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Precious metals continue to show strength and buoyancy about 10 days after the Federal Reserve admitted it is ready to again cut targeted interest rates to potentially accommodate slowing economic conditions.

The spot gold price has cleared and remains above the 1,400 fiat US dollar price level, closing the week around $1,410 fiat dollars per troy ounce.

The spot silver price is closing the week around $15.35 per troy ounce in fiat Federal Reserve notes.

The gold-silver ratio has again climbed closing this week close to 92 ounces of fine silver to afford 1 troy ounce of physical gold bullion.

This week, our returning guest Christopher Aaron of iGoldAdvisor.com takes us through some past moments when overly optimistic precious metal viewpoints got crushed.

We juxtapose some of his fundamental and technical analysis work overlaying it to today’s technical and fundamental backdrops for bullion, precious metal related investments, and even the future of the broad commodity complex in general.

Our conversation and some of Christopher’s analysis and critical charts are below in our bullion podcast.



Welcome to this week's Metals & Markets podcast, I am your host James Anderson of SDBullion.com

The interview above got recorded at 3:00 PM Eastern, on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019.

The silver spot price at the time of this discussion was at about $15.40 while the gold spot price was hovering around $1,425 fiat US dollars per troy ounce. The gold-silver ratio, which we will be talking about in length here, remained at a new 30-year high mark of just over 92 ounces of silver to afford 1 ounce of gold.

With us this a week a returning guest to the show, he is Mr. Christopher Aaron of iGoldAdvisor.com and soon iGlobalAnalytics.com.

Christopher, good to have you back on our bullion podcast again.


Some of the Topics We Cover this Week

- Doubters of Technical analysis.

- The 1980s fundamentals versus today. How Christopher basis his analysis with this difference in mind, focusing on price ultimately.

- How much of Christoper's work is fundamental versus technical based?

- The following chart posted below and in the podcast video are the 5 slides Christopher Aaron brought for our audience to look over and think through.

- As well an additional chart posing the key question, of how much longer can commodity prices remain suppressed versus the US stock S&P 500 index.

Gold Price 2011 - 2019

Gold Price News Analysis iGoldAdvisor SDBullion.com


Gold Silver Ratio 1971 - 1987

Gold Price News Analysis iGoldAdvisor Gold Silver Ratio 1970 1987


Gold Silver Ratio 1971 - 2000

Gold Price News Analysis iGoldAdvisor SDBullion.com Gold Silver Ratio 1971 2000


Gold Silver Ratio 2000 - 2019

Gold Price News Analysis iGoldAdvisor SDBullion.com Gold Silver Ratio 2000 to 2019


S&P500 / Gold Spot Price 2000 - 2019

Gold Price News Analysis iGoldAdvisor SDBullion.com Gold vs Stocks 2000 to 2019


S&P500 / Goldman Sachs Commodity Index near all-time lows still...

Commodity Price Reversion, Currently Near 50 year lows


Thank you for visiting us and checking out this week's bullion podcast.


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