Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs

In 1979, the Canadian Royal Mint created a gold version of their popular Canadian silver Maple Leaf coin. As with the silver coin, the gold Maple Leaf features the Queen on the obverse, while the reverse of these Canadian gold coins depicts the iconic Canadian maple leaf. Each Maple Leaf gold coin is legal Canadian tender guaranteed by the government of Canada for its weight and purity.

At up to 99.99% fine gold, Maple Leaf coins are some of the purest gold bullion coins on the market. These coins come in five sizes, 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz, and have been in constant high demand since their first minting. Even when gold prices fluctuate, the Canadian gold Maple Leaf coin has stayed consistently valuable.

If you’ve been waiting to invest in gold until you found an affordable option, these gold Maple Leaf coins are the perfect solution. Choosing a smaller weight coin will allow you to stay within your investing budget, but you can still add a valuable addition to your portfolio. As with all coins, the gold Maple Leaf is easy to store, carry, divide, and use as legal currency. They have extremely high resell values, and are easy to sell due to their popularity.

Collectors may be more interested in some of the limited edition gold Maple Leaf coins that were released, such as the 1994 1/15th size coin. It was discontinued in the same year due to the lack of demand, making it a very valuable coin in the present day. In 2007, the Maple Leaf gold coin gained international recognition due to the production of a one-million-dollar coin. Those who have a large collection of silver Maple Leaf coins may find that the addition of the gold version adds an interesting feature to a collection.

Because these coins are extremely high quality, they are perfect for giving as gifts, or for replacing your dollar savings over time. Their value has consistently stayed high, and their use is undeniable. These coins come in Royal Canadian Mint rolls of 25, or in monster boxes of 500. The 2016 version features the brand new security measures, which include micro-engraved design features behind the iconic maple leaf.

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