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1/10 oz Gold American Eagle Coins For Sale

Tenth ounce American Gold Eagle coins are the official 1/10th oz bullion coin of the United States Mint.

As the smallest of all the American Gold Eagle coins, the 1/10 oz Gold Eagles are the easiest and best way for many types of people to enjoy all the benefits of investing in gold. Are you an aspiring investor with a small budget who wants to start accumulating wealth? A coin collector who is interested in investing but still drawn to beautiful pieces? A serious investor who wants to present their child or young family member with a valuable start to their own portfolio? The 1/10 oz Gold Eagles, for sale right here on SD Bullion, are the perfect fit for all these needs.

Like all US Mint Gold Eagle coins, these show a stunningly detailed portrait of an eagle flying to his nest on the reverse, and the famous Saint-Gaudens version of Lady Liberty on the obverse. Tenth ounce American Gold Eagles have a $5 face value, which is labeled on the reverse, along with the United States’ motto as well as the declaration that each coin contains 1/10 oz fine gold. The 1/10 ounce Gold Eagles for sale are 16.5mm in diameter, and each 1/10 oz gold eagle’s weight is nearly .11 troy ounces total.

Because these coins are federally backed currency, they can be used in any gold IRA. For coin collectors who may also be considering their retirement plans, or any investor who wants to put a little wealth in easy-to-store gold bullion coins, the 1/10 oz Gold Eagles are a great option. These coins can be displayed, or stored in a simple safe or vault without the need for special transportation or other considerations. And because they are so valued among many different types of investors, they are easy to liquidate when or if you should ever need to do so.

During the late 1990's, the 1/10 oz Gold Eagles were by far the most popular of the Gold Eagle series, because it offers the same purity and quality design, at a fraction of the cost of the larger 1 oz Gold Eagles. Even as the larger coin grows in popularity again, the 1/10 oz Gold Eagles are still highly prized among collectors and investors. The best 1/10 oz Gold Eagle price can be found right here at SD Bullion, and we also buy back coins for the most value possible. Get in touch with our trade desk at 1-800-294-8732 to buy or sell today or order online 24/7.