slow and challenging because the first coins were hammered. 

Nowadays, producers are capable of manufacturing hundreds of millions of bars, coins, and rounds. Savvy investors use the minted silver coins for currency and investment purposes.

At SD Bullion, you can find silver mints from the most recognized institutions in the world, including:

Silver for Sale for IRA Investments

Not all silver products are IRA eligible for inclusion in precious metal retirement accounts. Please look for the ✔IRA APPROVED checkmark on the product page for the product that you are interested in purchasing. If the checkmark is not present on the page, that product is not eligible for inclusion in precious metal retirement accounts. If you have any questions regarding setting up or buying silver for your account please contact our staff at 1-800-294-8732.

Silver Prices

When it comes to purchasing or selling silver bullion, the market value for silver (also referred to as "spot price") is the basis for all pricing. View the current spot prices for silver. Almost all silver products on SD Bullion operate on a silver spot price plus the product premium (also referred to as "over spot") formula to determine the final price. For example, if the market value for silver is X and the product premium is Y, the final price would be X+Y=Z. Premium pricing is mostly consistent per product but the market value for silver changes vastly on a minute by minute basis. Our market feed integrates live up to the minute market prices from worldwide markets. We offer both live and historical market data available on our website's Live Market Prices page. You can customize charts to research and find trends in pricing and compare to other precious metal types.

Silver vs Gold

There are several differences between silver bullion and gold bullion. The first one is silver’s sometimes higher volatility compared to gold in bull vs bear markets. Secondly, silver might be more affordable than gold, but it is also a precious metal. Additionally, it has never been defaulted on and has no counterparty risk whatsoever. 

However, because of its affordability, silver requires much more storage space than gold. On top of that, gold is much thinner than silver - pure gold is around 83% smaller than pure silver. Since silver requires more space to store, this can translate into higher fees at depositories.

When comparing silver vs gold, you shouldn’t miss the fact that silver has a much higher industrial use. Around 12% of all gold supply serves for industrial uses. In stark comparison and mainly due to silver’s unique features, the industry uses a whopping 56% of its supply.

The last notable difference between silver and gold is in their stockpiles. Central banks and governments reportedly have a very low stockpile of silver, while they’re constantly buying and holding literal tons of gold.

Some factors that need to be considered while comparing silver bullion investments:

Premium over Spot

Mainly a part of the discussion when we talk about any silver bullion instrument – premium over spot refers to how much more a product is worth (premium charged) over the melt value of silver present in the silver bullion coin, round, or bar. Just as a whole is more than the sum of its parts, the value of some bullion products is higher than their intrinsic worth, depending on the minting source, age, and rarity.

Thus, even though some bars, coins, and rounds usually command lower premiums over spot, silver coins may warrant a much higher premium because of their collectible value. Also, another reason why coins command a higher premium is – they hold the prestige of being the only government-minted precious metals instruments and thus, enjoy a strong demand in the precious metals market.


Though most bars, coins, and rounds manufactured across the world, be it in Austria, USA, or China, contain 99.9% pure silver, a few mints like the Royal Canadian Mint surpass the typical purity levels by using 99.99% pure silver in their products. This means that those products are .09% purer than the other options in the precious metals market.

Susceptibility to Counterfeit

Counterfeiting is an age-old problem when it comes to investing in precious metals. Because of this, many mints have introduced markers or counterfeit-proof features, like the Mint Mark SI™ feature by Sunshine Minting or the Geiger Bar UV light-stampings. Coins are comparably the safest instrument for investing in silver as government mints produce them, and their legal tender status ensures that the anti-counterfeit measures are as stringent as possible.


After investing in silver bullion instruments, it is important to store them safely and efficiently, and this is where the stackability factor comes into play. Value per square inch is most definitely an aspect worth considering when buying bulk quantities of silver. Bullion Silver bars are easily the most stackable and store-able precious metals product, offering substantially more amounts of silver per square inch. Silver coins and rounds require casings, tubes, or boxes when storing large numbers, making them an unwieldy option for massive quantities of silver.

Brand and/or Series

The name or series of a bar, round, or coin plays a significant role in the demand for the product. To retain the freedom to invest in or divest out of a particular instrument, as and when the investor wants, it is advisable to stick to famous product names and series like the American Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs. Hence, at any given time you will be assured of scores of both active buyers and sellers in the market.

New vs. Secondary Market

Another factor to take into account when purchasing silver instruments is whether to buy new, freshly-minted products or to look for relatively cheaper secondary-market silver goods. Like any other product or commodity, everyone automatically prefers shiny and new over "second hand." Moreover, there is a widespread myth among some investors that secondary-market precious metals products have a lower resale value because of their condition and lack of finish. Nonetheless, in reality, brand-new silver bars and rounds in perfect condition sell at the same rates (considering equal silver weight and purity) as their secondary market counterparts do. However, collectors who treasure silver coins for their collectible value will, in most cases, prefer mint condition and near-perfect condition coins.

Playing the Market

For people who want to ‘play the market,’ i.e. buy and sell regularly to earn immediate profits on every transaction, it is essential to invest in silver products that can be moved quickly. Although the strategy (buy low and sell high) is simple, investors who want to take this route need to have complete knowledge regarding silver bullion products and the precious metals market, as well as an appetite for risk. Smaller portable investment vehicles such as silver coins and rounds are usually preferred by these types of investors.

Smaller Purchases

People with more limited capital to invest in precious metals cannot divest as much as they would desire. Hence, such buyers usually prefer less expensive and low-risk silver bullion products with lower premiums over spot, offering a modest appreciation over time – granting them with inflation-proof, financial protection. This is the best way to hedge against inflation and is recommended by financial advisers as a good method of balancing portfolios.

Larger Purchasers

These particular buyers are looking to create a hefty fund to hedge inflation. When seeking to establish a substantial fund, silver bars become an extremely attractive option, as they are the easiest to stack and store. They come in weights as high as 100 troy ounces, making storage relatively easier when compared to other instruments such as rounds and coins. However, providing adequate safety and security to this massive quantity of silver can be a tedious task. Hence, private, offshore storage depositories, offering top-of-the-line security at reasonable prices, are considered a great option for storage.

Silver Collectors

Some people out there appreciate the true beauty of a beautifully minted silver coin. Take the coins from the famous American Silver Eagle program for example, with obverses featuring Weinman’s beautiful Walking Liberty and the reverses depicting Mercanti’s rendition of a Bald Eagle and a shield, a symbol of American strength and pride. Collectors buy these products for their ‘artistic’ or ‘collectible’ value rather than their melt value. For them, there is no right or wrong; they should pick the products that they consider aesthetically appealing.

As you would have probably figured out by now, all forms of silver bullion products have their purpose in an investment portfolio. Hence, a safe and recommended strategy is to allocate a specific ratio (depending on you or the advice of your financial adviser) of every type of silver bullion instrument in your tangible assets. However, it is an entirely personal decision that one must take after careful deliberation.

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