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Many investors are discovering the added value of a unique design. Perth Mint silver bullion coins help to boost the potential of your investment because there are numerous silver coin designs which fit almost every interest or personality. The koala bear silver coins or the unique kangaroo design, which also feature an image of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse, may be the most famous coins minted, but they are far from the only option.

Perth Mint silver coins have designs which feature the captains from Star Trek, other animals such as goats, rabbits, or tigers, or there's even the 1 ounce Australian funnel-web spider silver coin if you prefer. Some of these designs are also available in 0.5 ounce weights of .999 purity, give just about anyone the chance to begin investing into silver coins today. You can also never go wrong with the ever-popular silver Kookaburra design.

Could the silver coins and other products produced by the Perth Mint be right for your portfolio? Let's discover more about this mint's history and the potential value of their products.

The History of the Perth Mint

The Silver Kookaburra, Silver Koala, and other unique Australian designs which are produced by the Perth Mint have over 100 years of history backing them. Founded in 1899 as part of the Royal British Mint in London, the initial goal of the mint was to provide gold to the British Empire from the vast deposits that were found in Western Australia. It wouldn't be until 1987 when the Perth Mint would be taken over by an act of government, establishing the official programming for the silver coins and other precious metals that are available today.

At one point, the Perth Mint was responsible for printing all of the legal tender in Australia from even base metals. Today their focus tends to be the creation of unique and highly collectible products with their silver coins that are attractive in Australia and the world beyond.

As you can see from their unique designs, the Perth Mint is not afraid to test the boundaries of traditional investment coin minting. One look at the stunning silver Saltwater Crocodile is evidence of this. In 2011, the most valuable and largest coin ever minted was also created here. Valued at over $50 million at the time it was struck, this coin held a $1 million face value, was 30 inches in diameter, and nearly 5 inches thick.

The Perth Mint also helped to set our current purity standards for precious metals in 1957. The creation of a 999.999 parts per thousands for a proof plate was an unheard-of feat of refining at the time and it became the benchmark for mint standards in Great Britain and eventually the world at large. Today a refining facility operates next door to the Perth Mint, giving the organization full control over the quality of each silver Kookaburra produced.

Why Choose Perth Mint Coins?

As one of the world's leading refiners of precious metals, the Perth Mint has multiple accreditations around the world in most major commodities exchanges or market associations. It is also the official provider of legal tender through its bullion coin program for the Australian government. In addition to the popular silver coin designs which are available, you'll find bullion bars and other precious metals products are available for purchase.

The Perth Mint also provides custom minting services for commemorate coins, medals, and even jewelry. Each coin design comes with a highly recognizable green assay certificate which verifies the metal type and purity, making them one of the world's most sought after coins. Not only do they have value as a collector's item, but the purity of your preferred precious metal will also help to diversify your portfolio.

Some coins, such as the silver Kookaburra, also have a strict and limited mintage, which further adds to the value of the coin.

The Perth Mint utilizes advanced manufacturing technologies, design artistry, and over a century of minting experience to create silver coins that are perfect for the budget of every collector. Whether you're interesting in one of their latest designs or you're just looking for the timeless tradition of silver coins from Australia, you'll find something that fits your needs right here.

With one of the most complete silver coin ranges you'll find in the world today, the time is now to start collecting. Contact us today about the extensive selection options provided or with any questions you may have about silver coins and you'll be able to have the silver bullion collection you've always wanted.