PCGS Graded American Silver Eagle Proof Coins

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Buy US Mint PCGS Certified Silver Proof Eagles

Part of the prestigious American Silver Eagle program started in 1986, these American Silver Eagle Proof Coins bear the unique distinction of being graded and inspected by one of the most renowned grading agencies in America – PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service). A thorough inspection by PCGS experts ensures that the grade assigned to each coin reflects its quality and condition precisely.

Established in 1985, PCGS remains one of the most distinguished third-party coin grading agencies in the United States. Its founders, including its current President David Hall, founded the Professional Coin Grading Service in an attempt to standardize grading. Over three decades of operation, it has graded over 33 million coins.

PCGS uses the industrial standard for coin grading, the Sheldon Scale. The scale ranges from the numbers 1 (denoting the lowest quality/condition) to 70 (denoting a perfect coin specimen). For proof coins, PCGS uses the grade ‘PR,’ while BU coins are graded with the letters ‘MS.’ Hence, a perfect proof coin specimen will carry a PR-70 grade.

In addition to grades, PCGS assigns special designations to coins such as, ‘Deep Cameo.’ This signifies a magnificent contrast between the polished silver surface of the coin and the raised frost-finished designs. Furthermore, special certifications like, ‘First Strike’ announce various other attributes of the coin. For example – minting source, minting date, anniversary, and so on.

Although proof coins were initially struck for record-keeping purposes, significant collector demand prompted mints across the world to start striking proof variants for sale. Accordingly, the US Mint also releases three variants of the American Silver Eagle every year – proof, BU, and bullion.

Ever since the inception of the American Silver Eagle program, collectors and investors await each annual release anxiously. Top-notch quality, pure silver content, and the backing of the most powerful sovereign nation in the world contributed to the series’ popularity. Each of these Proof Coins contains 1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver.

Furthermore, the elegant designs on these coins portraying the core ideals of the United States appeal to almost all Americans.

The obverses of these American Silver Eagle Proof Coins feature one of the most famous coin designs created in the early 1900s, the ‘Walking Liberty.’ Adolph A. Weinman, one of the most celebrated artists of the time, rendered it for the 1916 Walking Liberty Half-Dollar Coin.

Lady Liberty strides towards the rising sun in the image on the obverse, while clutching olive branches in her arm. The motto ‘In God We Trust’ and the year of issue accompany the word ‘Liberty’ on this side.

One of the John Mercanti’s finest renditions resides on the reverses of the American Silver Eagles – a Heraldic Bald Eagle behind a striped shield with 13 stars hovering above its head.
Choose from our wide selection of PCGS graded American Silver Eagle Proof Coins and collect every variant available in the condition of your choice. The PCGS plastic slab is transparent and features an attractive label that details the grade and certifications assigned to the coin – making your latest purchases easy to display.