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    1 - 9 $2,456.95
    10 - 19 $2,451.95
    20+ $2,446.95
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    1 - 9 $108.23
    10 - 49 $102.23
    50+ $96.23
  3. 2.5 Gram Valcambi Gold Bar - in Assay
    2.5 Gram Valcambi Gold Bar - in Assay

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    May 3, 2024
    1 - 9 $227.09
    10 - 24 $222.09
    25+ $217.09
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    1 - 9 $424.11
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    1 - 9 $807.40
    10 - 24 $801.40
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    1 - 24 $1,581.81
    25+ $1,573.81
  7. 50 Gram Valcambi Gold Bar - In Assay
    50 Gram Valcambi Gold Bar - In Assay

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    May 3, 2024
    1 - 9 $3,942.33
    10+ $3,926.25
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    1+ $7,850.87
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    1 - 9 $3,934.39
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    1 - 9 $7,851.04
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    10 - 24 $1,694.81
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Buy Valcambi Suisse Gold Bars Online

For more than 60 years, Valcambi Suisse has focused on the business of refining bullion. The years of experience added to their advances in technology made Valcambi SA mint one of the most respected worldwide. 

Different bullion items compose this leading Swiss Mint catalog, but their vast options for Valcambi Suisse Gold Bars make them desirable in any collection or investment portfolio. These meticulously produced gold bars can be interesting for those who look for diversifying their assets adding gold to their portfolios, and also for collectors.

Every gold bullion piece Valcambi Suisse produces features the highest standards of quality, outstanding craftsmanship and precious metal content. They contain .9999 fine gold, which are fully insured by the assay card, unique serial numbers and certification of authenticity that accompanies them.

The Valcambi Design

The Valcambi Bars share the same designs. They are classically featured with the most relevant symbols of the company which makes these gold bars easily identified by investors worldwide.

The obverse of the bar showcases the Valcambi logo: the revolving square. The creation aims to represent 4 triangles, which together make one square. Egyptians used to apply this idea when constructing their pyramids and Valcambi uses this concept to show appreciation for the importance of history and evolution.

This side also contains the bar’s weight, purity, metal content, the assayer's mark and a unique serial number.

The reverse side displays only the company’s name - “Valcambi Suisse”, in elegant letters, engraved on the upper left side of the bar.

Minted Ingots and Cast Gold Bars

Valcambi Suisse produces cast and minted ingots. Their designs share the same concepts, with little differences according to the production process and the kind of gold bars that result from them.

Cast gold bars are easier to make because they demand simpler mint processes. The mint works with molten gold, which is poured into a mold. When the gold bar is finally cool, they are engraved with their essential information. 

Minted bars, on the other hand, come from a more elaborate process. Their production first steps also follow the cast bars recipe. But after cooling, to make minted ingots, the mint uses computer-controlled presses to refine edges, sizes and shapes. 

They imprint the same kind of information on the bar, so that they can be correctly identified. However, the finishes which minted ingots receive offer them a more delicate visual appeal: they get mirror-like polishment, sharp edges and 3D relief engravings onto their surfaces.

Bar's Sizes

Valcambi Suisse has a vast catalog of precious metals products, which includes not only gold items, but also silver, platinum and palladium pieces in several sizes and weights.

The company offers gold bullion bars in cast and minted versions, in different weights, which range from 1 gram gold bars up to 1 kilo gold bars. They have a popular option in 1 ounce gold bars as well.They contain .9999 fine gold, an assay card, Certificate of Authenticity and unique serial numbers, in order to provide both investors and bullion dealers with enough security.

The Valcambi Combibars

Combibars are one of the most inventive projects Valcambi Suisse brought to the bullion business in 2011. They consist of an individual Valcambi gold bar provided with preset lines, which allow the holder to break it into ten individual fractions of .9999 pure gold content.

For example, the owner of a 1 oz Gold Valcambi Combibar can break it into ten smaller gold bars of 1/10 troy ounces, without losing physical gold or the level of purity in the division.

The Combibar technology offers uncountable benefits. Firstly, the bar price is based on the gold spot price and relevant premiums, just as the purchase of any traditional Valcambi Gold bar. In addition, the possibility of dividing the piece into smaller fractions provides the investor with more flexibility. Smaller units are more manageable and tend to be easier to handle, store, negotiate and resell. So, it is up to the investor to decide how much and for how long to store their Valcambi Gold Combibars.

It is also important to mention that Valcambi Gold Combibars serial numbers are unique and also encompass all the fractional pieces: the fractional pieces correspond to the same serial number used to identify the whole bar.

The History of Valcambi Suisse

In 1961, Valcambi was founded under the Valor & Camb name, a simple precious metals refinery, in Switzerland. The company grew fast and some years after its foundation it became part of Credit Suisse, the most successful private bank of the country.

This new ownership rapidly brought the COMEX and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) evaluations, which granted Valcambi Suisse precious metals products good status. Hence these bullion bars made on behalf of the bank got international recognition.

In 2001, the Swiss bank decided to sell Valcambi Suisse to European Gold Refiners and soon after that, in 2015, Gold Global Refiners Ltd purchased it. 

Nowadays, Valcambi’s shares are divided between REL Singapore PTE Ltd, which owns 95% of them, and the remaining 5% belongs to Rajesh Exports Limited, from India. For more than 60 years, Valcambi Suisse has produced bars and coins to supply banks and governments all over the world, which conquered respect and recognition from international institutions in the precious metal industry. And still, they manufacture bullion bars in their own name and in the name of Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse Bars

In spite of having other owners, Valcambi Suisse SA still produces silver, platinum, palladium and gold bars for Credit Suisse. Their catalog is not as diversified as the Valcambi catalog, since they have restricted sizes. One of their most famous bars is the 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar.

The obverse design features the Credit Suisse logo, followed by the bar’s weight, metal content and serial number engravings. The reverse displays a repeated diagonal pattern of the bank’s logo.

Where is Valcambi gold from?

Valcambi’s mint is located in Balerna, Switzerland. The company operates as a mint and refinery of precious metals, including investment products. It also provides services related to assay certification, transportation and storage for gold and other precious metals. Valcambi is one of the largest mints around the world.

Why invest in gold bullion?

Studying the history of economic downturns, specialists agree that diversifying investment portfolios tends to be a wise decision as a hedge against wealth losses.

As fiat currencies tend to be more vulnerable at these times when the market fluctuations and inflation usually devalue them, precious metals seem to perform better.

Because of their intrinsic value, precious metal prices have shown more stability, since they tend to maintain their value despite inflationary moments. Their spot prices have shown lower variations over the time, and therefore, they can be a sensible option for long or short term investments.

How to buy a Valcambi Gold Bar?

SD Bullion offers a vast catalog of Valcambi Gold Bars. You can also check what we have available from other gold bar producers, such as PAMP Suisse Gold Bars and the Perth Mint Gold Bars. We have an easy checkout process and accept a variety of payment methods. Moreover, all your purchases are shipped securely and discreetly, ensuring that both your privacy and your products remain intact. If you require any assistance from our customer service, feel free to contact us at or at 1(800)294-8732. You can reach us from our web-chat feature as well, if you prefer to do so.