NGC Graded American Gold Eagle Coins

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NGC Graded American Gold Eagle Coins For Sale

Graded and certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), these American Gold Eagles are one of the finest specimens available in the precious metals market. First released in 1986, American Gold Eagles have been the pride of the United States Mint ever since.

Congress commissioned them in 1985 under the Gold Bullion Act; even with the recent moves in the gold prices back then, these coins were an instant hit in the precious metals market, and they quickly became one of the most sought after gold coins, not only in America, but also throughout the world. However, the varying degrees of surface perfections in BU coins made the graded variety of coins increasingly popular amongst those who wish to obtain perfect specimens.

Seeking to set up an unbiased agency that assigned trustworthy grades to various coins, NGC came into being in 1987 in New Jersey, United States. Over the past two decades, they have become one of the most trusted grading agencies in the world – with over 35 million coins graded to date. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is known for authentication, grading, attribution, and encapsulation of millions of coins.

Each American Gold Eagle graded by NGC is sealed in a secure plastic slab, ensuring its perfect quality and authenticity. Moreover, being products from the United States Mint, their quality is already unparalleled. Perfect and near-perfect grades only add to the value of these coins, making sure that each coin you receive is the best of the best.

Established in 1792, the United States Mint has churned out exception precious metals products over and over. This continual quality has made investors and collectors crave for every product struck by the US Mint, as they are assured of amazing quality and purity.

Each of these coins has a face value of 50 dollars (USD); the American Gold Eagles are struck using 0.9167 pure gold (also known as 22-karat gold). Moreover, their eligibility for use in precious metals IRAs makes them a very popular investment purchase.

Featuring the famed Saint-Gaudens’ rendering of Lady Liberty, the design on the obverse of these coins is well-known. Lady Liberty is seen striding forward, holding up a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other.

The capitol building and the rising sun in the backdrop add a brilliant aura to the image. This portrayal is said to signify the United States’ ideals about liberty and peace, leading the way forward with these ideals firmly forming the backbone of the great nation.

An image of an adult male Bald Eagle is seen returning to its nest on the reverse, while the female and its young one eagerly await its arrival.

American Gold Eagle coins are one of the most popular precious metals investment vehicles of all time, with investors pouncing on each annual release with fervor. Moreover, collectors snag each year’s release to keep their Gold Eagle collections up-to-date. These graded American Gold Eagles are a boon for both collectors and investors who cannot settle for a precious metals product less than perfect.