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Direct and fully segregated
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Every year we deliver millions of ounces of gold and silver bullion discreetly to customers doors. Now we are thrilled to offer you the safest methodology to own bullion outside of your home, with our fully-insured non-bank bullion depository.

SD Depository is the Lowest Price, Segregated Storage Depository for your Precious Metals. Guaranteed! Store your gold, silver, and platinum for as low as $9.99 per month.

Physical Bullion Depository Storage Fees

Metal Type
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
Annual Rate
  • .39%
  • .29%
  • .29%

Why Direct Bullion Storage Through SD Depository is Your Best & Safest Option

COMPLETE SECURITY - all physical precious metal storage options offered by SD Depository are 100% fully insured with proven secure logistics professional directly servicing customer’s bullion storage accounts.

FULLY SEGREGATED - the physical bullion products you buy and deliver to your bullion storage account are always allocated in your name or title, and segregated from all other bullion account holder holdings. What you ship in is exactly what you can get delivered or shipped out only upon your explicit request.

TAKE DELIVERY ANYTIME - you always have the option to take delivery of physical precious metals held within your bullion depository account.

ADD BULLION YOU HAVE AT HOME - once you have your bullion storage account set up, you are free to add physical precious metals either stored elsewhere (either bullion from home or other less secure, over-priced depository services).

EASY TO OPEN - starting your bullion storage account through SD Depository is simple. Call our trading desk to get the process started and allow our experienced traders to fully answer any questions you may have.

EASY SELLING - selling physical precious metals from your direct bullion account is simple. Please consider us when searching for a quality offer or bid price on the bullion you are selling.

VERY AFFORDABLE - Storage at SD Depository starts at only $9.99 per month!

EACH DEPOSITORY ACCOUNT IS VAT FREE - perhaps you live in the European Union and would like to avoid paying Platinum, Palladium, or Silver VAT tax rates as high as 27% on top of the bullion product premium prices associated with bullion coins, rounds, and bars in the EU.

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How to Start?

Your Bullion Storage Depository Account

Simply contact our team here at SD Bullion for instructions.

We can be reached by phone at 1.800.294.8732 (USA / Canada) or internationally at 1.614.300.1094 (internationally).

Our staff is here to serve you:

Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 6PM EST and on Friday from 8AM to 5PM EST.

Silver ETFs/ Gold ETFs Vs Direct Bullion Storage

Most physical silver and gold bullion buyers have medium to long term time horizons on their purchase and holding duration expectations. Physical bullion owners are most often not simultaneously derivative day-traders.

Most bullion buyers know their typical reasons and motivations for outright bullion ownership are in conflict with the vast majority of precious metal Exchange Traded Funds which are commonly available on equity and stock exchanges.

Below we examine some of the costs associated with holding some silver and gold ETFs vs. using a fully insured non-bank silver and gold vault or depository service. Aside from the hard costs and fees associated, we look at the other features that distinguish ETFs from physical bullion ownership, such as:

  • Can you actually visit and audit your precious metals?
  • Do you even know where your ETF  precious metals are  being stored?
  • Do you as an ETF shareholder even own outright any precious metals underlying the fund?
  • Can you easily withdraw your very own physical bullion bars or coins?
  • How did your ETF perform in the 2008 financial crisis when many popular physical bullion product premiums reached +80% above the then fluctuating spot price?

Unlike the direct private bullion storage models offered here, when you examine the overall fees of ETFs looking backwards, you will inevitably find higher costs associated than even their supposedly simple upfront quoted “management fees”. Commissions and even operating expenses are often added on in arrears, making total expenses for many ETFs much higher than what was originally perceived or quoted up front.

Also note that most large ETFs (i.e. GLD or SLV) only allow “Authorized Participants” to take physical delivery of bullion from a fund. Essentially these participants are only the largest approved commercial banks, billionaire institutional investors, institutional hedge funds etc.

In other words, most retail investors cannot take physical delivery of any ETF mentioned below. For most, only some ‘approved’ or ‘authorized’ financial insiders can redeem physical bullion from the world’s largest silver and gold ETFs. Choose accordingly.

Most silver bullion and gold bullion buyers believe physical precious metals owned outright offers them:

  • safe haven asset which preserves wealth over the long term and is easy to transfer title to loved ones on an intergenerational basis.
  • A true portfolio diversification tool which when back-tested in our fully fiat currency era is mathematically proven to hedge against many downside risks compared to other non-correlated asset classes (bonds and stocks specifically).
  • A currently undervalued asset class compared to equities, bonds, and even real estate.
  • A defense tangible asset against both record debt levels worldwide, potential inflationary or deflationary scenarios.
  • Protection from bank failures (e.g. bank bailouts, bank bail-ins, account freezes, and cash withdrawal rationing).
  • A private asset which cannot go bankrupt with limited counterparty risks.
  • A potentially revaluing asset class in a record low real interest rate yielding environment (e.g. ZIRP / NIRP) with other experimental and standard central bank policies which consistently devalue fiat currencies over the long term.
  • One of the most liquid, easily tradable asset classes similar to most physical cash notes still accepted in commerce.

Gold ETFs vs Direct Gold Bullion Storage

Vehicle Total Annual Fees Specific Coins / Bars Allocated? Visitation Permitted? Home Delivery Possible?
Direct Gold Bullion Storage 0.29% Yes fully allocated and segregated for each owner Yes Yes
GLD >0.40% No, only large Industrial bars No No, only "Authorized Perticipants"
IAU >0.25% No, only large Industrial bars No No, only "Authorized Perticipants"
SGOL >0.39% No, only large Industrial bars No No, only "Authorized Perticipants"
PHYS >0.35% No, only large Industrial bars No Yes, minimum 400 oz

Silver ETFs vs Direct Silver Bullion Storage

Investment Vehicle Annual Fees Specific Coins or Bars Allocated? Visitation Permitted? Home Delivery Possible?
Direct Silver Bullion Storage 0.39% Yes fully allocated and segregated for each owner Yes Yes
SLV >0.50% No, only large Industrial bars No No, only "Authorized Perticipants"
SIVR >0.45% No, only large Industrial bars No No, only "Authorized Perticipants"
PSLV >0.45% No, only large Industrial bars No Yes, minumum 10,000 oz
ZKB >0.60% No, only large Industrial bars No Yes, 30 killogram minimum with an approximate 9.2% delivery, redemption commission, plus any VAT applied
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