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  1. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,395.11
    10 - 19 $2,392.11
    20 - 49 $2,388.11
    50+ $2,385.11
  2. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,410.43
    10 - 19 $2,405.43
    20 - 49 $2,400.43
    50+ $2,395.43
  3. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 4 $2,419.82
    5 - 9 $2,414.82
    10 - 19 $2,409.82
    20+ $2,404.82
  4. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 4 $2,420.11
    5 - 9 $2,415.11
    10 - 24 $2,410.11
    25+ $2,405.11
  5. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,414.82
    10 - 24 $2,409.82
    25+ $2,404.82
  6. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,405.11
    10 - 19 $2,400.11
    20+ $2,395.11
  7. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,415.31
    10 - 24 $2,410.31
    25+ $2,405.31
  8. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,410.43
    10 - 19 $2,405.43
    20+ $2,400.43
  9. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,395.43
    10 - 24 $2,390.43
    25+ $2,385.43
  10. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,420.19
    10 - 24 $2,415.19
    25+ $2,410.19
  11. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,415.11
    10 - 19 $2,410.11
    20+ $2,405.11
  12. QTYCheck/Wire
    1+ $2,415.11
  13. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,410.43
    10 - 24 $2,405.43
    25+ $2,400.43
  14. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,404.82
    10 - 19 $2,399.82
    20+ $2,394.82
  15. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,505.43
    10+ $2,495.43
  16. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 4 $2,465.43
    5+ $2,455.43
  17. QTYCheck/Wire
    1+ $2,434.82
  18. Pamp Suisse Gold New 1 oz Bar
    New 1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar

    Product Available Date:

    June 7, 2024
    1 - 9 $2,424.82
    10 - 24 $2,419.82
    25+ $2,414.82
  19. QTYCheck/Wire
    1+ $2,990.26
  20. 1 oz Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bar - In Assay
    1 oz Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bar - In Assay

    Product Available Date:

    June 7, 2024
    1 - 9 $2,439.82
    10 - 24 $2,434.82
    25+ $2,429.82
  21. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 4 $2,410.11
    5 - 9 $2,405.11
    10+ $2,400.11
  22. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 9 $2,444.82
    10 - 24 $2,439.82
    25+ $2,434.82
  23. QTYCheck/Wire
    1 - 4 $2,444.82
    5 - 9 $2,440.82
    10 - 24 $2,437.82
    25+ $2,434.82
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1 oz Gold Bullion Bars

If you are looking for 1 oz gold bars, you have come to the right place. At SD Bullion, you can browse through a huge array of products from global gold-producing companies. Most of our 1 ounce gold bars come with .9999 purity and 1 oz weight. In addition, all or our gold bars are marked with the weight and purity of each bar and we only source from the most reliable mints and suppliers to ensure the highest of quality..

1 oz gold bars are a fantastic choice for you no matter whether: 1) you’re an up-and-coming investor exploring the option to kick-start your physical precious metals portfolio; or 2) you’re a veteran investor who wants to amass their gold bullion collection.

The 1 ounce gold bars might be some of the industry’s smaller bullion bars, but they carry massive value.

On our website, you’ll be able to buy gold bars with 1 oz weight manufactured by many different companies. Bear in mind that although the bars are mostly with the same amount of purity, they vary in price. This is an industry norm as  the various brands have different price tags.

In other words, if you don’t care too much about the brand’s name , opting for the lowest priced 1 oz gold bar can be a smart strategy. As a heads up, people determine the resale value of a gold bar much more by its weight and purity than the stamps on it.

Popular 1 oz Gold Bar Designs

Enlisting every different gold bullion bar design might confuse even experienced investors. So, we decided to facilitate your choice by going into more detail about the most popular mints and companies that produce 1 ounce gold bars. Let’s take a look:

  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar: The Royal Canadian Mint manufactures 1 oz gold bars that carry the mint’s official logo. The.9999 pure gold bar features a gorgeous, stylized maple leaf, surrounded by the mint’s name in French and English.
  • Perth Mint Gold Bar: One of Australia’s most esteemed refineries produces the Perth Mint 1 oz gold bars. Their typical design carries two distinctive symbols. The obverse side features the gracious Perth Mint Swan logo. On the reverse side of the bar, you’ll typically find a repeating design of a jumping kangaroo.
  • Sunshine Mint Gold Bar: Sunshine Minting is world-famous for its unique security feature, MintMark SI, which serves to authenticate your gold bar. The bar’s obverse side depicts the Sunshine Mint’s bald eagle, spreading its powerful wings across the sunrays.
  • PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bar: This incredibly eye-catching mint takes its well-deserved place among the most famous gold bar designs in the world. The Swiss premium refinery – PAMP Suisse – further protects the authenticity of the bar with its groundbreaking Veriscan technology. Lady Fortuna – the Roman Goddess of Luck and Fortune – beautifies the obverses of these bars.
  • Scottsdale Mint Gold Bars: Here, two of the most renowned gold refineries in the world – the U.S. Scottsdale Mint and the Swiss Argor-Heraeus – join forces to create a magnificent design. You’ll find a breathtaking version of the mighty Scottsdale lion on the bar’s obverse side, followed by the words ‘Scottsdale Gold’.
  • Royal Mint Britannia Gold Bar: A powerful yet elegant female personification of Britannia has been a feature on the coins in the lands of Britain since the time ancient Romans ruled the island. In the 20th century, the Royal Mint introduced 1 oz gold bars with the majestic Britannia, carrying a trident and a shield.

