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What is the all-time silver price high for silver bullion is in fiat US dollars?

What is the all-time silver price high in terms of real value?

To answer these two questions in a modern financial context, one must examine real price inflation using consistent data.

Delusional 'no inflation' talking points often rebuke our collective reality. Akin to psychological warfare, to keep telling average US citizens that prices for the things they need have not generally risen year after year (e.g., housing, wholesome foods, energy, clothing, higher education, healthcare, and the ability to save for retirement without financial bubbles).

We have been living in a real negative interest rate environment since the middle 1990s. The discrepancies in officially reported vs. real price inflation diverged on average around 5% per anum, for two decades now. That has effects which the human mind has difficulty to grasp (i.e., think slow boiling frog metaphor).

This ongoing lie the powers that be often tell everyone has compounding effects which make both the 1980 silver and 2011 silver nominal fiat US dollar price highs, way different than a mere $50 oz in present-day terms.

James Anderson of SD Bullion speaks, with Eli of the Urban Lifestyle Youtube channel, on silver price highs looking backward with real fiat US dollar inflation data 1980 metrics.


Highest Silver Price Record Discussion 

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Discussion Notes, Timestamps, & Backlinks for further information:

  • @0:54 a look back on silver price highs in fiat US dollar terms now that the precious metals are getting bullish.
  • @1:47 the governments and those who have made unfunded promises; they have the motive to lie about price inflation data compounding.
  • @2:40 the 1980 silver price high is the record still both nominally and in terms of real value denominated in present-day fiat US dollar terms ($160 oz using government rigged CPI data, or over $800 oz using their old 1980 inflation metric up through the present day).
  • @3:10 we were able to go back on the 'gold standard' back in 1980 as the fiat US dollar value of our supposed US Official Gold Reserves was higher than most of our monetary aggregates outstanding at the time (e.g., M1).
  • @3:50 plugging both ShadowStats and the Chapwood index. Both do a much better job tracking real price inflation than the government's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does.
  • @4:26 a now almost $100 billionaire on paper. Former record-sized stacker of silver Warren Buffett uses the power of compounding interest (and alleged crony capitalist deal-making) to make himself silly wealthy. Look up Albert Einstein's quote on compounding interest, then ask yourself who in the aggregate are getting poorer, and which minority richer? What is historically at the core driving the disparity of wealth wider.
  • @7:10 measuring real price inflation is difficult because we humans get more productive, efficient, as well we debase much of the quality and or size of product sold at the same prices or higher (i.e., shink-flation). Such is why owning things that last makes real common sense, especially in today's economic environment.
  • @8:00 the threat of NIRP in the USA (the trend of cashless policies continues) while bank bail-in laws are on the books which mean most US and western bank depositors are unsecured creditors in sudden bank bankruptcy scenarios.
  • @9:00 who in their right mind today, would keep bank deposits with JP Morgan, Citibank, or other BIS FSB identified G-SIBs? Our generation's financial media darlings perhaps, the very same ones who admit to obfuscating facts on the ground during a real financial crisis like in the fall of 2008.
  • @10:00 Where does James think the price of silver is going? He suggests you look at his 'When to Sell Silver' video podcast post.
  • @15:50 this next precious metals mania phase, how it might look using past as prelude.
  • @16:15 gold under NIRP since the mid-1990s has only just begun to account for the compounding inflation lies we tell ourselves. Silver is not even close to where it likely is headed.
  • @18:00 it does not take a lot of hot money chasing how much gold is there or how much silver is there is to make such small markets move higher very quickly. Today's Exter pyramid puts it into perspective.
  • @18:15 someone new in silver and gold bullion stacking, what would you suggest they buy? 

ANSWER: First, you should consider what is a prudent bullion investment position living under a full fiat currency monetary regime.

Second, ask yourself why you have an interest in physical bullion, write it down, and analyze it.

Finally, for the best bullion products, don't take my word, take the purchasing power of our collective SD Bullion buying customers Top 10 list (i.e., best gold coins, best gold bars, best silver coins, best silver bars. best silver rounds).


If you have real bullion info interests, just visit and bookmark SDBullion.com/blog for new analysis related to the physical bullion industry.

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Thanks to Eli over at Urban Lifestyle for having James on.

And thanks to you for dropping by this post.


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