10 oz Silver Bars

Among all silver investment options, 10 oz silver bars are truly a great option for the serious investor. While smaller amounts are often valued for easier selling, 10 oz silver bar storage is far more convenient, especially for those who intend to invest in a bulk amount of silver.
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Buy 10 Ounce Silver Bars

Silver is a highly valued commodity in the medical industry, the photography industry, the electronic industry, the solar power industry, as well as many others. And because silver is a familiar item of currency, 10 oz silver bars make a great investment for preparation and survival investors. At SD Bullion, we have a variety of silver bars for sale, including multiple 999 fine silver bars that are suitable for IRAs. The Soaring Eagle Bar from the Republic Metals Corporation, the Sunshine Mint 10 oz silver bar, the Elemental Silver Bar with its 47 Ag design, as well as Elemental Mint’s Year of the Monkey, are all beautifully designed, classic 10 oz silver bars made of 999 fine silver. Bars such as these can be displayed in any collector’s prized case, or you can take advantage of our 10 oz silver bar storage services to protect your investment even more.

SD Bullion offers the lowest 10 oz silver bar prices online for all of our fine silver bars. That includes our unique and delicate Snowflake Hexagon bar; our numbered RCM silver bars; our Jesus Clears the Temple 10 oz silver bars from Silver Shield; and our North Texas Refinery Year of the Goat bars. If you’re looking for the most value for your investment dollars, try our Generic 10 oz silver bar, which will include 10 troy ounces of pure silver from various mints.

Silver is one of the most stable precious metals there is, with a consistently high demand and a high sell-back value; which has allowed silver to maintained a generally upward trend for years. Because silver is so valued, production is consistent, making 10 oz silver bars easy to buy from just about every mint in existence. Even if you are just getting started, or you prefer to invest in smaller total amounts of silver, having one or two highly valuable 10 oz silver bars can help boost your portfolio’s long-term strength.

You can lock in an investment for several decades into the future, and avoid the temptation of the easy sale that many 1 oz or 5 oz bars can represent. If you’re a serious investor with a smaller budget, you’ll get the most value for your dollar with our low 10 oz silver bar prices. And if you’re just interested in diversifying your portfolio without dealing with a lot of storage or transportation costs, 10 oz silver bar storage is very simple. Just a few bars make a significant investment, and can be stored almost anywhere with their easily stackable design. Feel free to call our trading desk during regular business hours to order your 10 ounce silver bar investment or order online, anytime, 24/7.