Silver American Eagle Proofs (Mint Box and COA)

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Proof Silver Eagle Coins For Sale

Investing in silver coins can be an excellent way to both protect your wealth against market fluctuations and enjoy the world of coin collecting. While those purely interested in investment-grade metal will generally lean toward buying silver bullion because it's price is typically closer to the spot price of silver, those who enjoy the collectibility of coins may want to consider the purchase of Proof Silver American Eagles as they will add beauty and a level of numismatic value to your portfolio.

What Are Proof Silver Eagles?

For anyone who hasn’t spent much time in the coin collecting or numismatic investing realm, the term “proof” may be a little confusing. Typically, they carry a higher premium markup for several reasons. One of those is the mirror finish on these coins – it’s stunning, and only available with “proof” grade silver coins. Another reason is that they are not sold in tubes or sleeves. Proof coins are always sold on their own. They are first encapsulated in a plastic, protective capsule, and are accompanied with a box and COA (certificate of authenticity).

How Do Proof Coins Differ from Non-Proof Coins?

If you’re considering an investment in Proof Silver Eagle coins minted by the US Mint, it’s important to understand how they differ from other options on the market. Most coins are struck only once by the die during the minting process. However, proof coins are struck multiple times, creating a design that stands out very well. They are also struck using specially prepared planchets, which creates the mirrored finish that collectors prize. It’s really all about the presentation the coin creates.

Another factor that separates Proof Silver Eagles from standard mintages is the fact that they are much rarer. Generally, somewhere between 5% and 20% of any given production run will be minted as proof coins, and the rest will be standard, brilliant uncirculated (BU) silver coins. This means that there are fewer of them to go around, which increases their costs over non-proof Silver Eagles. This also makes bulk sales of proof coins relatively rare.

Are Proof Silver Eagles Right for You?

The choice to purchase Proof Silver Eagle coins rather than BU Silver Eagle coins is very personal, and should be made based on what you want to do with the coins. Understand that the metal content of proof coins is the same as it is in BU coins – one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. The additional cost is due to the increased complexity of minting these coins; as well as the rarity factor.

So, if you are only interested in the precious metal value, then BU coins are most likely the best option. However, if you appreciate the stunning beauty of these coins and are also interested in the numismatic value they can offer, then Proof Silver Eagles may be a smarter purchase.

At SD Bullion, we offer mint condition, Silver Eagles, as well as Proof Silver Eagles. Our proof coins come encapsulated with a beautiful display box and a certificate of authenticity.