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  7. 2024 Silver Eagle Monster Box - 500 Coins (Sealed)
    2024 Silver Eagle Monster Box - 500 Coins (Sealed)

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    January 19, 2024
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Silver Eagle Monster Box - 500 1 oz Coins For Sale

Since they first began production back in 1986, American Silver Eagle coins have been highly sought after by both collectors and investors. These one-ounce silver coins contain a full troy ounce of silver, and they’re backed by the US government. Of course, they are also works of art in their own right, and the eye-catching designs on the obverse and reverse of the coin only adds to their appeal. When you decide that investing in silver coins is the right decision for you, you’ll need to decide how you want to purchase them. You can buy them singly, in tubes of 20, or you can invest in Silver American Eagle monster boxes.

What Are Silver American Eagle Monster Boxes?

If you’ve only ever bought coins one or two at a time, you might not even be aware that monsters boxes are an option, or what they are. Simply put, this is one of the best ways to make a bulk investment in silver. The box itself is made of green plastic, and it arrives sealed, just like it was received from the United States Mint. Inside, you’ll find sealed tubes containing 500 ounces of Silver Eagle coins. Yes, you read that correctly – there are 500 one-ounce Silver Eagles in each monster box. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Who Buys Silver American Eagle Monster Boxes?

Monster boxes are very popular with a wide range of purchasers. They are ideal for investors that want to buy silver coins in bulk. However, they are also purchased by investment groups (both formal and informal), as well as by coin shops and the like.

Why Consider Buying A Monster Box of Silver Eagles?

If the thought of purchasing 500 ounces of Silver Eagles at one time makes you pause, understand that this is actually a very smart move, particularly with recently minted coins. Remember that as coins age, their premium price tend to increase. Typically, older a Silver American Eagle coin is, the further over spot price, plus minting costs and dealer markup it will be priced. While buying one or two here and there is very common with many investors, some prefer to make the most of their investment dollars by purchasing in bulk at one time. This allows them to avoid paying for the increased numismatic value of the coins down the road, ensuring that they’re able to maximize their investment.

At SD Bullion, we are proud to offer Silver American Eagle monster boxes for a very wide range of mint years. From the 2017 American Silver Eagle to 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and beyond, we carry a full range of options. In addition to specific mint years, we also stock monster boxes from specific US Mint locations. For example, we try to stay in stock with San Francisco Mint sealed monster boxes as well. Due to the lack of supply, these can offer even more premium appreciation down the road.

We offer the lowest prices on mint condition, un-circulated American Silver Eagle coins on the market. However, we can also offer discerning investors access to other important investment options, ranging from international silver coins to silver bullion and much more.