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Gold bars are typically the lowest price option when investing in gold bullion. The most popular gold bar sizes are the 1 oz gold bar and kilo gold bar. Bars can be minted from national mints like the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) or private gold mints such as the highly recognized Sunshine Mint. Buying gold bars is a popular investment for both new and experienced precious metal investors. Most gold investors purchase bars compared to coins when they are looking to acquire the most gold ounces for their capital. Similarly to gold rounds, gold bars typically do not carry any collectible value and the purchase price is heavily dependent on the purity and weight of the gold bar.

Gold Bar Sizes

Gold bars come in nearly any size imaginable. The most popular gold bar size is the 1 oz gold bar followed by the kilo gold bar which weighs 32.15 oz. The premium over spot is usually the smallest when ordering bars of larger size such as the kilo gold bar, however a large quantity order of a smaller bar size can reduce the premium difference.

Private Mint versus National Mint Gold Bars

One of the most frequently asked questions is what gold bar you should invest in. In addition to the size of the gold bar having an impact on premium, the gold bar’s mint may affect a gold bar’s pricing slightly.  A highly recognizable gold mint’s bar may sell for a few dollars more than a like gold bar from a less recognizable gold mint when you decide to sell your gold bar back to a bullion dealer.  A bar from national mint such as the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) will have a higher premium when buying, but typically receive a higher buy back premium when you go to sell your gold bar back. Similarly, a gold bar from a highly recognizable private mint may sell for a slightly higher premium than a smaller less recognizable mint. Buyback prices for gold bars can be found online on the corresponding product page.

Gold bars for sale from highly recognizable mints include:

  • Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)        
  • Sunshine
  • Republic Metals
Since gold bars are mostly traded based on their gold content, the difference between a highly recognizable gold mint versus a smaller less recognizable gold mint is typically only a few dollars. The most important factor influencing the gold bars price remains the purity and the weight of the gold bar. Most gold bullion bars we carry are also allowed inside of Gold IRA's!