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Buy US Mint Silver Commemorative Coins

The United States Mint is arguably one of the most successful national mints in the world. The institution is responsible, not only for the production of all circulating coins in the country but also for the minting of the official US bullion coin programs, such as the American Eagle. On top of that, the Mint also issues a series of numismatic items, designed for coin collecting, such as commemorative coins.

These silver commemorative coins contain a limited mintage and are available for a restricted time. They are designed to honor landmarks and turning points in American history and culture, as well as celebrate American People, places, and institutions.

The US Mint uses part of the revenue from commemorative coin programs to fund organizations and projects in favor of the community.

The first-ever commemorative coin issued by the United States Mint was the 1892 World's Columbian Exposition Half Dollar. It paved the way for the beginning of a series of commemorative coins that would be approved by Congress until 1954 which are now referred to as the classic commemorative coin programs.

The modern commemorative coin program was launched in 1982 with the George Washington 250th Anniversary Half Dollar. Ever since then, the US Mint has issued more than 100 commemorative coins and medals and has raised over $500 million that helped build new museums across the country, maintain monuments such as the Vietnam War Memorial and historical sites like George Washington's home, support Olympic programs and institutions that work to preserve American fauna and flora, including the American Eagle Foundation of Tennessee.

Commemorative Silver Coin vs Silver Medal

Although coins and medals might look the same, there is a key difference. Coins are considered legal tender and, therefore, contain a face value. Medals do not.

Coins are usually designed for circulation. Nevertheless, due to their bullion content and limited coinage, commemorative coins are also considered to be numismatic products. The same goes for medals.

Some of the most notable silver commemorative coins and medals include:

  • 1900 General Lafayette Commemorative Silver One Dollar Coin - The Lafayette Dollar is a classic commemorative coin issued in 1900. It features the busts of President George Washington and General Lafayette on the obverse and the General on horseback on the reverse. This was the first commemorative Dollar Coin released by the US Mint and the first one to portray a former president;
  • Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin - Issued in 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 program and Neil Armstrong's landing on the moon. This program includes a $5 Dollar Gold Coin, a Silver Dollar Coin, a Clad Half Dollar Coin, and a Five-Ounce Silver Dollar Proof Coin. The coin's obverse contains the words "MERCURY", "GEMINI", and "APOLLO" on the top outer rim, separated by the phases of the moon. It displays the famous footprint on the surface of the moon and the American motto "IN GOD WE TRUST". The reverse design displays the famous photograph of Buzz Aldrin standing next to the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle;
  • American Liberty 225th Anniversary Medal - This medal, minted in a proof finish, celebrates the 225th Anniversary of the US Mint and the first time that Lady Liberty was portrayed in US coinage. This medal contains 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. The obverse depicts Lady Liberty for the first time as an African American woman, representing the country's original value of freedom and the United States’ advancements towards racial equality. She is wearing a crown of stars as the word "LIBERTY" is inscribed on top, on the outer rim. The dual dates 1792 and 2017 are on the sides of the bust. The reverse shows a bald eagle in flight, along with the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'' on top.

Bullion vs Numismatic Products

Silver bullion is produced by a variety of mints around the world. They can include silver bars, silver coins, silver rounds, among others. Owning bullion is a way to invest directly in the precious metal market. Many investors do it as a safe haven against fiat currency devaluation and inflation.

Numismatic products are produced in the interest of collectors. However, they can also be made with a precious metal alloy, such as gold or silver (like the ones above), and thus, could pose as a sensible means of investment as well.

The US Mint, in operation ever since 1792, produces circulating coins, bullion coins for investment, and numismatic products to sate the interests of both an investor or collector. Besides these silver commemorative coins, SD Bullion also offers other US Mint silver coins, including their signature American Silver Eagles.

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