5 oz Silver Rounds

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  7. 5 oz Scottsdale Silver Stacker Round
    5 oz Scottsdale Silver Stacker Round

    Product Available Date:

    May 10, 2024
    1 - 4 $172.01
    5 - 9 $171.51
    10+ $170.51
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Buy Five Ounce Silver Rounds Online

Silver rounds are one of the most sought after silver investment vehicles in the world. Although the 1 oz varieties are far more popular, the 5 oz silver rounds offer much better value and convenience for storing larger silver quantities. However, these rounds have also steadily garnered interest from the collector community over the years.

Some rounds feature stackable designs with reeded edges that make it easy for storage and transportation. However, even without a stackable design, the rounds are relatively easy to manage compared to their lighter counterparts.

The widespread production of various 5 oz silver rounds with beautiful designs is commonplace now. Several private mints run coin programs focusing on these silver rounds. Designs may range from images with historical or national significance to images featuring wildlife and natural beauty.

A few famous names in the 5 oz silver round market are – SilverTowne, Osborne, and Silverbug. SD Bullion offers a plethora of options in this silver round category.

Many popular coin designs have been replicated onto silver rounds. These bigger coins provide more space to the artist, allowing unbridled creativity, and thus, the results are usually more detailed and elegant. Moreover, due to their low premium over the spot price of silver, they are a much more economical way to obtain comparatively rarer coin designs.

Unlike their only other disc-shaped coin counterparts, silver rounds do not carry face values (i.e. they aren’t considered legal tender). Nonetheless, 5 oz silver rounds make valuable additions to silver investment portfolios and provide a fabulous method of getting a hold of rare coin designs.