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Austrian Gold Philharmonics

One of the best options for collectors and investors who want to protect their wealth has been to purchase gold coins. With the wide variety of gold coins that are available on today's market, there is something available which will meet your particular tastes. One of the more interesting gold coins from a design standpoint happens to be the Austrian Gold Philharmonic.

Why is the Gold Philharmonic such an attractive collectible investment option? Each gold coin is made with a .9999 millesimal fineness, which equates to 24 karat gold. Each 1 troy ounce gold coin is produced by the Austrian Mint in Vienna, which has been creating coins for 8 centuries, and offers one of the most unique and visually attractive coin designs that is on the global market today.

What Is the History of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic?

The first mintage of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic was in 1989 and its unique design became an instant hit with collectors and investors. As it approaches its 30th anniversary, the design of this gold coin has remained the same since it was first introduced. The original purpose of the coin was to create it as a commemoration for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, but today it is one of the few gold coins in Europe that are produced on a mass scale.

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic is also one of the few gold coins that is issued with a face value listed in euros. Coins that were produced before 2002 are denominated in schillings instead. The 1 ounce Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin, which today is listed with a face value of 100 euro, has a face value of 2,000 schillings on coins produced from 1989-2001. This is the only design change the coin has undergone throughout its history.

This is also one of the few gold coin series that offers small fractional ounce denominations that are suitable for smaller investments. In addition to the 1/10 ounce size that many gold coin series offer, investors and collectors are offered a 1/25 ounce Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin as an option as well. Depending on current market conditions, it is possible to collect the 1/25 ounce .9999 fine gold coin for less than $100.

As with many other gold coins, a collector's edition was produced in 2004 to commemorate the 15 year anniversary of the introduction of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic. Given a face value of 100,000 euro, there were 15 total special edition gold coins produced, each weighing 1,000 troy ounces. These special gold coins are lovingly referred to as “Big Phil.”

What Is the Design of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic?

It is the array of instruments that are featured on these gold coins that makes it such a popular design. With several woodwinds and stringed instruments commonly featured in the orchestra, this classic design was the best selling gold coin in the world for 3 out of 5 years in the 1990s. The name of the coin is in German on the obverse with the instruments, while on the reverse is the Great Organ, which is one of the most famous musical instruments in the world today.

The reverse of the coin also offers collectors and investors the year of the mintage, the face value of the coin, and the country of origin as part of the design.

Is the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Right For Your Collection?

Depending on the specific mintage year you may desire for your collection or investment, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic is readily available for purchase. Because they are produced in such large quantities, only the earliest years of production tend to be difficult to find. They make for an attractive investment opportunity, along with the American Gold Eagles, especially considering that US collectors are eligible to include these gold coins into certain individual retirement accounts.

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic is a worthy addition to any collection, yet every investment involves some kind of risk, even when a gold coin as popular as the Austrian Gold Philharmonic is being considered. Catch up on gold news and information about these gold coins before finalizing a purchase so you can be certain that you are making the best decision possible. In our industry, this gold coin has set records for its number of sales, yet the purity of the gold and the uniqueness of the coin's design allows it to continue to hold its value despite its enormous popularity.

Our representatives are also available right now to answer any questions about this gold coin or other collectible investment-quality items which are available.