Graded Silver American Eagle Coins


Graded Silver American Eagle Coins For Sale

Silver was once synonymous with wealth. In fact, it formed the backbone of most national economies at one point. With the rise of fiat currency and low silver prices, that has disappeared, but this white metal is still an important form of protection for your wealth. Buying silver coins, such as the American Silver Eagle, provides you with an investment option that will hedge against devaluation and market fluctuations, and will also increase in value with time and scarcity. Of course, not all coins are the same due to wear and tear. However, when you purchase Graded Silver Eagles, you are ensured that you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

Why Buy Graded Silver Eagles?

Unless the coins you’re buying are in mint condition and are uncirculated, arriving at your door in sealed containers from the US Mint itself, then you need to ensure that you’re actually getting what you pay for. This is important for numismatists (collectors) as well as investors. Wear and damage does more than simply erode the appearance of a coin – in some cases, it can reduce the amount of silver in the coin. Buying Graded Silver American Eagles can help prevent that.

PCGS Graded Silver Eagles

Anyone in the rare coin industry is aware of the PCGS, or Professional Coin Grading Service. This organization has been in operation since 1985, and provides coin grading services for customers around the world. PCGS Graded Silver American Eagles have been fully inspected by the company’s experts, and are certified for their value, their condition and more. We offer MS-70 and MS-69 PCGS Graded Silver Eagles.

NGC Graded Silver Eagles

NGC, or the Numismatics Guaranty Corporation, is similar to PCGS in some ways. It was started in 1987, and has become one of the most trusted third-party grading companies in the world for coins of all types. All NGC Graded Silver Eagles are verified by one of the company’s experts for condition, quality, value and a great deal more.

It’s about Peace of Mind

Buying PCGS or NGC Graded Silver Eagles is all about obtaining peace of mind. At SD Bullion, we understand the importance of buying with trust. That is why any graded coins we sell are certified for their value and condition from the top grading services in the nation. Each coin is encased in hard plastic, complete with its PCGS or NGC grade certificate. We want to ensure that you are able to shop American Silver Eagle coins confidence, and purchase the precious metals you need to hedge against looming financial disaster.