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Popular Silver Dollars

Silver was the primary metal used to create U.S. coins before 1965. Silver dollars are the most popular silver coins produced by the US Mint for general circulation, and offer collectors a world of rare variety to hunt down.

There are many types of silver coins from the U.S. Mint, but the two most popular are the Morgan Dollar and Peace Dollar.

The Morgan Dollar was created in 1877 by George Morgan, an English-born assistant engraver, who eventually became the 7th Chief Engraver. The obverse of the Morgan Dollar features LaAdy Liberty in profile, as well as 13 stars to symbolize the original colonies, the words “E. Pluribus Unum”, and the year of issue. The Lady Liberty design was considered unusual because the face of Lady Liberty took on a more modern look, rather than the classical Greek design that most coins had. The reverse side shows an eagle in flight, carrying an olive branch and a bundle of arrows, to symbolize strength in both peacetime and war. The words “In God We Trust”, the country name, the coin’s value, and the mintmark are also present on the reverse.

The Peace Dollar was introduced in 1921, and was designed via contest by sculptor Anthony de Francisci. The obverse of the Peace Dollar shows Lady Liberty with a radiating crown, the symbol of dawn, as well as the words “In God We Trust”, the word “Liberty”, and the year of pressing. The reverse shows a resting eagle, clutching olive branches to symbolize peace, which is where this silver dollar gets its name. The back also has the nation’s name, the motto “E Pluribus Unum,” and the value and mintmark.

From the early silver dollars, such as the Morgan Dollars, the Liberty Seated Dollars, to the popular Peace Dollars, these coins are beloved for their beauty, size, and frequent availability. Silver has been used as a currency metal since ancient times, because silver has a very stable value. But simply having a bit of silver is not enough to be considered an investment-worthy or collectible piece. To be called a “true” silver coin, a silver dollar must have a purity of at least 90%.

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By 1976, mass-produced silver coins came to a halt more or less, due to the ending of the gold standard. As silver prices rise due to the limited availability of the precious metal, silver dollar coins only become more valuable. This is great news for both investors and collectors.

Silver dollars are valued for two reasons today: the amount and purity of the silver, and their status as collectibles.They are popular items for collecting and giving as gifts to children, because they are relatively available and easy to find. Coin services, such as the NGC or PCGS, often provide grading based on condition, which can increase the collectible value. The rarity of the mintmark, and the year produced can also make a silver dollar more or less valuable for a collector.

As an investor seeking to build stable wealth, silver dollars are a steady, reliable addition to any portfolio. Despite their availability and production rates, dollar coins are made of a finite resource. Morgan silver dollars and other US silver dollar coins can be easily transported, stored, and used as currency. They can also be resold for great values thanks to the desire from collectors.

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