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Truth Series Coin Mintages

The Roaring Lion

Year 1 oz Silver BU 1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Tubes of 20 1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Boxes of 100 5 oz Silver BU 1 oz Gold Proof
2018 46,480 176 N/A N/A N/A
2019 45,360 251 26 1,000 N/A
2020 37,740 153 92 1,000 250
2021  139,680 276 48 1,000  250
2022  131,900 410 99 1,000 250

The Tree of Life

Year 1 oz Silver BU 1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Tubes of 20 1 oz Silver MintCertified™ Boxes of 100 5 oz Silver BU 1 oz Gold Proof
2018 44,360 282 N/A N/A N/A
2019 45,600 105 23 1,000 N/A
2020 36,680 331 65 1,000 250
2021 127,060 397 150 1,000   250
2022 134,840  333 85 1,000 250

History of the Truth Coin Series

First released in 2018, SD Bullion launched the exclusive Roaring Lion and Tree of Life Silver Coins, which showcased exquisite designs released with limited mintages. Introduced as the most affordable Silver Coin in the world, our customers responded in a major way.

Following The Tree of Life and the Roaring Lion's huge popularity in 2018, SD Bullion decided to offer the Truth Coin Series. The micro-graved 'Truth' on the coins changes every year, with each year having its own unique scripture featured on the coin. The Roaring Lion is released earlier in the year compared to the Tree of Life and features the first half the Truth with the Tree of Life featuring the second half of the Truth. In addition, the coins of the Truth Coin Series contain high-level features that protect against the production of counterfeits.

The Truth Coin Series is struck at the prestigious Sunshine Mint, a world-class private mint located in the United States that earned its stellar reputation by working with the most respected world mints across the globe. This mint, which is involved in the supply chain for the most popular coins such as Silver Eagles, Maples, Britannias, and Krugerrands, strikes these incredible Roaring Lion coins. The Roaring Lion coin is of the highest quality and is available to you at an extremely affordable premium over the silver spot price!

Each year, we plan to launch a bullion limited mintage Roaring Lion and Tree of Life Silver Coin. With every addition to the series, a new Truth will be revealed. The Roaring Lion will be engraved with part of the Truth and The Tree of Life will be engraved with the second half of the Truth.

What has made this coin series so popular? Simply put, these coins boast beautiful designs, mintage numbers far below comparable bullion silver coins (ensuring their collectible value long-term), and a ridiculously affordable premium when launched.

In 2019, we decided to release the first-ever High Relief version of our popular Truth Coin Series in five ounces of .9999 silver to add to our line of Truth Silver Coins.

We only minted 1,000 coins each of the 5 oz Tree of Life and 5 oz Roaring Lion silver coins with a detailed and beautiful High Relief Strike. We did not expect the 5 oz coins to stay in stock very long and that proved to be the case with and popularity of the program as a whole; our experience has taught us that the collectibility of this series should appreciate over time.

A collector-favorite feature, the 5 oz Truth Series coins are individually numbered 1-1,000. You will be able to find the unique number of your coin (struck sequentially and hand-engraved) on the edge of the coin.

In 2020, the Roaring Lion’s obverse was re-designed. The 2018 and 2019 Roaring Lion Silver Coins featured the full body of a lion mid-roar. The 2020 Roaring Lion Coin features a gorgeous rendition of a lion’s head wearing a crown. The lion’s face is minted in great detail with the individual whiskers on its face even being distinguishable.

SD Bullion thanks our customers for making the Truth Series incredibly popular. Stay tuned for more beautiful coin releases from the series coming soon!

Why Low Mintage Makes Sense

When investors and collectors are considering the various bullion programs to add to their stack, generally the focus is on metal content, purity, and the potential for the premium invested (beyond spot price) upfront could appreciate in value as years go by and other releases are added to the series. This can be broadly defined as premium appreciation. While many bullion coins contain 1 Troy Oz of Silver or Gold and similar purity levels, premium appreciation opportunity varies significantly between each series.

Premium appreciation behaves comparably to any secondary market. The right mix of supply and demand, series continuity, and a standard of quality design and minting must be achieved to support the premiums rising in value in the secondary market.

The 1 oz Truth Series Silver coins began with mintages of only 50,000 coins each release and sell out quickly. Many bullion coins such as the Eagle, Maple, Britannia, and Kangaroo have mintages in the millions of ounces. The 1 oz Silver Truth Series coins began with mintages of only 50,000 

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2020 1 oz Roaring Lion Gold Proof Coin

2020 1 oz Roaring Lion Silver Coin

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