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  • Silver Bullion Building an Unprecedented Bull Market 2020s

    This 4th of July week 2020. We're seeing the largest ongoing COMEX silver stopped contract delivery figures in over four decades of time.

    We're about to dive into details of that topic and more.

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  • Gold Breaches $1,800 As Fundamentals Return To Market
    Gold Breaches $1,800 As Fundamentals Return To Market

    Indeed, $1800 acted as major resistance coming off of the 2011 run, and it is safe to say that the psychologically important level is the last major resistance for gold on its way to new, all-time record highs, much in the same way that $1350 had been acting as major resisance over the last few years.

    What gold bugs are looking for now is for gold to hold above the $1800 level, meaning that this isn't a false break-out. Nonetheless, one thing is certain: Excitement is coming back into the gold market now that gold is just a stone's throw away from $1900 and beyond!

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