Common 1 oz Gold Bars Mints

Since 1 oz gold bars are some of the top choices for gold investors, there’s no wonder various mints around the world manufacture them. One ounce gold bars come with a broad array of design options and styles to accommodate the needs of any gold investor. Let’s take a look at the most common mints that manufacture gold bars in this very sought-after weight:

  • PAMP Suisse: The global refiner of gold and other precious metals is among the top minting institutions worldwide. The premium Swiss brand takes great pride in their world-class bars, each coming with a serial number, adhering to the latest standards, and sealed in an assay card, corresponding to the bar’s serial number.
  • Royal Canadian Mint: The Royal Canadian Mint traces its origins back to 1908. Fast forward 100 years later, and it has turned into a trailblazer in the production of gold bullion products. In addition, it is not only a manufacturer of some of the most common bullion coin portfolios – in the eye-catching form of the Canadian Maple Leaf. It also produces gorgeous minted bars in a variety of weights.
  • Valcambi Suisse: Today, Valcambi is 100% owned by Rajesh Exports, a leading Indian gold retailer. However, it was founded in 1961 in Balerna, Switzerland, and it’s still located there. To date, Valcambi Suisse is still among the most respected Swiss refineries, popular for the extremely high quality of their innovative gold bars that come with .9999 fine gold purity (in assay).
  • Credit Suisse: Credit Suisse is more than just a brand name on the horizon of precious metals manufacturing. Established in 1856 as a financial and banking services company, it’s one of the oldest Swiss gold refiners today. Credit Suisse makes a wide range of gold and silver bars for every type of investor.
  • Perth Mint: Only a handful of gold-refining companies worldwide can match the high quality of Perth Mint. With its more than 100 years of history, Perth Mint is not only Australia’s premium refinery but also one of the most respected mints on the planet. If you want to buy physical gold, Perth Mint and their gorgeous designs are a fantastic choice.

Benefits of 1 oz Bars

If you’re a serious investor who wants to expand their investment portfolio, 1 ounce gold bars can be a great option. Here are several benefits:

  • Smaller size and easy storage. If you don’t have a lot of space in your residence, don’t worry. Due to their small size, 1 oz gold bars are very easy to store. In fact, a one ounce bar can easily fit in your pocket. That’s how small these bars are. In contrast to what many investors may think, you do not need a special room or a large vault to store your gold bars. To give you a better picture, 50 one-ounce gold bars can comfortably fit in an average desk drawer. However, you probably wouldn’t want to keep fifty ounces of gold in your desk drawer, therefore a safe storage option like SD Depository makes sense.
  • Readily available. Since 1 oz gold bars are arguably the most attractive and sought-after bars on the gold market today, they are readily available by most mints. What’s more, even those refineries that do not possess a lot of gold bullion always make sure they have 1 oz bars for sale. The ever-growing competition among the manufacturing companies translates into lower prices, which is great news for you – the precious metal investor.
  • Easy to sell. 1 oz gold bars are easy to sell as they are very liquid and popular on the market. For this reason, you'll always be able to find someone to sell them to when you are ready to liquidate your one-ounce gold bars.

Assay Cards

Almost every 1 ounce gold bar today comes with an assay card. Its purpose is two-fold: 1) it serves as a way to verify your gold’s authenticity; 2) it acts as a protection for your bar.

Most of the gold bars we sell come with an assay card, displaying the gold’s purity, origins, and authenticity. The card is typically attached to a plastic case that keeps and protects your gold bars. Because the gold contents are never supposed to be taken out of the plastic, an assay card from the manufacturing refinery serves as a guarantee for the gold bar’s authenticity.

Where to Buy 1 oz Gold Bars

The best place to buy 1 ounce gold bars is online since you're able to get lower prices. That is because large dealers like SD Bullion handle big volumes and pass on the volume savings to our customers. Also, when buying online, you get 24-hour transparent pricing on each product. Product prices on our site update every 60 seconds based on the market’s movements. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions in regards to buying gold bars.

How Much Is 1 Oz of Gold Worth?

At SD Bullion, the gold price updates every 60 seconds. This determines the premium prices of all our products. The gold spot price + the premium price of the merchant = what you’ll have to pay.

How Many Grams Are There in 1 Oz of Gold?

One ounce – abbreviated as 1 oz – is a mass unit that serves to measure the weight of precious metals like gold, silver, rhodium, platinum, palladium, etc. The gram equivalent of 1 troy ounce of gold is 31.1 grams. 1 oz of gold is roughly the size of a small die.