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  2. 5 oz Gold Bars - Design Our Choice
    5 oz Gold Bars - Design Our Choice

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    March 18, 2024
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  5. RCM 1 Kilo Gold Bar
    RCM 1 Kilo Gold Bar

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    March 14, 2024
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Buy Large Gold Bars

For thousands of years, investors and governments have used gold bars as a means to protect their hard-earned wealth against inflation. Many experts consider physical gold bullion to be a sensible tangible asset to diversify an investment portfolio and a safe haven during times of economic downturns.

Gold is a corrosion-resistant metal that has been used as a currency and a commodity for thousands of years. Due to its unique element characteristics, gold is used in many sectors of the industry, especially in electronics and for the manufacture of jewelry.

Typically, the most common choice when investing in gold bullion bars is the 1 troy ounce size. There are even smaller, fractional sizes, more affordable for low-budget buyers. Nevertheless, those are not the only options. Larger bullion bars are also available at SD Bullion for those who are willing to maximize their investments.

Gold Bars with Larger sizes

Gold bars are priced in bulk, and therefore, the more gold content you buy, the more you save on premiums. Thus, these larger bars usually carry lower premiums than smaller sizes. 

5 oz and 10 oz gold bars can be minted or cast, whereas 1-kilo gold bars will most usually be cast. Minted bars undergo a more extensive printing process and, sometimes, can include symbolic designs. Casts are made by pouring molten gold into a mold and sometimes can be called gold ingots.

5 oz Gold Bars

5 oz gold bars could be a great midway option for those who are looking for a more substantial investment but are not willing to make as big of a purchase as the 10 oz or 1-kilo sizes. 

Amongst the most regarded 5 oz gold bars manufacturers is PAMP Suisse. Their signature design, Lady Fortuna, beautifully adorns these bullion products with style and high-quality refining. The obverse of these gold bars portrays the Roman Goddess of Fortune with her cornucopia overflowing with richness. Their .9999 fine gold bars come in a protective assay with a certificate number for improved protection.

10 oz Gold Bars

PAMP is also responsible for producing some of the finest 10 oz gold bars in the precious metals market, along with the Royal Canadian Mint and the Australian Perth Mint. These last two, owned by a sovereign government.

Royal Canadian Mint gold bars carry their insignia on the obverse, half a maple leaf on top of the bottom half of the letter M, surrounded by the words “ROYAL CANADIAN MINT - MONNAIE ROYALE CANADIENNE”, both in English and in French.

The Australian Perth Mint Logo on the obverse of their gold bars is a majestic swan encircled by the word “THE PERTH MINT AUSTRALIA”. All these gold bars are refined with 99.99% pure gold.

1 Kilo Gold Bars

1-kilo gold bars are casts that are also produced with a .9999 fineness level. They carry more simplistic engravings than the 5 oz or 10 oz minted gold bars. For instance, the Royal Canadian Mint 1 kilo casts are only engraved with their logo, the weight, the purity level, and the serial number. Having no unique design means these gold bars are sold as close to the spot price of gold as possible.

All products listed above are IRA approved and, because they carry lower premiums over spot, they could be a wise way to fund your self-directed retirement account. 

Generic Gold Bars

Buyers who are not interested in any specific brands or manufacturers could opt for the generic brand option in order to save slightly more on premiums. The buyer will receive a gold bar containing .9999 purity levels guaranteed from a brand that is available in our stocks at the moment of purchase.

If you are considering purchasing products from the list above, either for personal investment or to fund an IRA, please contact our customer support in case you have any questions. Our staff is available over the phone at 1(800)294-8732 and a live agent will be ready to assist you through our live web chat feature.