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Buy 1000 oz Silver Bars at SD Bullion

Physical Silver investors who are looking for the most bang for their money might want to consider a 1000 oz Silver Bar. These COMEX-approved products can be purchased as close to the spot price of silver as possible for a very low premium.

Silver demand tends to rise during a bear market when interest rates are low. Also, because silver is an industrial metal, high industry demand can also drive up its price per troy ounce. That is why silver is usually more volatile than gold.

Pros and Cons of 1000 oz Silver Bars

However, it is important to notice that, due to its massive size and weight, this silver bullion bar is hard to handle and shipping may be costly. Our overall recommendation for those who are looking for a larger amount of silver bullion is to purchase a bigger quantity of the smaller silver bar options, such as the 100 or 10 oz. Buying more volumes of smaller sizes can help offset the premium difference and retain better liquidity.

Another fact that is important to take notice of is that these 1000 oz silver bars can only be repurchased outside of LBMA or COMEX vaults by being melted down and assayed first. That can also include reselling to a bullion dealer.

Furthermore, they do not always contain the exact weight of 1000 troy ounces. They can vary slightly above and below that, usually from 900 to 1100 troy ounces.

SD Bullion Safe Depository

Still, this silver bar could be a good option if you plan to keep them at our offered safe depository.

If you are looking to set up a depository account, make sure to reach our staff at 1-800-294-8732 (or 1.614.300.1094 for international calls). SD Depository is our Segregated Storage Depository with industry-leading rates. It is a completely secure and fully segregated storage for your precious metals.

Setting up an account is as easy as picking up your phone to call us and get the process going. We offer affordable prices, starting as low as $9.99 and new accounts can get the first three months for free.

Smaller Silver Bars

However, if you think 1000 oz bars might be too much to handle and you are looking for a more liquid option, we have you covered. Check out other available silver bars at smaller sizes:

1 oz silver bar - The typical go-to choice among silver investors, especially new ones who are just dipping their toes in the precious metals market.

5 oz and 10 oz silver bars - Better options for those who can afford the larger pay, but are not willing to compromise with bigger purchases.

Kilo and 100 oz Silver Bars - Suitable for larger buyers who are willing to increase their silver holdings on one single purchase. These silver bars carry lower premiums in comparison to the smaller sizes, while still being recommended for personal investments, including for the funding of a precious metals IRA.

Other Silver Bullion Products

For better stackability, an alternative to silver bars could be to invest in silver rounds. They are coin-shaped bullion, produced by private mints, that are also traded based on their pure silver bullion content. They also contain small premiums, much like silver bars.

Moreover, if you are looking for the highest possible liquidity among silver bullion, you could also consider investing in silver coins. They are minted by a government-owned mint and are legal tender inside their country of emission, usually carrying a face value.

Contact our customer support if you are unsure of what bullion product to invest in. We are available over the phone at 1(800)294-8732 or through our live web chat feature.