NGC Graded American Silver Eagle Coins

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  12. 1986-2021 NGC MS-69 US Silver Eagle 36 Coin Set
    1986-2021 NGC MS-69 US Silver Eagle 36 Coin Set
    As low as $2,199.00
    1+ $2,199.00
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Buy NGC Certified American Silver Eagle Coins Online

Historically, the graded variety of silver coins has held a higher popularity in the precious metals market compared to the ungraded ones. These certified and graded American Silver Eagles minted at the United States Mint have undergone extensive authentication and inspection by the experts at NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation).

Established in 1987, the NGC is a third-party coin grading service. Moreover, being independent of any private or sovereign Mint, their motivation is simply to provide the best quality assurance service to coin collectors and investors. Furthermore, the coin certifiers employed at the NGC cannot buy or sell coins, as per their employment contract. Hence, their graders remain impartial in the coin grading process, as they aren’t personally or financially affected by the grades they assign to a particular coin.

The NGC has a thorough grading process, refined by over three decades of coin grading experience. Similar to grading agencies like the PCGS, the NGC also uses the Sheldon scale to assign a number 1 to 70, denoting the condition and quality of the coin.

MS or Mint State grades are usually assigned to coins in BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) condition. The Mint State grades vary from 60-70, with MS-70 signifying a perfect physical coin specimen with no imperfections whatsoever.

Sealed in plastic slabs by the NGC, they are protected from external harm and tampering to ensure that the coin you purchase is an authentic Silver Eagle, graded by NGC experts.

In addition to grades, NGC also provides labels for select varieties or batches of coins they receive. Namely, Early-Releases and First-Day labels, where they signify coins minted in the first 30 days of the coins’ release and the first lot of coins struck by the mint respectively.

American Silver Eagles, bearing iconic American imagery on both faces, is exceedingly popular – not just in the United States of America, but all over the world as well. In fact, it is so popular that even precious metals investors are unfazed at the relatively high premiums commanded by these coins.

Featuring the elegant Saint-Gaudens’ portrayal of Lady Liberty on the reverse, the American Silver Eagles capture the spirit of America, walking forward. The rising sun in the backdrop, while Lady Liberty strides forward is a powerful image that is quintessentially American. Additionally, beside the picture of Lady Liberty, the famous motto ‘In God We Trust’ is imprinted, while the word ‘Liberty’ encircles the image.

The obverse, on the other hand, features the Heraldic Bald Eagle, gripping the banner of ‘E Pluribus Unum’ in its powerful beak. A set of arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other portrays America’s love for peace while being unafraid to strike back against those who would cause it harm.

Those looking to diversify their precious metals assets always regard American Silver Eagles graded by one of the most trusted coin authorities in the world, the NGC, a wise investment option. Moreover, collectors who want to obtain perfect specimens of these coins cannot miss the chance to snap up these NGC graded American Eagles.