The Awakening Series

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SD Bullion is excited to carry The Awakening Series, a new 5 oz High Relief Silver series that will include multiple themes and concepts that directly target the corruption and thievery being conducted by Governments, Financial Institutions, and Deep State Organizations that repeatedly strip the common man of true individual liberty.

The initial releases will only contain a very small micro-mintage of just 2,000 pieces for each release. Also, each coin will come individually numbered 1 - 2,000. This type of numbering has become a collector favorite feature amoung micro-mintage offerings like The Awakening Series. 

The reverse of the design, which will remain constant throughtout the series and really embodies what the series is about shows off the quote "YOU CAN'T WAKE A PERSON WHO IS PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP."

This reverse also shows a striking design that depicts an eye opening, representing the collective public awakening to evil and corruption. This is widely recognized as the eye of the Pyramid found on the fiat US Dollar. The text "MDCCLXXVI" is beneath the eye, and is the Latin date of 1776, the year the Second Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain. In front of the stones of the pyramid reads "ANNUIT COEPTIS"; translating to "He (God) has favored our undertakings". These elements are all inspired by the original US Seal in 1776. Seen in the stones of the Pyramid are the date "2021" and the weight and purity of the silver rounds

Join the movement. Join the awakening today.