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  9. 2024 NGC MS-70 1 oz American Eagle Silver Coin (Brown Label)
    2024 NGC MS-70 1 oz American Eagle Silver Coin (Brown Label)
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    Product Available Date:

    May 3, 2024
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  12. 2024 NGC MS-69 1 oz American Eagle Silver Coin (Brown Label)
    2024 NGC MS-69 1 oz American Eagle Silver Coin (Brown Label)
    As low as $40.31

    Product Available Date:

    May 3, 2024
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1 oz American Silver Eagles For Sale

American Silver Eagles are the official silver bullion coins of the United States. Displaying awe-inspiring designs based on American heritage and patriotism, these coins contain a full troy ounce of fine silver, and are legal tender fully backed by the United States government.

What You Should Know About 1 oz Silver Eagle coins

One of the first things you should know about these 1 oz Silver American Eagle coins minted by the United States Mint is that they do contain one troy ounce of .999 pure silver.

Silver moves inversely to most of the market. When the stock market plunges, and fiat currency fluctuates down, the value of silver (and other precious metals like gold) rises.

Therefore, having a diversified investment portfolio, which includes tangible assets, like silver bullion and other precious metals, may help you hedge against potential financial disasters.

The United States Mint and its branches have minted silver eagles since 1986, when the Liberty Coin Act approved the American Eagle program. The Silver American Eagle has been one of the most popular silver coins in the world, and along with its gold, platinum, and palladium counterparts, they became a very sought-after coin collection.

Silver Eagle Value

American Eagles have both precious metal value as well as semi-numismatic value. Generally speaking, the older and rarer a Silver Eagle coin is, the more valuable it becomes.

For instance, you will pay less for a 2017 Silver American Eagle coin than you would for one minted in 1986, when the United States Mint first began production. Especially if it is in uncirculated condition or is a graded coin. That is because earlier coins are scarcer and command higher prices.

Besides, they are widely considered a safe-haven investment option. These are official bullion coins, hold face value, have legal tender status, and are IRA eligible.

If you're only interested in the precious metal content of these 1 oz Silver American Eagle coins, then buying newer minted issues will be the most affordable option.

However, all of them, in proof or bullion versions, will gain some value for numismatics or coin enthusiasts over time.

American Silver Eagle Coin Design

In addition to being a valuable tool for ensuring financial stability, 1 oz Silver American Eagle coins are also works of art.

The Obverse Design

The obverse design is an Adolph A. Weinman creation for the 1917 widespread circulation Half-Dollar coin, and it became a beloved image in the United States of America.

The American Eagle Program rescued the Walking Liberty Design from the Half-Dollar to stamp its silver eagles. Only silver bullion coins of the program showcase Lady Liberty, the national feminine figure, this way.

The moniker "Walking Liberty" comes from the depiction of Lady Liberty, in which she walks towards the sun's rays. She has the American flag draped on her shoulder, and as she walks, it seems to be in movement, like a wind blow.

Lady Liberty carries laurel branches on her left arm, representing abundance, while her right arm is stretched in a welcome sign to those who decide to find a home in this land. The word "LIBERTY" arches over her, the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" is on the lower right, and the year of issuance is on the bottom.

The Debuting Reverse Design

At that time, John Mercanti, Chief Engraver of the US Mint, created the debuting reverse design. It features the heraldic eagle, protecting the national shield, as it carries arrows in one talon, an oak branch on the other, and the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" banner on its beak. Thirteen five-pointed stars make a triangle above the majestic eagle, representing the Original Colonies.

The inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" is on the upper rim, while "1 OZ FINE SILVER" and "ONE DOLLAR," describing the coin's weight, metal content, and face value, complete the engravings encircling the image.

The New Reverse

The Program's 35th anniversary in 2021 was celebrated through a new reverse side. Emily Damstra is the artist in charge of the design update. The powerful bald eagle got a more natural and modern depiction. It displays a flying bald eagle coming as it is about to perch, carrying an olive branch in its talons and with spread wings.

The new silver eagle coin presents the same inscriptions regarding metal content, weight, and face value found in the debuting design. They encircle the eagle and the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto, which got a new place on the lower right.

Silver Eagles Purchasing Options

When you start considering the purchase of Silver Eagles, you'll have a number of options.

Bullion Silver Eagles

Your first decision will involve the type of 1 oz Silver Eagle you want to invest in. The bullion version is the best-selling one. It is the standard silver coin, and therefore, it tends to be a cost-effective option to get an American Silver Eagle coin for collection or investment purposes.

Graded Silver Eagles

Graded Silver Eagles may be more appealing to numismatists and collectors. They get a great seal from renowned third-party services, which ensures their condition and authenticity after a detailed evaluation.

Remember, the older the coin, the more valuable it tends to be due to age and scarcity. The newer the coin, the closer to the spot price it will be.

However, you will not find these 1 oz Silver American Eagle coins for sale at the spot price. The cost of minting and dealer markup will increase that cost.

Proof Silver Eagles

Proof Silver Eagles are the highest-quality coins the US Mint produces. They undergo a more complex minting process that involves burnishing the blanks and dies with special polishing.

Proof eagles have a matte finish, with frosted design elements and a mirror-like surface. They are specifically made as collectible coins.

How Many Eagles?

The next decision you'll need to make will involve purchasing the coins in singles, plastic tubes, or a “monster box.”

Single coins are good purchases for those just starting out or those just adding a little more diversity to their portfolio.

However, tubes of 20 can be excellent investment options, and a monster box can be ideal if you want to save money by buying in bulk. Prices per ounce tend to be lower, purchasing higher quantities and making the most of each dollar invested.

Ever Wonder How The US Mint Creates Monster Boxes of Silver Eagle Coins?

Buy American Silver Eagles at SD Bullion

At SD Bullion, we pride ourselves not only on the lowest prices guaranteed but also on ensuring that our customers have a broad selection from which to choose.

We offer many mint years available for the Silver American Eagle and many other silver coins, from the Canadian Maple Leaf to the Chinese Silver Panda and everything in between.

We also offer silver bullion in rounds and bars if you prefer.