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    1 - 9 $2,422.50
    10 - 19 $2,417.50
    20+ $2,412.50
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    1+ $2,402.50
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    1 - 2 $24,484.15
    3+ $24,434.15
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    1 - 9 $1,288.50
    10 - 19 $1,276.73
    20+ $1,264.97
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    1 - 24 $650.13
    25 - 49 $644.25
    50+ $638.37
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    1 - 24 $278.33
    25 - 99 $273.33
    100+ $268.33
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    1 - 4 $2,418.42
    5 - 9 $2,413.42
    10 - 19 $2,408.42
    20+ $2,403.42
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    1 - 9 $635.42
    10 - 19 $629.54
    20+ $623.66
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    1 - 9 $2,423.69
    10 - 49 $2,418.69
    50+ $2,413.69
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    1+ $629.46
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    1+ $2,483.42
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    1 - 9 $1,311.69
    10 - 19 $1,288.16
    20+ $1,264.63
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    1+ $2,433.13
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    1+ $2,452.79
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    1 - 4 $2,498.83
    5 - 19 $2,493.83
    20+ $2,488.83
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Shop British Royal Mint Gold Britannia Coins

About the Britannia

Gold Britannia Coins were minted for the first time in 1987. Gold was the only metal used in bullion products by the Royal Mint for a decade, until the Silver Britannia was struck for the very first time in 1997. They now produce the Britannia using silver, gold, and platinum. The Britannia has featured 14 different reverse designs in its over three-decade lifespan. Each design features “Britannia”, who is essentially the British version of our “Lady Liberty”. She is always sporting a helmet, flowing robes, and trident in each depiction. Both gold and silver Britannia coins are extremely popular all across the globe; both collectors and investors anxiously await each new release.

The Gold Britannia coins are minted using 1 troy ounce of 9999 gold. Many government backed coins come in different weights/denominations, but the Britannias are one of the few coins that only come in a weight of one troy ounce. These coins are backed by the British government with a face value of £100.

There is also a Britannia Gold Bar produced by the British Royal Mint, in addition to the gold coin. This is the very first gold bar from the Royal Mint to feature the image of Britannia. This allows fans of the Britannia products to acquire them at a lower premium over the gold spot price than the Britannia coins.

Each of the bars is also minted using .9999 pure gold bullion and will be 1 troy ounce. Each bar comes in a sealed assay that clearly displays the mint, weight, and purity of the bar. These assay cards ensure you are receiving a genuine British Royal Mint bar.

Gold Britannia Coins are an excellent way of adding to your stack, completing a collection, or preserving your wealth.

About the British Royal Mint

The British Royal Mint was officially opened in 1968 at its current location in Llantrisant, Wales. The Royal Mint produces a wide variety of both bullion and circulation coins. The most famous bullion product produced by the Royal Mint is the Britannia. The mint currently produces around 50 billion individual coins per year, in both bullion and circulated versions.

The Royal Mint is one of the oldest minting institutions in the world, with its origins dating all the way back to 886 AD. The chief responsibility of the Royal Mint is to produce circulation coins, it also makes planchets, medals, commemorative items, and obviously bullion items.

The first official mint facility was located in the Tower of London under the name “London Mint”. This remained the same for over 800 years until the location was changed to the Royal Mint Court in London in 1809.

The Royal Mint produces coins for over 60 countries, which makes up over 70% of the Royal Mints sales. Multiple people have attempted to privatize the mint, but all attempts have fallen short. The most recent attempt was back in 2016, but the Mint having a record profit of £11 million that year ended that attempt.

Although the British government does have ownership over the British Royal Mint, it operates as a limited company, under the name “Royal Mint Ltd.” and are the exclusive producer of all British coinage. The location of the Royal Mint has moved multiple times, and today it resides in Wales. On the site is the minting facility, Royal Mint Museum, and a new £9 million visitor center.

The most famous series from the British Royal Mint are the Britannia’s, the Queen’s Beasts, the Royal Mint Lunar Series, and most recently the Royal Arms coins. Each of these items are minted in both silver and gold.