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Buy Mexican Gold Coins Online

Mexican Gold Libertad Coins are perhaps the most famous gold bullion coin from the nation of Mexico. Each annual release is a globally anticipated event with stocks running dry soon after its issue. The very first Mexican Libertad Gold Coin was released in 1981; the Mexican bullion coin program consists of both Gold Libertad Coin and Silver Libertad Coin variants.

However, even though the gold BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) variety released a year before the silver coin, in 1981 – the Mexican Mint took a decade-long hiatus from striking the Mexican Gold Libertad before releasing it again in 1991. Two varieties of Mexican Libertads are released every year – Proof and BU. While the BU coins usually feature higher mintages and relatively lower premium prices of the current gold spot price, the Proof coins have much more detailed designs and finishes – giving them a more premium appearance.

The Mexican Mint (known as the La Casa de Moneda de México) needs no introduction to those familiar with continental American history. The mint was established in 1535, making it the oldest mint in the Americas.

Interestingly, the Spanish viceroy Antonio de Mendoza commissioned the mint to strike coins using the vast precious metals resources they found on the South American continent. Since shipping unprocessed raw material to Spain and sending back minted currency was a costly affair, the crown decided to create the Mexican Mint. Some of its coins like the Silver 8-Real coins and the Silver Peso remained in circulation well into the 19th century. In fact, these then circulating bullion coins served as the basis for modern fiat currencies such as the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, and the Chinese Yuan.


Modern 24k Mexican Libertad Gold Coins vs Old 22k Mexican Gold Coins

Today newly struck Mexican Gold Libertads come in various sizes ranging from 1/20, 1/10, ¼, ½, and 1 troy ounce weights of .999 gold bullion. Mexico also issued older 22k Gold Coins with a 50 Peso face value. However, unlike most other modern government backed gold bullion coins, modern .999 fine Mexican Gold Libertad Coins carry no legal tender face value (similar to modern South African Gold Krugerrand Coins).

Obverses of these pure Mexican gold bullion coins bear the famed image of the Winged Victoria. It is a symbol of Mexican pride and represents their independence and freedom. The angel stands atop the Mexican Independence Victory Column. In the background, the mighty volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl make an appearance. They are symbols of strength and beauty for Mexico, showcasing the majestic natural beauty of the two world-renowned active volcanoes.

The reverses of the Mexican Gold Libertads highlight the various coats of arms that Mexico has used throughout history. At the center, the current Mexican coat of arms is imprinted. This image is surrounded by the phrase ‘Estados Unidos Mexicanos’ – which translates to, United Mexican States.

Mexican Gold Libertads are essential centerpieces of any South American bullion coin collection. Moreover, the rich history of the Mexican Mint makes these coins attractive to those who want to hold something intricately tied to the oldest mint in the Americas.

Investors have always loved the Mexican Libertad Gold Coins too, as they offer an excellent way to diversify precious metals investments. This diversification of precious metals assets provides much-needed stability to any portfolio –safeguarding against sudden market fluctuations.