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  12. 1 oz Archangel Michael Gold Bar - In Assay
    1 oz Archangel Michael Gold Bar - In Assay

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    February 23, 2024
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Scottsdale Mint Gold Coins

The Scottsdale Mint is a traditional private refiner of precious metals from Arizona. From partnership with central banks, they produce sovereign gold coins for many countries around the world.

Each legal tender gold coin produced by the Scottsdale Mint highlights the history and culture of the issuing country with alluring designs. Additionally, their products are recognized as some of the highest-quality bullion items in the world.

Below, you will learn more about the Scottsdale Mint’s renown in the precious metals industry and about their different coin collections available for immediate purchase online from SD Bullion.

Gold Bullion 

Gold Bullion refers to gold of at least 99.5% pure. Scottsdale Mint gold coins are all bullion coins. The company’s series are usually made of 99.9% fine gold and backed by sovereign nations.

Why Gold Coins?

Most coin series vary their metal content to broaden enthusiasts’ collection possibilities, but gold is usually a standard.

Gold is rare enough to be widely considered a valuable investment option. It has a historical preference along society's development. 

Unlike fiat currency-based assets, gold bullion has intrinsic value and tends to protect your wealth over time against inflation and market turmoils. 

Gold coins are tangible, highly liquid assets. Their physical presence provides investors with a sense of security and allows for a relatively quick conversion into cash.

Finally, gold coins are easy to store and transport. You can easily keep them in a safe box or home deposit, which makes them ideal for individual investors.

Why Scottsdale Mint?

The Scottsdale Mint is one of the few refineries still active in the US, producing gold bars and coins.

To keep its global readily acceptance, Scottsdale Mint manufactures gold bullion coins with the highest quality standards regarding the coinage process, metal content, and purity levels.

The weight and content of their coins are fully guaranteed and they contain the most advanced security features to ensure investors and collectors the best pieces and safe acquisitions.

Exclusive Designs

Aiming to please the most demanding coin enthusiasts worldwide, the Scottsdale Mint produces gold coins of varied sizes and unique designs.

Some of their most famous collections are renowned for their motifs and have become top sellers.

Some of Scottsdale Mint's Famous Series

Lady Justice

With an iconic design, this series can be easily recognized among other popular gold coins. It features the blindfolded Lady Justice, the goddess of truth in the judicial system and a classic symbol of balance, impartiality, and law enforcement.

The series offers gold coins of two sizes: 1 oz and 1/10 oz options, filling the needs of both serious and novice investors.

Both coins are 99.99% pure, in proof-finish. They hold monetary denomination and legal tender status guaranteed by Gibraltar, a self-governed nation connected to the British ascendence. Its Coat of Arms is engraved on the coin’s reverse side.

The Scottsdale Mint strikes Lady Justice gold coins annually in limited editions.

Eastern Caribbean 8

This is a very comprehensive coin series. 

The Eight enchanting islands that compose the Eastern Caribbean are the series’ motif: Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada.

So, for each edition, the Scottsdale Mint strikes a pair of 1 oz coins - a silver and gold sample - referring to each of the eight islands.

The design of each pair highlights the island's most precious natural treasures or an iconic symbol of their culture.

For example, the corresponding coin from Dominica Island displays a hummingbird, a native endangered species, while the Grenada coin showcases its Reef Octopus.

The Scottsdale Mint manufactures limited strikes of the Eastern Caribbean 8 annually. 

The series’ gold coins are made of 999.9 pure bullion in a proof finish. They bear face value and are legal tender in the Eastern Caribbean, fully backed by its Central Bank.

Buy Scottsdale Mint Gold Coins at SD Bullion

SD Bullion is honored to offer Scottsdale Mint gold coins.

We follow the mint’s new editions and ensure its best samples to our clients.

Check out our inventory above and talk to our customer service at 1(800)294-8732 or through our live web chat if you have any questions.